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Should I break up with my girlfriend? Here's some notes

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Should I break up with my girlfriend?

Here's some notes to keep in mind

- I'm 18M
- First ever girl friend
- dating for 7 months, 8 on the 15th
- she has been in several relationships, all of which she did not enjoy and regrets
- GF says I'm one of the best things that ever happened her, I help deal with her depression and suicidal thoughts.
- she somehow thinks I'm really attractive. This one doesn't matter but still blows my mind LOL

We've taken several classes together throughout high school but I never really noticed her, she told me she's tried talking to me before. I ended up talkin to her through FB after she wished me a happy birthday cause I was more confident talking to girls, we started dating soon after.

Things went fast, went from holding hands to fingering and oral about 2 weeks in, and sex in less than a month. She really cares for me, and I care for her, but a lot of times I get nervous and create problems for no reason.

I tell her about my thoughts of possibly ending it every few months, for no apparent reason or fight, just because I get nervous. One time she actually broke up with me, but we got back together 2 weeks later.

I've realized I have serious commitment issues, and the reason I want to leave her is because I haven't experienced any other relationship, and I get scared at the idea of me sticking around when I could potentially find something better.

Our relationship is great, but sometimes I just psych myself out. I think I'm honestly too immature when it comes to relationships because I'm still new to it, and sometimes I feel ending it would be for the best.

But I'm too afraid to commit to either idea. I don't want to lose her and possibly miss out on a great and fruitful relationship, but I also don't want to miss out on what other people can offer me.

Any advice welcome, I really would appreciate it.
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Fucking bump yo
You don't have to leave her to experience other girls OP.
You have nothing to lose by sticking with her, infact you are only to gain. Keep in mind that you'd enjoy experiencing shit with another girl some time in the future, and when that chance comes, take it, you keep your girl, and get to experience another girl. And honestly by then if you have not sorted out your insecurity issues and stopped getting jealous over your girlfriends previous relationship experiences then there is a high chance you'l break up over time and you'l be free to try new girls all you like.

Just for now the smarter move is to stay put with what you've got, you don't move on out until you are sure there is something waiting for you.
Are you asking for the permission to cheat here?
No you fuck. I'm asking for advice. When I say experience other relationships I mean other relationships.

But I mean I like pussy
I dont care if nothing is waiting for me. Better that then be in a relationship where I could be staying around for too long due to being indecisive
You sounded just like you were asking for the permission.

You can be honest, it's anonymous here.
>Should I break up with my girlfriend?
I'm saying its not. If I wanted to cheat that bad I would, or end it now. I don't just want sex, sex is good and all, but I'm the kind of faggot that wants a relationship at some point in my life
But you are already in a relationship?
I can assure you that when you get to your next relationship you will feel the same, you'l find reasons as to why the relationship is not a "real" one, and then move on to find one that's more real. Until it happens enough times for you to realize these feelings are natural in a relationship.

I think you should stick around, you have nothing to lose. Yet you seem like your mind was already made up when you posted this thread. Whatever you do really makes no difference at all, if you stay with her, you'l eventually find someone else and move on. If you leave her, you'l eventually find someone else and move on.
Until you find someone would you rather be in a relationship, or out of one? It's a simple choose which answers your question on what to do.
Yeah I was aware these feelings are common, like I said I have almost no experience with this stuff. I dont have my mind made up cause I'm too much of a baby to figure it out and make a choice.

That's the point though, I don't know if I want to be in a relationship or not, I'm unsure.
You have to make your mind up. Sounds like you want to leave but you are just afraid you won't enjoy being single and not having this girl there for you.

The only possible way i can see is to dump her, yet remain friends with her and keep her close, i guess friendzone her in a way, experience life without her, then when you realize it's no biggie, get back with her, if she really is that into you. Of course this can go terribly wrong when she starts fucking other guys and does not care for you when you decide you don't like being single.
>sex in less than a month
When we broke up, she got around. She said she did it to try and get over me, but it still pisses me off. Got naked and hooked up with her guy friend (he's chill though and I can't get mad at him she was single) and then hooked up with her ex bf

She says she started crying after and regretted it, but I wonder how long it actually took for that to happen or if it even happened at all.

Wow fuck now I'm really fucking Pissed. She also talks to guys that I know are going for her but don't care cause don't think she'd cheat, and then after a while she would tell me they'd try something and she'd deny them and stop taking to them.

Holy shit, I know she most likely didn't cheat, call me a kek don't care lol, but now I'm turning into a super Pissed beta as I type this
Same situation as you, im a little older. Been with gf for 2 years. I always thought I'd cheat on my gf if a 10 wanted to fuck. Gf is a 6 or 7.

Well, one night I'm working at the club and a 10 buys me a shot. She cant stop telling me she wants to fuck. I literally can not believe to this day that it happened. I didn't think a girl this hot would ever hit on anyone, let alone buy me a drink. I told her I was taken - she said she was too.

But I said no, even through her persistence. If the genders were swapped it would be sexual harassment. I went home after my gig and jerked off. My girlfriend is too good to me. She doesn't deserve it. I'm sure your girlfriend doesn't either. How would you feel if you spent the next 6 months being a living saint to your girlfriend only to find out she cheated on you anyways?
Yeah you are trying to convince yourself she's not worth it.
The problem with girls is, they lie. It does not matter that she said she cried over that shit, or that she never enjoyed her past boyfriends, because guess what? It's bullshit. It's not their fault, girls are hard-wired to manipulate, they do it naturally.

Guess what? When you guys split up she will tell her next boyfriend about how you was terrible in bed, had a small dick, how she was so miserable with you.

All girls are like this, it can't be helped. Stop focusing so much on what she says or if she really did cry or for how long. The point is it does not matter, you can't get mad over these things as every single girl does the same. Stop over-thinking shit she says shes done or felt.

Ask yourself if you are happy with her and enjoy the time you spend in her company.
You're 18 years old, you should be a scared of commitment.
In say sack her off and have fun if that's what you want. If you don't get it out of your system you will be miserable long term.
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Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 3

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