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So I recently noticed a behavioural change in me recently. Lately

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So I recently noticed a behavioural change in me recently. Lately I have been getting angry at anything I find remotely annoying, and I'm letting those small things bother me for days on end. Anything I could do to help not be as stressed everday as I am?
You need to figure out what's bothering you
Protip: It's not the small things

You can try meditation.
Are you on withdrawal?
Can you give me any tips for mediation? I'm always open for new ideas.
Not a withdrawal, but I do partake in smoke.
I'd suggest finding some kind of outlet. Revisiting guitar hero 3 has been mine for the past couple of months
I've never really read about meditation but I spend quite some time learning to know my emotions.

First you need to recognize when you are starting to react negatively. You need to observe and learn your triggers.

Wait until you are not upset anymore. Then I usually sit down in silence (Some like music. Doesn't matter. Just be alone) and think. Breath slowly, don't get mad or upset because you reacted like you did. Just accept that it was your natural reaction.

Try to keep calm and breath slowly and deeply and think. WHY do I get upset and angry when people around me are happy? Why can't those douchbags keep their happines to themselves? Can't they be a little thoughtfull to others that are not happy? Why am I not happy? Blah blah blah...
So instead of being angry that it gets to me, and letting that anger make things worse, I should try to understand that that's just my reaction to the situation?
Yes. Accept that it makes you angry (For now). While you are processing your emotions you need to accept that that's the way you react. Obviously you have to change that, but you need to figure out why you react in that way.

Temporarily you can start with breathing excercises when you notice you are getting angry. Get out of the situation and breat, relax your shoulders, etc.

But you've got to find the root cause for your anger.

Just from a wild shot, I'd say you are in a process of becoming independent. People are asking you to do shit. Out of habit you always say yes, but deep down that's not what you want to. You question why you should and why you keep on doing things that you don't want. You wonder why you are doing all this shit. Why it is so fucking difficult to say no.

It was what happened to me, anyway..
Honestly, even as just a generalization, you're not too far off on your guess. I've been dealing with the loss of my mother a year ago tomorrow, and I've been working at a job where my best friend's the boss, and she's been going through some stuff in her life too. The problem being that It's affected her work, so while I want to pick up her slack as a friend, I also just want to tell her she needs to straighten up her work ethic.
You can turn this around and come out better off. You cannot run from your problems, you have to confront them. It is the only way forward.

Invite your friend to a place where you can talk in private. I don't know if you're living at home or with others, but inviting her to your place could possibly be the best solution.

Then as a friend, sit down and work out both of your problems in on sitting.
> Hey. As a friend, I can see you are not doing great. How are you really?
> Blah blah blah
> Being your friend and colleague makes the whole situation uneasy for me, because it's difficult to separate the two. But we need to find some sort of viable solution to this situation. It affects me in a negative way and for me to support you I need to take control of my own situation.
Damn man, it's hard to confront people sometimes, you know? But, I can acknowledge that you're correct about that. I'm not going to be able to work properly if we don't sort out these problems one on one. Also, confession time, I do drugs daily. Nothing serious, but I do smoke a lot of weed. Honest opinion, think that it could also be a hindrance to happiness? Also, it wouldn't be financial troubles, as I have it covered when it comes to that.
Confrontation is hard, but it has to be done. And you'll both feel much better afterwards when things are out in the open. Be prepared for tears. Maybe even your own if your mom comes up. Have some tissues available. In my experience it's only the door-step that is hard. Once the pandora is out of the box words are comming easily.

Weed huh. You shouldn't smoke everyday. Unless medicinal obviously. It's a waste of time. I guess you're pretty tolerant by now. Truth be told, I smoked everyday three years ago aswell. I've grown (mentally) alot the last three years, and when I recently tried it again it was such a disapointment. Total waste of time. The reason I acquired it is because I want to use it as natural medicine since I'm really starting to get untrustfull of bigpharma. But I'm digressing.

Anyway, weed CAN be used for good. I've had some of my greatest epiphanies when high. I used it as a tool for critically reviewing my self since it removed a mental "protection barrier". From that it grew to a daily habbit where it was for the lulz. I don't need it for that anymore.
I forgot one of the points. It don't think weed will be much of a tool when you're tolerant. Get off of it for a couple of weeks and smoke a fat one alone, with no distraction. No games, no TV, only relaxing music. Start reflecting about your life. About your habit of smoking weed everyday. For me indicas are better for this. Maybe that's why the weed was disapointing now, its a sativa.
Hey, thanks man, I actually enjoyed the help you gave me today. I'll try to arrange that talk with my boss and cut back on the smoking, but for now, I need to get some sleep. It's 7 A.M. here now, and I didn't sleep yet, haha. Seriously though, I screencapped a couple of your replys to look back on later, so thanks again!
Glad to be of help. And good luck with the talk. Hope it works out for you. If the convo goes fine, she'll think of you as a better friends afterwards. A good friend doesn't say what you want to hear but what you need to hear.

Hope both of you will manage to work your selves out of the issues.
Oh, and by the way. I'm sorry for the loss of your mom. I can't even begin to imagine what it's like.
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