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Why do some people pursue their interests instead of learning

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And some of these jobs which pay more are not even that stressful (eg. actuary)!
If you ask people on their deathbed about their life, they will rarely say that they wished they had earned more money.

(Unless they're from Chad and die from explosive poverty at the age of 22, I suppose.)
Yeah, but really all jobs are stressful, so why not just like ones which pay more?
Plus some jobs that pay pretty well (eg. nutrionist) are not even that stressful.

How much money are your dreams worth?
No job is a "dream" job. Most people pursue a dream only to realise how different things are.
I mean, even being an actor is not so fun. A lot of scenes have to be shot numerous times before it is ok and most people get sick of it over time.
The same applies to being an actor in a musical. Singing and dancing the same songs everyday? It becomes sick and boring over a year or two.

So I understand being an actor is your favorite thing and you've experienced being an actor, too?
No, I am not a fan of acting and I only acted in a role or two during high school.
I'm just using acting as an example but it can apply to everything else: being an author, singer, etc.
How many times are you going to make this thread OP? Why is it so hard for you to fathom that people like different things, and not everyone finds the same things stressful.


The point of doing something you love is that you still love it. No matter if it hurts. You feel that it's what you're supposed to be doing. Whatever else you do, you're worse at that than you are at that thing. Even if it doesn't always pay you as much, or even if you have a bad day, you're still doing what you love.

I recently lived with an actress and met some of her friends who are actors. They all seemed to be highly emotional people, including her, so she wasn't always super-happy about her life, but it was very, very obvious to me that she loved being an actress and that it made her absolutely happy. And you have to consider that most actors also have to deal with scathing rejection and all kinds of other stuff. They still do it, because it's what they do.

Of course you can work in some other job that seems "easier" or more well-paid, but I think there's no monetary compensation for actually doing something you feel is worth doing, because it's part of who you are. In a world where people get more and more disconnected to what they do and only experience it as a means to get money, actually feeling a connection to what you do every day is important.

Even if it's not always sunshine.

I'm a writer, by the way. Very underpaid - especially if you count by the hour - but that's not why I do it. As long as I can survive while doing what I want to do, why not do that? Having a few hundred bucks more per month won't magically make me more happy with my life. As long as everything is taken care of.
>Why is it so hard for you to fathom that people like different things
Because as I've said here >>16565050 no job is truly a dream job. All jobs are shit in their own ways.
>not everyone finds the same things stressful
Pretty sure having an unstable income is stressful? Why would anyone work as a full-time freelance translator/designer? Or do research when the workforce is mostly adjunt these days?
So..."no job is a dream job" leads to people can't like things that you don't like?

I'm going to guess you don't have enough experience in any of these fields to really know what you're talking about. It's not always about the money, some people pursue things because they actually enjoy doing them. I've seen how your threads go though, you just keep stubbornly insisting that people shouldn't like any job you deem stressful because there are easier ones out there. How old are you OP?
Are you a freelance writer or what? Aren't you worried about an unstable income?
I am 19.

Yes, it's freelance work. I'm not too worried about an unstable income, it's not like writing is the only thing I do/can do, and don't have a family to take care of or a house to buy or anything like that. I'm capable of living on very little, anyway. Of course there isn't much economical security in what I do, but that's not my main motivating factor.
Well working at McDonalds when the income level is too low is not so nice.

There's a million ways to work and earn money that does not involve working at McDonald's, depending on one's skillset and where one lives. If any person really wants to make a certain thing work and invests themselves in it, then the likelihood is high they can make a living of it. As long as they're any good... and even if not so much.
Not OP, but is there any reason to go to vet school when I ended up with a GPA good enough for med school? My parents want me to be a doctor (more prestigious, more status, more unlikely to be saturated, etc), but I've wanted to be a vet ever since I was a kid.
>likelihood is high they can make a living of it
I don't agree. Just look at how many Philosophy/Fine Art majors ended up at McDonalds. And then you also have PhDs who cannot find full-time, permanent work as there is a glut of them and too few permanent positions.

Philosopher or Fine Artist is not a job, and science is certainly a different thing. If you're talking about being a scientist or working in academia, you're talking about something else. An actual career in that can only ever be the congress of several fortunate factors. But again, most people who go into science don't do it for the money, lest they wouldn't go into science. And having little money to get by is still making a living, even if not a comfortable living.
There are also smart people (in countries such as UK where you can study law or medicine as an undergraduate degree) whose grades are good enough for medicine yet they pick something such as Physics or Anthropology as they want to do research. Why pick that then?
You post this identical question once a week.

Why not just tell us what answer you want, and we'll give it, and you can go away.
I don't know what answer I want.
I just know that non of the answers you guys give truly answers my question.
But those PhDs just need to move to another city and they'll find work.
>just need to move to another city and they'll find work
Geez, there is a glut of PhDs worldwide.
OP, I've seen these posts but never replied. You know why people don't do this? Money doesn't buy happiness. I quit a job in vidya a year ago to come "chase the money" with a Fortune 200 company and now you wanna know what? I'm miserable, and I have very little time to use that money.

I just came back from a vacation, and all the fun I had over the past few days has now become totally forgotten because I'm sitting here throwing up from the anxiety of going into the office today and putting in an 80-100 hour work week to launch this $900k project by the end of the week while people micromanage my ass and sit over my shoulder - all so I can sit and manipulate spreadsheets and reports all day.

I used to get to write, I had a lot of freedom to advise people, manage and plan projects, it was great. Now I'm fucked.
>but never replied

I didn't have the time as I was quickly browsing.

I feel like you're not really understanding what I'm saying (and what people also say in other posts). There's simply other points to consider than income once a certain life standard has been reached.
>ertain life standard has been reached
Well, earning minimum wage while doing a PhD sucks though. Yeah you will not starve, but you cannot live comfortably.
Yes i am doing the phd thing it kinda stinks
Because I'd live in a shitty apartment eating the cheapest meals I could conjure and having only enough cash left over to live from check to check if it meant I didn't have to spend 40+ hours of my week doing something I don't enjoy and have no interest in getting better at.

Money can buy stuff, sure, but the tax of spending a third of your life in abject drudgery for 40 years isn't worth any sum of money out there.
And do you regret it? You are better-off going to Law school or something. At least it is MUCH easier to find a permanent job afterwards. Do you depend on your parents for cash?
And how old are you? What is your job?
>And how old are you? What is your job?
27, recently let go from my last job (where I was a network administrator for a small company) because of a downsize. I have to look for another job, sure, but having time to actually think and enjoy my hobbies has made me reluctant to put 110% into the search right away.
>I have to look for another job
Aren't you scared of not being able to find a job and ending up at McDonalds forever?
I'm more scared of finding myself in another full time with a whole lot of overtime grind where I get paid more money to sleep in a more expensive cage, while not having the time or energy to enjoy it or what time I have away from my job.

Hell, if McJizzles paid enough for me to have a crap apartment, basic necessities, internet and gave me enough free time to enjoy it? I'd jump on that shit and just keep my options open.
I remember you. Why do you feel the need to ask this question a second time?

In any event, my answer still stands: they don't learn to love a different job because the whole concept of "learning to love something" is alien to them. They were raised to believe that love is only authentic when it springs to mind unbidden, wild and uncontrolled. Attempting to control that process in any way -includibg "learning to love something"- is, at best, a lie to yourself: a shallow imitation of REAL feeling that is doomed to collapse the moment it is questioned.

This is hogwash. But you asked why they don't, and this is why.
Ask just the opposite; Why do people stay at a job the don't like instead of perusing a job the are interested in? I would say IMO more people fall into this category.

I never went to college. My plan was to just work at my dead end part time job for 2 years, save some money, and then figure out what i wanted to do and go to college. That never happened, mostly due to being scared of change. My part time job (which i didnt exactly hate but by no means liked) eventually paid very well. I worked hard, moved up the ladder and got on the job training for a skill people pay good money for. I enjoy my job very much now and get paid decent money. Now i am not so scared of change (ive had to deal with a lot of it in the last 2 years at work) and honestly i dont know what else id persue.

That doesn't really answer your question but really their isn't a one answer fits all. Everyone is different. Some folks have no idea what to do and just go with the flow, while others have a dream and go for it. Sometimes people who go for it fail, sometimes its isn't what they expected, sometimes it's everything they had dreamed it would be.
Life is only about making money. There are literally no other experiences to be had.

Seriously. The meaning of life is to make money. I'm dead serious. I had a very intense drug trip and connected with god. He explained to me the importance of the dollar, and how I should devote every waking minute of my life to accumulating.

The person with the most money at death (USD, none of that Rupee garbage), wins!

If anyone tells you otherwise, they are simply nay-saying, unmotivated, lazy, goalless hamburger flippers.
Thread posts: 37
Thread images: 2

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