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Why do people care so much about how I choose to live my life?

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Why do people care so much about how I choose to live my life? I'm not living off of welfare or anybody else's money but my own and my life doesn't negatively affect anybody in any way, yet people feel the need to talk shit because they seem to think that I'm wasting my life and that I'm some kind of failure despite the fact that I love and enjoy my life.

So, why do people do this instead of worrying about themselves?
self-defense mechanism

people have to convince themselves their lifestyle is superior in order to maintain it

ignore them
They demand conformity. They see someone on the outside of their conditioning and it offends them. They can't conceive of alternative life styles. If they continue to bother you, just cut them off. They will eventually get the idea that you are no longer receptive to their attempts at interacting with you.
I feel the same way but in a different way
So many people I deal with like in coffee shops or everyday students treat me really badly no matter how much I smile or be nice to them. At first it really REALLY made me depressed and couldn't understand why people where being so mean then I realized fuck'em. Who are they to bring me down? I assume at first they were these great people who got their shit figured out and were looking down on me but in reality that might not be the true. They might be struggling themselves or overall be people who have a very negative view in life with twisted morals so what's the point of getting sad over people who are mean for no reason?
Their opinion shouldn't affect your life OP and you shouldn't lose focus and live your life the way you think is right.
ALSO i'm not saying block everyone's opinions, I'm saying block people who are being unreasonably mean for no reason.
How are they mean to you? And why coffee shops and students in particular? You made very specific points but I don't know how you have arrived at them.
I assumed as much...I just really don't understand it. The funny thing is that some of these people are people that I've done favors for in the past without once asking for anything in return. They want to judge my life but use me when it's convenient for them.

I feel like maybe some people are jealous...It's always people who are always complaining about their jobs and lives that have this attitude.
It's super weird
I always say hi and say thank you but at the end the girl who pour my coffee don't even make eye contact or say anything. It's not exactly being mean but ignoring someone is quiet hurtful imo.
And just now I was in a study room with two other students and the as they left one guy said "He doesn't even look like he's working hahah"
I mean really? I could totally hear you and why even talk about me before living? There are other incidents or people being assholes and I don't even know who they are!
At the end I just try to not lose my cool and keep doing what I'm doing without losing control
I know what you mean, apparently it's the new cool think to just be a rude dick for no reason. Especially for college students.

Dont take this the wrong way anon but you seem to have a little paranoia. A worker not responding to you shouldn't upset you so much and the chances those guys were talking about you is very slim. They could have easily been talking about a group member who never does shit in their class or something.
You might be right
That's why I try to look at the bright side and keep on smiling.
I use to be really paranoid and PROVE to myself everyone is trying to get me but now it doesn't matter. If I'm happy and nice what do I care if other people are mean and hateful or if they aren't it doesn't matter anyway.

That's a good attitude anon, the worker might not have heard you or just had a shitty day. The odds of people hating you when they don't know you is slim to none. At worst you might annoy someone but generally speaking people don't go out of their way to harass you/make you feel bad on purpose.
Are you like a douche or something like do you gloat about not being a nussiance? Dude people are going to rag on you forever its human nature nkw adays I guess. Everyone is always trying to one up the next person by throwing said person under the bus. You need to live your life exactly how you see fit and fuck the next persons opinion. Taking advice along the way will not hurt you at all or a helping hand if you absolutely need it. If you don't think your not doing anything wrong youre not
Not at all...I keep to myself and I don't brag or gloat or anything about myself. I don't even like talking about myself in social situations. I'm very easy to get along with in general.
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