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General advice (and also good music) thread

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because why not. i like giving advice and i'm super good at it. you'll need to specify whether you want to hear from Bad Bitch Lucy or sincere and compassionate lucy. you can't really go wrong either way, but i come in two flavors. and i'll be sharing very good music with you along the way, which will help you to better yourself as a person and stuff. you're not allowed to post music because your tastes aren't as refined as mine and you might injure someone

so let's get started

how do i stop binge eating lucy
i'm an emotional eater and i just got dumped a few months ago
Hey Lucy, where can I meet a girl who is in to Anime? I feel like I have an easy time talking to girls, but for the most part these otakus are like a unicorn.
this is actually a really tough one. i've successfully ended it myself. i'll have to be a little hard maybe to get the point across.

stop eating poorly. advice in this case often falls short of anything meaningful because it all comes down to you. you're a lovely person and you should eat well because you're worth it. binge eating, or even eating poor quality foods at all, can definitely (and usually does) contribute to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

your ex left you months ago. stop feeling sorry for yourself, and stop using that person as an excuse to be less amazing than you want to be. there's a fount of strength within you, but to tap into it you're going to need to decide you want to be strong.

good luck. here's some music.

does she have to be into anime? i get that it's good to share interests but it kinda seems like you're limiting yourself for no really great reason.

anyway you can list anime as an interest on dating sites, and even specifically state that you want to watch anime together or something. other places would be like comic shops and geek culture shit like comic con. or at school or work or anywhere.

At the core of it I think I need a girl who I don't have to hide my interests around. I think you're probably right though about limiting myself for no reason.
aayy im single
How can I improve my conversation skills?
Like finding stuff to talk about when the conversation dries out?
Aren't we all? It's the glue that binds us to /adv/. The trick is getting over our fear of rejection.
most girls won't give a fuck about your interests so long as you're interesting beyond those interests. you're free to watch anime and play whatever games you want, but most girls won't be too into you if they consume your life. which is something most guys don't seem to understand.

a wife-quality girl will want you to have an active interest in self-growth. this means stuff like exercise, an interest in something academic, spirituality, learning new skills (cooking?), etc etc. and you need to be very confident, which will come with the active growth if you're lacking it now.


maybe stop worrying so hard about being a good conversationalist. quality conversations will come about organically as you find people you really click with, assuming you don't have some specific mental/developmental issues.

but if you were hoping for something else. the best way to get better at something is often to do that something over and over again until you wake up one day and you're not as bad at it. so get out there and blab to people all you want. try to do it mindfully though. mindless speech is less than worthless.

>try to do it mindfully though. mindless speech is less than worthless.
That's the catch, I'm just shit at talking for saying nothing and the blanks implied here can be embarrassing.
I wish I could talk for 5 minutes about canned soup for example, until a real topic surfaces in the conversation.
embrace the silence. not every moment needs to be filled with chatter. silence can be a very intimate experience, if that's what you're after.

your problem likely isn't that you're a poor conversationalist. seems more the case that you lack confidence in yourself and internally beat yourself up over the way you act, which just makes you do those things you perceive as bad even more.

you're not going to get out of this with some calculated gameplan. it will require time and effort, and my sincere suggestion is a serious meditation practice. meditation teaches you to chill the fuck out and accept life as it comes instead of deciding to be uncomfortable about silly things, and will help you build confidence as you grow in the practice. maybe check online to see if there are any sanghas in your area. meditating along with other people would probably teach you an important lesson in the benefits of shared silence.

if you're comfortable with things as they are (even silence), the people around you will be more likely to feel comfortable too. which is really what you want.


and with that, i'm going to bed. night friends :)
I've basically been a depressed NEET ever since I finished highschool and I feel like I've ruined my life. I feel like I've regressed as a person on all levels and when I see how well all my friends and classmates are doing it makes me incredibly depressed. I feel like I'm never going to "catch up" to them and be what a normal guy in his early 20s is supposed to be. I've tried to get out of this rut multiple times but each attempt has ended in failure which makes me feel incredibly pathetic. I'm worried that I'm going to end up killing myself one day because I'm absolutely sick of this lifestyle, but I've accumulated so much fear and anxiety that it seems impossible to escape.
It's the first time someone suggests me this. I wonder if it's legit...

What's the best to introduce myself to meditation?
Thread posts: 14
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