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Rhinoplasty Help

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I really want a nose job but wouldn't be able to handle the stigma attached, especially as a guy. I've even thought about breaking my nose on purpose as an excuse for the surgery.

I'm an 18 yr old guy in the UK if that matters. Any advice would be really appreciated.
P.s. This is more than just a little annoyance for me; it makes me very self-conscious 24/7. I'm actually fairly attractive as it is and realise it shouldn't bother me as much as it does, but it simply does. I can't help it. And I honestly think this minor surgery would greatly improve my standard of life, so it seems silly not to.
Get it and tell people it was an operation on blocked sinuses.
The stigma exists among the sort of people to whom you aren't trying to limit your social circles. In other words, you had better be all-in on this. You're trying to see yourself in a better light by doing this. It would also be fitting that you should spend your time around people who see you the same way and admire you for that reason.

If you're going to do this and then hang around trash who constantly talk down to you, you'll have accomplished nothing. You'll trade feeling self-conscious over your looks for feeling inadequate over your lifestyle.
What makes you think you'll magically feel better if you get a nose job? Are you going to find other things that 'bother' you, once your nose is 'fixed'?

You admit you are already attractive. It speaks volumes about the type of person you are if you try fucking around with your face.
My family actually suffer from serious sinus issues. Unfortunately I doubt that'd work because it's more the tip of my nose I don't like, which of course is miles away from the sinuses
I appreciate what you're saying however I think more people hold that stigma than you think do. Obviously I don't hang around people that would put me down about those sorts of choices, at least to my face. But it would certainly changed the way 99% of people view me for the worse.

I know most people feel this way from when a girl in my school got a nose job. No one was nasty about it, but they're was a lot of talking behind her back. I don't think I could bare that. Not to mention that her nose was worse than mine and she was a girl. Both of which make people more understanding.
Yes, there are other things I don't like about my body/face but my nose is undoubtedly the most noticeable. I understand some people will always just hate the thing at the top of their list of imperfections, which would make checking off one pointless, but it's not like that. Yes, I'll still have insecurities but I'll be able to function properly with some level of confidence if I fix my nose alone.
You know what Anon, you fucking rock. You do what you fucking want with your money and your body. You owe no explanation to no one. If someone treats you differently, they don't deserve your time.
Thankyou anon, that means a lot. And that's exactly the way I'd like to tackle this problem. I'm just afraid that would require a confidence level greater than I have. I'm insecure about my appearance, but I'm also insecure about how people perceive me and my life choices. Hence why I've considered hiding the surgery under the guise of a "broken nose"
People are dumb as fuck and will believe most things as long as you keep the lie simple and say it with confidence. Especially if they enquire further just say "there were some complications" and they'll back off feeling all guilty and shit.
Yeah maybe, but it's not even that simple. I live with my parents still so I couldn't lie to them about it. Yet I'm not comfortably admitting I want a nose job to them. Hence why I've thought of the drastic route of actually breaking my nose as an excuse for surgery.
Thread posts: 12
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