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What do I do first?

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I'm a little scared. Currently can't figure out what to do so I'm just sitting here and not taking any action yet.

I applied (For a job) at several places. This is going to sound dumb but I've never in my life had a big choice of where to work. Now with four or more choices, who do I courtesy call first, to let them know I submitted an application? Immediately I got a call back from Walmart and I already have my interview scheduled for next week. But what if I have other interviews? How do I tell walmart "I'll call you back if I decide I don't want those other jobs"?

Currently I am satisfied with possibly working at walmart because I am desperate and unwanted. But if given the choice, I don't -actually- want to be there.

Interviews are to see if the job is right for me, and if I'm right for the job.. correct..? And it's normal to have more than one interview on your plate, rightt?

Sorry if this was hard to understand.

In order of where I want to work the most
>Receptionist - Did not call back yet.
>Cashier at Aldi - Waited a week (since I didn't get a phone call) and emailed the company today inquiring about my application
>Associate at GIANT - Tried to call immediately after applying but I ultimately got hung up on and didn't call back
>Walmart - fug

So what do i do first? pic related how I kinda feel
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semi update, just got this reply from Aldi's
Forget about the four other jobs, Walmart called you while the others didn't, so the choice is pretty clear to me here. Are you a man? Because they only seek women for 2/4th of what you listed.
Nah not happening here, put that into the trash. You don't have two week to wait and the HR at Walmart surely don't either.
I'm female. At this point I'm experiencing a little feel of loyalty to shitty Walmart, because literally no one fucking wants me. No one wants to hire me. No one wants to give me a chance to prove myself. But Walmart will.

I was only hired at my first job because they were desperate. They probably didn't value me. I was only hired at my second job because-- shit I don't know. But they didn't value me either.
Then go ahead.
Not even Burger King or Target want me. Burger King was the first place I ever applied to. What the fuck? I was even extremely persistent with it.
Should I call the other places and basically let them know what's up? What about the place I actually wanted to work at?

If yes, how do I even begin to word this stuff?
No. They clearly had no interest in you for a starter, they don't give a shit, they most likely already found someone else.
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I only applied to the receptionist job yesterday. So you're saying they could've already found a better candidate than me already?
Anyway I will most likely have an evening shift at Walmart. I want to talk to whoever's in charge of schedules, and try to work out a compromise that benefits both me, and the company. Will this work, or are they very rigid in their schedules?
Also can anyone think of why Burger King didn't want to hire me? I mean come on it's fast food service. They're supposed to take anyone. I do not smoke, drink, vape, or inject any drugs into myself. I do not have tattoos. I have never dyed my hair. At the most I appear as a shy girl with poor sense in fashion.

Possible reasons
>At the time, I did not have previous job experience
>For my interview I wore a dress & open-toed shoes
>maybe they found someone better?
>maybe I was not outgoing enough?
Hi OP,

I've worked in numerous positions in different fields before settling in my dream career (software development).

Go for all the interviews and don't feel obligated to take the first offer. The strategy is to ask them for some time.

"I'm very excited to hear this offer, but may I take a couple of days to respond?" 99% of the time, the hiring manager would allow some breathing room if they want you. If they say no, accept it and continue with your other interviews if time permits. You are never nailed down or obligated to be a slave to one corporation.
Thank you for taking the time to reply!

I do feel kind of obligated to take what I can get. I need money asap to help pay for my car & car insurance. When I was laid off it was with no warning, and I had bills to pay. It was very hard. Furthermore, I explained that no one fucking wants me here. Me and my family didn't have enough money for education past high school, and partly I didn't want to go to college/uni, so I'm forced to stick to retail where I live.

Like really nobody cares about me. The job market where I live is very bad. I live in semi-rural PA
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Bumping for any one else's comments, especially any answers about my post >>16549599

here have some butts
Update: I got a call back for the-- Shit I forget what job it was for. I just mass applied to anything I thought I could do. It was probably the receptionist job. Whatever it is, the interview is tomorrow! And it won't hurt to ask "What can I expect?" or "What will I be doing?"

If it doesn't work out, I have the walmart thing as backup.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 4

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