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Ever been ghosted /adv/? I.e the person you're seeing just

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Ever been ghosted /adv/? I.e the person you're seeing just seems to evaporate from your life without a trace or explanation. Curious to hear other stories from anons who have been ghosted and any /adv/ice for the recently ghosted (OP).
But i've done it to people.
Yeah, this one time this guy used to post helping threads on /b/ and another guy used to post yotsuba but then one day like 3 or 4 years ago they just, poof, ghosted. In fact, I think the reason /adv/ even exists is because the guy who used to post the helping threads used to spam /b/ with them, gathering all kinds of avatarfags/tripfags, which he was against but since he wanted to help everyone he let them stay and they made such a shitshow that moot first banned them all for about 8 months continuously and then he just made /adv/. Dunno shit about the yotsuba guy though.
Care to extrapolate? Reasons why? Just curious...
I have.

It's a Libra thing.
Omg you're right. I also fucked your mom in the ass while your sister sucked my balls. It must be a Taurus thing.
I did it once to someone. I kept trying to say they were being a bit pushy and didn't want the arguments constantly. I'm not one for drama so I just disappeared.
you seem more like the cancer type
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Happened to me err should I say happening to me or as though I feel, so basically I was close to someone 5 or 6 months ago and now I bally barely get s hello or anything
Not him but I've done it as well. Something set me off in both cases. I learnt something about them or they did something or said something that made me feel that I should not trust them. For example, one person exposed that some things that they had previously said were their ideals, was actually "just bullshit I tell people". That was something I couldn't recover from. I couldn't trust them again for anything.

Since it has happened more than once however, I understand that I am the one who is problematic.
No, but I've ghosted people. Well, one that I can think of in recent memory. I'll only do it to people who are being rudely pushy that I've just met. If you're practically a stranger and can't handle "no" it's just easier that way.
You are pussy scum for not being straight up with the person.
That's not what ghosting is. Ghosting someone is another word for stalking them, in a very secretive way. Generally most people are not sneaky enough for this.
maybe, but ghosting is also used to describe disappearing from someones life completely without explanation or warning. EX:

>wife finds out husband cheated on her for a second time
>the first time was in 2001 and he promised never to do it again
>while he's at work, she moves out with all her things
>tosses her cell number for a new one, gets a new email address, blocks him on all social media
>he is left wondering where she is and why she left, never has closure
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No, you're wrong. Ghosting has never meant "stalking".

I've dropped out of peoples' lives many many times. I'm absurdly introverted, so I often get very obsessed about certain topics and media; to the point that I spend weeks absorbing information about the subject. During these times I don't use my spare time for friendships.

There are people I've known for years that I've spoken to for weeks (if not months) for hours a day, that I will suddenly just stop speaking to for long periods of time. For me, it's more about my private obsessions than about actively avoiding people.

But, even after I'm done "obsessing" and want to get back to my friends, I'm always super hesitant about it. What if they're busy? What if they're annoyed that I haven't reached out to them? If they didn't reach out to me, then they probably have something more important to do. I hate trying to chat people up or hang out only to be ignored for unknown reasons.

>Me: Hey SkypeFriend, I haven't talked to you in awhile! How's it going?
>*No reply for days*
>SkypeFriend: Nm, what's up?
>Me: Oh hey I was hoping we could do x, y, or z
>*No reply for days*
>SkypeFriend: Sure, when?

It's so annoying playing text-tag, I always feel like I'm just bothering them. So, I'll go through those times where I just focus on one thing, but when I get done with that, I'll be too reluctant to reach out to even my closest friends.

It's maddening being an introvert sometimes.
Yep. My SO of two years ("unresolved romantic tension") up and left one day without saying anything. It's been a year and a half since then lol
trying to ghost on someone right now
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