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I recently went on a two month alcohol binge. I am three days

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I recently went on a two month alcohol binge. I am three days into it, and the slight withdrawal that I did have has basically subsided. It did not warrant me hospitalizing myself.

I basically drank myself into a stupor most nights, having 6-12 drinks most of the time. On average I would say that I had about 8 per night.

If I quit now, will I be good? Have I fucked my brain beyond where it would have been otherwise? Will my liver be okay? How do I stay off this shit? I come from a family of addicts. I have had trouble with drugs and alcohol in the past, but this is the longest I have ever been doing something day after day.

Also, do I have a chance to make a full recovery brain-wise from several years of on and off substance abuse? How about long term effects?

Any anecdotal/scientific insight would be great. Thanks /b/ros.

its hard to say. you went from '2 month alcohol binge' to 'third day on it' to 'years of substance abuse'.

even if we were doctors (were not, but we play some on TV) we'd need more specifics.

ultimately id say yes. if you are conscious and can think cohesively now, than you arent really damaged, just on a bad road. most young people drink WAYYY to much but they turn out fine once they start to cool down.

the body has the amazing ability to heal itself if you stop poisoning it.

quit drinking, do some cleanses, etc.

By three days into it, I meant three days into not having a drink. And yeah, I haven't joined the idiot club, but I'm definitely not as sharp as I used to be/could have been. In some ways I just fail. With common sense and practical knowledge as well as orderly thinking, I have never been that good but am certainly worse off now.

Oh well, I guess what I'm really looking for is confirmation that I could still actualize my full intellectual potential that I may have had before, but that ceiling has probably been lowered. I'm sure I'll get along fine, but I scientifically know enough to know that while the brain has the propensity to recover at a young age, it is also more susceptible to being permanently altered.

I guess what I'm looking for is drugged out fuck ups that turned it around at a later age in youth, I'm 24, and did something great.

i mean if ur a fully functional adult and have what you need to do, then why worry? unless there is a specific thing you are worried about not doing, why care about whether you are intellectually lower on the totem pole?

being smart is overrated. not that i would know. but ive been pretty dumb my whole life and it hasn't stopped me from living in any sense of the word.

What do you do? Do you have college? I would say that I'm basically of average intelligence. Not sure if I would be able to hack it with that. I make nothing as of right now, I'm fully functioning but barely financially independent.
You are not any dumber or smarter then before this. If you actually think drinking for 2 months would actually lower your I.Q. then you are an idiot in the first place.

i went to film school (thus proving how dumb i truly am) but i somehow stumbled up into being an office manager for a psychic. so im doing pretty okay.

think about what you want to do in life and gauge whether or not you have the intelligence for that.

hes claiming he has a history of 'substance abuse' on top of this, but doesnt go into detail about what or how long etc.

Point taken, but yeah, I went pretty crazy with binge drinking and damaging drug use such as MDMA and stimulant use in my late teens and earlier twenties. So yeah, I've already probably eroded what I could have had a little bit. Combine that with a poor sleep schedule and bad diet, as well as intellectual understimulation, and I've probably done something significant. I was actually cleaned up for about two years until this recent bout. I guess I'm being paranoid that this latest binge doing all that much damage, but it has rekindled anxieties about that damage to my body and mind that may have been done in the past.

I guess the idea of a limit to what I'm capable of is what is frightening me the most. Being a financial analyst, a doctor, or a programmer is probably immediately off the table. Some people have all the luck.

do you want to be any of those things?

i dont really think in limits i guess, i think more in what i want to do. and i do it. im not particularly smart, but i grew up on computers so i manage to do all this shit needed for running the office easy enough.

i like making movies, even though im REALLY bad at it so far, but its fun and i get the job done, so my life is pretty bliss.

stop worrying about what you CANT do and think about what you want to do. not a passing fancy not a 'i like theidea of being a writer cuz i imagine me with a nice scotch in a comfy home with a type writer'. but think about what you've actually done that gives you joy and work your life so it works for you.

then just jump from job to job until you find one that you are not mad about going to in the morning.

Nice, common sense I can get behind. Needed to get my head on straight. Thank you.

glad i could help. i know most jobs sound like nonsense, but honestly if you can find an office where you're sitting next to someone fun to talk to, then having a job isn't bad at all.

i dont have anyone in my office but i get to spend most of my time on here giving /adv/ so its pretty noice.
Thread posts: 13
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