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SOS Please help me

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Hello /adv/ I have came for the advice of the more wise than me in this time of crisis. I have just realized I have severe depression. Im a senior in high school. Im healthy, fit, moderately attractive and wealthy. I also thought about blowing my brains out today. The only reason why I'm calm now is that I took a norco pill. My whole entire family is extremely successful, and failure is not tolerated. I currently have a 62% grade in a class. If I can't get a C I will get dropped from all the colleges I've been accepted into. When I look at my problem now it doesn't bother me, but i believe thats the drug. I turn here because a diagnosis will ruin my chances of my dream job, ruin my main passion, and potentially screw me for life, let alone that I don't have the strength to tell my family. Someone please talk to me.
Bump for my sanity
You might be overthinking this a bit. As someone who overthinks everything, I can't really fix that for you, but I can assure you the reality is always far less scary than the worst-case scenario you're imagining.
Hey friendo, I'm a senior too and I feel ya. I can't exactly give wise retrospective advice but I can tell you that grades aren't worth killing yourself over, there are gonna be opportunities that come up even if you don't get accepted. If anything, buckle down and study for awhile, focus on earning the C and if you don't it's not the end of the world.
Thanks for talking, a depression diagnosis DQs me from ever becoming an airforce pilot, and grounds me from flying with my private pilots license for fun for a long time. It can also ruin my ability to own firearms, but your right.

Ah, I'm very sorry about that, anon. I'm in junior year of college right now, I got rejected from the university I spent two years striving for. I felt incredible disappointment at the time, but I genuinely believe the experience I got at my current university put me in a much better position than if I had gone to my dream school. Humans are resilient creatures and will make the best out of any situation, and failure only makes you crave success more.
Thanks for the advice friends, it feels good knowing there is someone, somewhere who knows what i feel

You're welcome, man. Good luck with the class!
Just keep hanging on man. We're all gonna make if we just try, don't give up on yourself.
Thanks pal. I think i just need people to talk to, Hows your life going?
I feel the same way man, I'm doing alright, stressed out about exams coming up but my gf's keeping me in check and baseball training is in full swing so I've got that going for me

In college right now. I messed up this semester - bad. I might not get financial aid in the spring because of my grades and I'll have to drop because no money.

There are always alternatives. No matter what, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Everything is just one big game of cause and effect. You might cause something to happen that might change the way you approach your goal, but it's whether you decide to keep pressing on that defines who you are, not your depression, not your parents, and certainly not your grades.
Nice man sports and a girl. Your doing it right.
I like your view on life anon, i hope everything works out for you.
I stumbled into both and it's somehow going well, it's three in the morning here but if you ever want to talk I made some Kik throwaway: FitIsMyHeaven,
I hope everything goes well for you man
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