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Sister vs best mate

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Am I a scumbag for not wanting to go to my sister's uni graduation on account of one of my best mates flying across the country to come see me?

I haven't seen my mate in over a year and he's one of the closest people to me. If I go to my sister's graduation, I won't even be watching her, I'll have to watch the ceremony from some random room through a tv screen, and she doesn't want my mate to come to it because she doesn't know him.

Any help is much appreesh
Is your mate literally flying all the way down to specifically see you for literally the duration of your sisters graduation? If so then yes you are fucked, but you may want to consider finding a friend that will visit you for longer than an hour.

Either way meet him after the graduation if he is staying in the area, the graduation won't last long, you don't have to be waiting for him there at the airport when he arrives. Your sister remains happy, you get to see your friend, you miss an hour and realize it was not that bad.

If for some reason this scenario is impossible then you explain to your sister that you really wan't to see your friend and if she would not mind if you did not go to her graduation considering she is not willing to let him attend the graduation. She'l sort of be forced to let you go out of you have a legit reason, or she'l realize it's not that bad and allow him to come.

Then again i am not an American and I really don't understand how a graduation works or why you think they are so important. So i may be missing something here.
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Why can't your buddy hang with you in the room?
My mate's flying over tomorrow for a week and the grad is nek Wednesday, then he leaves nek Thursday. My reasoning is that I don't want to have to drive two hours to go to her graduation, leave my mate at her house to play xbox for 3-5hrs (it's a huge graduation) while we take pics etc when he's coming to see me and train with me, not play xbox by himself then drive 2hrs back home...

Also I'm aussie, he's flying from Perth and I live Northern NSW and the sister's grad is Brisbane

And fossil anon, basically my sister doesn't want him coming at all because she doesn't know him (he's never been able to actually meet my family because he lives on the other side of the country), even though we're as close as brothers
Take him to the graduation you fuck nugget.
Does your friend understand the situation?
I am sure he would be cool missing you for 3 hours if he knew your sis was being whiny. I mean it's only 3 hours, the fact that you are complaining about it makes you seem like a massive homo for your friend.

How old is your sister? I thought a graduation was like, with lots of people? like the whole year graduate? Does she literally know every single family member of everyone else graduating or is she just being an attention seeking problem making bitch?

What would happen if you did not go?

Also why not just bring your friend? how does she meet her friends anyway? I mean when she first met them surely she had never met them before i would assume? So how does she make friends by avoiding meeting anyone for the first time? the fuck man. Beat her down with some hard logic then bring your friend.
Yeah my mate knows what's going on, he doesn't mind either way I don't think

She's 23, it's her uni degree grad, she's just finished after 4yrs and there's 100 people in her cohort, all with families she has never really met at all...

She only has three tickets (one for mum, dad and her bf) and so that's why I have to sit in the random room

If I don't go she would hate me for a little while because this is apparently huge for her but I don't see the point

Might have to just go and bring my mate and tell her to fuck up my mate's coming with me no matter what

Go for it, if she had gave you a ticket then it would be out of place.

But seeing as you do not have a ticket, and you are going to a separate room, you can bring your friend along.
Just tell her you are bringing him, so at least this way she has a chance to tell you not to bother going at all. If you don't go make sure it's her choice by being a stubborn idiot.
I would give her a call and explain that you won't be coming.

But that's just me. I don't care about arbitrary life events and don't want a huge wedding. My attitude about it would be "I can see my sister whenever, my friend is only here for a week". I actually just cancelled Christmas with my out of state family so I can see a friend who doesn't travel this way often. I'll be seeing my family in January.
^that's exactly my thought, I'm seeing him for a week for the first time in a year, I see my sister every second weekend, why do I have to take time out of seeing my mate just to hang with her and have a photo taken with her gown and a piece of paper but no one in my family seems to understand the mateship between me and my mate
send her a box of chocolates, maybe some flowers

visit her later, spend the time with your mate. a good friend can be better than family. it will be good for your heart to spend the time with him.
I think your friend would be perfectly understanding of the situation.

I know you feel a little shitty for doing it, but you gotta do what you gotta do m8
if I don't go, dinner at a fancy schmancy place should make-up for it?
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