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Has anyone ever been in a relationship where their partner threw

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Has anyone ever been in a relationship where their partner threw something at them during a fight?

>heat of the argument
>an empty glass bowl we used to store fruits
>bowl is quite big
>She throws it at me, hits the leg of my chair I"m sitting on, glass shatters all over, some shards enter my leg
>utter shock
>She continues to provoke me by saying "yea, what are you going to do"

I'm just blowing up inside, but I just start picking up the glass shards that are spread across our carpet floor.

Her response is that " I deserved it, I want you to feel my pain"

I'd understand if she threw it any other direction except to me.

Been a few days now, I have lost all emotional sympathy and willingness to come to terms with what just happened.
definitely dump her, anyone that throws objects at you and even after realising you were hurt, says that you deserve it, shouldnt be in your life
Dump her and if it was bad enough (or if she does something like that again) report her to the authorities.
Dump her, report her to the authorities (what if it had hit your head OP?), and go to a doctor to ensure that they pick out any other glass pieces which you can also use as evidence for the fact she did it in the first place.
Did you go to the doctor to get the shards removed? That could get infected.
I would call the cops on her ass first THEN dump her.
Crazy bitch.

Document her doing this with video on your phone or something, call the police right away without her knowing, and go to a friend place or somewhere away from her.

I'd just dump her, but the reason she can't know if you call the police is so she can't hit herself, do damage and blame it on you. Try to document it on film. And exit the situation.
These are all overreactions, but yes, you have to dump her.
Years ago, as newlyweds, my wife jammed a knife through our bedroom door when I kicked her out of the bed during a fight (It's my fucking bed, was my rationale) and locked the door on her.

After that incident, I let things lie, other than an admonition that it would never happen again. The next time she simply raised her voice (a day or two later), I backed her up against the wall, and punched a hole in it, about 2 inches from her head and told her never, ever to raise her hands to me again, as I would never strike her, but would pick her up and throw her out on the street like a beer can if she did.

My wife's a latina, and grew up in a culture where marital fights regularly turn into what we would call domestic violence. In all the years since those two fights, we've never raised more than our voices.

Thing about respect and boundaries, you have to set them and mean it. Most women will strike their partners when furious, knowing most men will take it. While I know that I wouldn't hit my wife short of doing so to save my own, sometimes a not so subtle reminder of reality works well.

OP, were I in your shoes, I wouldn't accept what happened, and I wouldn't be a pussy about it, which is exactly the response your GF needs. Based on what little you've told us, I'd suggest a couple of things. Make sure she knows that this is the last time she strikes you in anger. Don't talk shit. Just say that next time, she's out on her ass, no negotiating or tears. Fact is, a counterexample like I did with my wife is a high-risk activity. Ultimately, she won't respect your boundaries unless you make her, and you DO NOT want to hit her or harm her, and even threatening her with harm is enough to send you to hell via 911, so, barring something extreme, you need to be calm and cool with her. You waited a little too long, but let her know that next time she raises her hands to you, you're free to respond how you best see fit.

There are some things in relationships that just change them permanently, and it sounds like you've gone through one of them. If you truly love her and she has expressed some form of regret over what has happened then you could possibly make up, but otherwise it looks pretty bleak. To hurt you and not show any remorse should tell you all you need to know about the situation.

Not overreacting if he sits and takes glass being thrown at him without any reaction to it she will get more and more agressive because she assumes he won't do anything about it.

If a guy did this to a girl everyone would be all ooo no you can't do that she has a vagina. It is wrong regardless of what sexual organs they have. Violent people will keep doing it and pushing further if they think they can get away from it.
This absolutely.

I grew up in a family where violence and breaking shit was the norm.

Been in relationships with violent, break-shit kind of dudes.

Now I'm with a guy who basically did this early on with me and let me know in absolutely no unclear terms that the will not tolerate that sort of behavior and I will be out on my ass so fast I won't know what happened. And that it only takes once, no take backs.

I've mellowed out a lot from my "I will fucking cut you" attitude into calmly and rationally explaining myself when frustrated, rarely even getting angry. We take time outs when I get emotional rather than allowing things to escalate.

If you put your foot down now and be 100000% clear of consequences of that sort of behavior, you may never have to deal with it again. But if you do see it crop up again, be a man and stick to your word and get her out of the house right then and there, call the cops, lock the door and be done with it.
Thread posts: 12
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