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University dumbfuck reporting in. Failed 4/7, literally more

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University dumbfuck reporting in. Failed 4/7, literally more than half semester. Parents already know. I'm going back to my hometown tomorrow.

How do I cope with all these feels/anger, and specially what the fuck do I tell my parents?
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You tell them how you feel bad for disappointing them.
Tell them you fucked up. Get a job and try and work something out between them and make god damn sure you're not going to go back to school without the intent of completing it. Make sure to say you're sorry too.
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And they'll want to know what REALLY went wrong. Do you know want really went wrong?
ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH IT WILL SET YOU FREE. Say the pressure was huge and you choked and you're sorry you wasted their money and let them down. Dude you are 19. You don't know anything yet no offense. My life is great now but I failed 100% of my community college course lol. If worse comes to worse just tell them you're gay and they'll forget all about this.
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lol they don't let me have a job because they think I can't handle both school and a job.

The truth is that I studied all day long for two tests that I had on the same day, then I couldn't sleep that night because of anxiety, like, I made the test 100% unrested, plus the day before that I didn't sleep but 3 hours. I only slept 3 hours in 72 hours but that's my fault for leaving a final project of the very last day.

Plus one of the tests was complete fucking bullshit, the teacher told us to study everything and we did, but the test only had shit from the final partial and also shit that wasn't in the course at all (oh, but it was explained on the test so it was justifyed), even the best girl on the class got 89 on the test.

BUT my parents don't fucking believe me, they don't think there is such thing as fatigue or psychological issues so they just assume I shoved the whole course up my ass and played video games all semester.
>Dude you are 19
Not him but I'm on my sophomore year of undergrad college and I'm 21.
You fuck, you just failed your semester. Why wouldn't you get a job now that classes aren't an issue anymore?
Fucking millenials
You are at their mercy. Admit to them that they are correct, there is no excuse for your failure, but that because of the circumstances you have learned and grown.
I am 19, though.

It doesn't work like that in here, thankfully. I get to have 3 new courses and have to repeat the other 4 this semester.
I know it's my fault. I'm not some sort of edgy teen who blames everyone but myself. I just don't know what I will tell them next.
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These don't explain why you were so unprepared to take the exams.
Then tell them you won't fuck up this time and actually follow through. They'll still be pissed as hell, but deal with it until you pass.
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On the exam I just ranted, I was super prepared, I studied weeks before the final and studied turbo the day before, but I guess I did it overly exhausted and the test was just a really dick move from the teacher. The whole course got together to rant how shitty the exam was, the highest grades said that they literally answered the whole test randomly.

The another test I did it the same day as the one above. I even had one guy telling me the answers of it because he coursed it already, but I literally fell asleep for 20 minutes doing it, I couldn't focus.

I was really close to pass those two tests, I simply did awfully on the tests for sleep deprivation I guess, I really studied a lot before those.

The other two would be physics and math which I knew were a lost cause after the first partial exam.

Sounds like it will be that way.
I'm kind of in the same situation as OP.
I didnt fail any classes (in fact, I've done pretty decent throughout my college career) but I took the last semester off and got a part time job because I decided I was going to find a different major.
I just recently found what I want to major in but I think it's too late to register for the spring semester this year. My parents will go apeshit If they find out that I let a whole year go by without going to college and to be honest I don't like it either.
Speak to a counselor and see if they can fit you into any classes. They're pretty helpful in getting students in even if it's late.
Still doesn't explain how you got so far behind, nor why you couldn't focus.
Some people just don't do tests well dude.
Bro, you failed 4 classes- empathize with your parents. They are in a worse situation than you, paying for credit hours that are not successful.
I'm kinda with the other dude, just tell your parents you went gay and hope they see past it
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I'm just channeling his parents so he knows what to expect.....
I don't get it.

I only slept 3 hours in a span of 72 hours (3 days). I couldn't concentrate because I was trying to not fall asleep.

I want them to not take me out of the Uni and to not have a shitty Christmas, not get disinherited.
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Tough shit really. You're in for a rough time unless you can show your parents that things will be different the next time around. As their kid, no amount of excuses will work.

And yes, those are excuses no matter how legitimate they may be. You failed and that failure cost something in time, money, and relationship status. Your parents won't love you any less than they do now but the fact that you failed their expectations will weigh on your shoulders until you can fix it.

My advice to you is to show them that you're sorry like all the other anons said. Take a remedial course, hire a tutor, study the material during the break, help out around the house. Do SOMETHING to show them that it's even more unacceptable to you than it is to them.
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Sounds like a real solution. Geez, this is gonna be real awkward.
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