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>gf >2 years at this point it's like shes not even

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>2 years

at this point it's like shes not even trying to be in the relationship. We just still fuck well and cuddle. All the love is there. But fuck after 2 years shes just let herself go. She hasn't gained weight. But I just find the spark is gone. She seems less wanting to dress up for me / look good. She hardly shaves her vagina / arm pits anymore.

Is she just bored with me? I feel like the relationship ended a long time ago. I still have feelings for her and she does to me. But at times I just feel like she does the least bit possible but wants all the rewards of a relationship. sex. cuddles etc.

Hell we can't even move in together cause this chic doesn't make enough money and I don't want to live in some dingy basement apartment.

any ideas?

pic related. how she looks under her frumpy jacket / clothes. Shes hot body / cute face. but fucking lazy as fuck
Maybe when she's wearing something even slightly better, compliment her a lot. "Wow, I love it when you dress up. It makes you look amazing. You're beautiful." She'll be inclined to dress up more.

Date her again. Take her out on a fancy date. Not necessarily an expensive date, but just say you want to dress up and go out together. Make a good effort yourself to clean up good. If she's underdressed around you, she'll notice.

How do you dress?

She might not be bored, just comfortable. She feels like she doesn't have to fight for you. But that doesn't mean she shouldn't do anything for you.
One time I shaved my girlfriend just to reinforce the idea.
>compliment her a lot
>Date her again

tried both. it just seems like its dying . it's not going anywhere at all. we've talk about it I've mentioned where I'm at and how I feel. It just feels like she pays lip service and then nothing happens.

>How do you dress?
constantly updating my stuff. Replacing old stuff with new stuff. she'll complement me on my stuff I buy.

I hit the gym 3x a week. constantly improving. when I say im doing something. I usually do it.

During our relationship shes had a small vaginal cyst. She says doing sitz baths is just inconvenient.

fuck if I had a cyst on my dick. I would do EVERYTHING to get rid of it.

I feel I just run circles around her and she does nothing.

When I met her she was graduating university, dressed well and had a full time job. Now she just doesn't do much.

I'd love to be surprised or texted with "Hey I wanna give you a big blowjob tonight are you free?"

like anything remotely exciting.
just tell her exactly how you're feeling in great detail, but be gentle about it
thats sensual as fuck, i'd love if i guy did this, providing he didn't fucking cut me or something while he's shaving me

I try to bring a level of fun and enjoyment to the relationship. We have great communication, we get along really really well and usually have a fun time.

but at times it's like. GET. WITH. THE. FUCKING. PROGRAM.

I don't understand.
I honestly feel like cheating on her she would just enjoy that.

she'll have some drama in her life to tell her friends about. she will actually give a shit.
Do you text her a lot and hang out with her all the time? If so, I would do absolutely nothing. If she does still care, she will reach out and that's when you'll make a date. Your job as a man is to create a fun filled opportunity for sex to happen.
>Do you text her a lot and hang out with her all the time?

maybe 2x a week. text throughout the course of the day with little bits of planning etc.

sometimes a day without texting.
I told her last week we should do date night. Go out to a new place every week and try new stuff. Then when we get back home we have to try new sex stuff. Be completely non judging 100% unapologetic exploration sex.

I gave her a few fun suggestions. and she seemed down..

I just worried that it's going to be just another night of food and somewhat okay sex. Or just me doing all the work and suggesting new things and her just being sorta into it. OR kinda half into it. but not much from her end.
Sounds like she's being cold and distant. If I were you, I'd back off and wait to hear from her. When she backs off, you back off. Let her come to you. On her own.
Maybe she's picking up on your boredom and frustration and is pulling back.
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Does she ever look at you like this?
Wtf is this. I text my current partner whenever, and they text me whenever. We never played these idiotic games and just kept things straightforward

And OP, I fail to believe that she just decided to behave like that and perhaps it`s not on purpose. My ex preferred playing video games all day, I tried to seduce them and tried something different all the time, but they kept letting me down each time - boring sex twice a month. So I slowly dressed less and less impressive around them, since nothing obviously works. And then they claimed it was my fault for not looking my best, while they themselves had made 0 effort. I broke it off after almost 3 years. And good riddance, my current partner is amazing.
I hope not for OP, that is some retarded look
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lip bite 2.jpg
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I could get used to it.
no im busy with work + gym. we see each other on the weekends. 1 day during week mostly.

she fucks the shit out of me and I bang her guts in.

true. things are getting boring and disappointing. cute and sweet girl. many times she can't really take care of herself.
>many times she can't really take care of herself
What do you mean by that? Does she have some sort of disability?
I bet that if the roles were reversed i.e she was the one posting about you, we would have heard a few negative things about you and how you don`t put much effort.
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