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Likelihood Of Being Baby Daddy?

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Summary: If I am the dad, I know what I have to do. I'm not trying to get out of it, but I'm not sure it's mine. Baby isn't born yet and I haven't even replied to her yet. I just found out yesterday. To be honest, she is kind of crazy but was a good lay, so I'm not ruling out this being made up as she lacks providing me with real information.

Long story:

Dated a girl for like 2 months. Lots of sex. Anyway, the last date we had sex was July 3, 2015.

I get an email the other day saying she's preggo and due in April. She didn't say which day in april. She sent two messages a week apart, the same text except one of them had this line of text, "you don't have to respond, i just want you to know to be fair".

Never did she say anything about me replying to sort it out or anything, or deciding what to do.

I ran a calculator (i know it's not exact) and chances are she was either telling the truth or used a calculator herself to make up a lie.


First Day of Last Menstrual Period: June 26, 2015
Probable Date of Ovulation: July 10, 2015
Possible Dates of Conception: July 6 to July 14, 2015
Due Date: April 1, 2016 (40 weeks)
That's assuming she meant April 1.

Due April 8th and onwards and the chances are slimmer it was even me:

First Day of Last Menstrual Period: July 3, 2015
Probable Date of Ovulation: July 17, 2015
Possible Dates of Conception: July 13 to July 21, 2015
Due Date: April 8, 2016 (40 weeks)

I think it's likely she had one nighters after me, but I'm not for certain.

The real answer is I have to take a paternity test once baby arrives, if this is true.

What is your opinion on this information, besides, OP you idiot, go sort it out and find out?

The reason I think she's crazy is she's OD on pain killers before and ended up in the hospital after I broke up with her.

Should I wait for REAL contact from a law firm / court?
OP Here:

She doesn't have my new number, I don't think she knows my address, but has been to my house and all my emails from her go to my deleted folder. She hasn't gone really out of her way to contact me besides these two emails.
What you should do is all based on whether or not you even like her. Clearly you already broke up, so I'm assuming you don't. So assuming you don't like her and want to be with her, I would just tell her that you would support her and would like a paternity test. If the baby turns out to be yours, you are already in good standing by showing support before hand. If the baby isn't yours, fucking bye falicia and you're out. The only negative thing I can think of by supporting her is having to listen to her bitch every once in a while during the pregnancy. But just saying fuck you, it ain't mine and leaving isnt smart at all because eventually you will be contacted by a lawyer or some shit and you will be out alot of money
Run away nigga.

Srsly just assume it's not your dude.

Your in for a life of shit and misery if you let this cunt into your life.

Maybe you can avoid her until the kid is older (if it's yours that is which I doubt for your sake)

Also next time just jack off you fag.

The good associated with how good raw sex feels is overshadowed by the risk.

Every time you see some hot psycho bitch your attracted to wait till you get home and load up a pornographic site.

If you can start cappin to 2D as eventually you will find 3D not as attractive (it works trust me.)

Good luck bro, stop thinking with your dick. It can and will be the death of you.

Vaginas are evil money and life sucking black holes of despair.

Thanks for the advice guys.

Does it count for anything in court if she had written an email to me saying: "you don't have to respond, I just wanted you to know".

Is that enough to say I don't want baby daddy in my life, or his money? I know if it's bio mine, I do have to pay, I just don't want to deal with her anymore.

If I just let this sit for a while, here's what I assume will happen if true, thoughts?:

- Get more emails
- Get contacted by law firm
- I would say the dates don't match up (fuck, I don't even know the alleged due date just the month)
- Paternity test I wouldn't mind paying for if it gets that far.
- If mine, and this is all true, bring up evidence she didn't want me involved (if what I just said in this message counts as that kind of evidence).
- I would assume if mine, child support starts at the time of judge's ruling. Because she easily could have contacted me at my workplace if it was an emergency.
- I won't be involved because I don't like her for who she is. It wouldn't be fair to the kid. I live and work 2 hrs away.
- I would recommend giving it up for adoption to a family that can properly take care of it.
- If not, I would probably bring it up in court that she is not a fit mother, because her life isn't straightened out.

I hope I'm right and she's just trying to get close to me.
don't get trapped in a relationship because of a kid
she didn't ask you if you wanted to be a father, she forced that on you, she chose to be a single mom when she kept a kid without a partner

just run away man, don't talk to her, don't reply to her, don't make her angry, just up and go

I've seen this shit happen a hundred times, if you stay you won't be able to take it for long, she will start blaming you for everything, and you'l leave anyway

OP here, baby isn't born yet, date isn't exactly matching up with alleged conception period.

I'm not with her. I'm with my gf of 13 years I've basically had since high school. We took a break and realized we were meant to be. Me and 13 year relationship gf are getting married soon.

This girl I'm talking about who is preggo I only dated for 2 months and only brought up the pregnancy now.
1. ignore her entirely as much as you can
2. if she demands money, ignore her
3. if she gets a law firm, ignore them because the only thing they can do is get a court order paternity test which is what you would do anyway before you payed her a cent if you have and brains
4. physically leave town
5. try to end contact with some grace, wish her luck etc etc

the courts say this "if you are the father, you pay", there are really no exceptions to this; so keep it out of the courts
and if she looks like taking you to the cleaners, withdraw all your money and hide it, then claim you spent it all
if it's that early tell her you have a stable gf who you've been with for years, tell her it's probably best she gets rid of the kid, because you arn't going to be around, and will have kids with your own GF so you won't have any money for her

OP Here

I haven't communicated since July 3 2015, the last time we hung out.

She doesn't seem to be demanding money or anything, which is good. She is actually a really quiet, I don't want to start shit kind of girl. Which confuses me as to if this is all legit. But she literally tried to OD on meds and alcohol when I left her :(.

I want to say her financial situation isn't good and she likely won't get a law firm involved, but who knows it's entirely possible.

I live 1.5 hrs away, I'm not even sure she knows my exact address.

I don't know if contacting her back is even a good idea. She knows I blocked all her contact so she knows I probably won't be reading her emails.

If I communicate, it shows that I was aware of the situation. She should be smart and realize this is something she doesn't have to do on her own and can give for adoption if she's not capable.

I suppose it would have to go to court in this case, if this is all true.

Part of me thinks she wouldn't go to that level because of her shy personalities, but then again, bitches be crazy.

Another thing I think that might hold her back was any sexual partners after me, if there was a chance it wasn't mine.

Thanks for your responses. I'm not trying to get out of this, but I am doubting it is mine, which makes me want this all to go away.

OP Here,

She knows who the long term gf was. She knows I love the long term one for "real".

I wonder if she's giving me a chance to get back in her life before shutting me out completely?

It was only 2 months. She should have aborted or scheduled an adoption to more humane.

Thanks for your suggestion.

A lot of money talk has come up in this thread. She hasn't asked for help or money yet. Wonder if it's coming? She has a great job and brings in over 60k a year, however probably not a lot of disposable cash.

God I hope this thing is a big giant scheme to get me back and not really preggo.
I think it's probably yours. It sounds like she debated whether or not to let you know, since she didn't actually know you too well and had no idea what role, if any, you'd offer to play. She probably is uncertain herself if she wants you to contribute, since you were dating so briefly.

Believe it or not, she might not want you in her life forever. Seems like she's giving you the option to know the child out of courtesy.


Thanks for this answer, as it's different from the other answers of "run away".

It is nice of her to offer that option, if all facts are true.

Her email said:

I know this is awkward, I don't know what to say, oh well, I just wanted to do the right thing and let you know. If you don't reply that's your choice. Hope life is treating you well.

What do I do with that?

Did she basically say you can be in or out?

Thanks guys for the replies.


Curious if you have an opinion on conception date, especially that I don't know the day of the month. Thanks
How did you meet her and ended up having sex with her?
Ride it out hope she doesn't bother you with it.

Best case scenario
>It's yours and she doesn't want anything from you
You get your genes spread for free!
Shit scenario
>It's your and she does want something from you
crazy mom ahead, you'll never be part of the family and you'll raise a little shit she'll turn against you
Worst scenario
>It's not yours and you don't get your genes spread

either way, you possibly helped this species not go extinct dude, nicely done.
What if she sent this message to all the guys she slept with and is waiting to see which one bites the bait.

The reason she is so polite and offering the chance is that if two guys take the bait she can tell the one she doesn't like

>Oh well, I thought you understand from my message that it was just a courtesy and I didn't actually want you in the baby's life

Just saying, some bitches do be crazy. I say just wait and see what happens. Say and do nothing, resist the urges to do or say anything. If she does decide to have you raise it you're absolutely as fucked as you're gonna get so there's no "slighter" fuck to work your way too. Basically you can't talk or plan your way into a situation where you're only kinda fucked. You either raise the little cunt or you don't and that depends entirely on her decision (such is life in the patriarchy) so just... wait for her decision and be fucking quiet.
She seems to be offering you an out, if you don't want to know your kid.

It's not easy to figure out a conception date exactly, because sperm can live inside the body for a while after ejaculation. Up to five days. They also take educated guesses on how far along you are when they do the ultrasound based on the size of the embryo/fetus. I was once told I was 6 weeks along by one technician, but three days later was told I was 8 weeks along by a technician at a different facility.

You know her better than anyone here, so you can make better guesses as to whether she engaged in sex with others around the same time she would've conceived. But I think it's pretty likely that it's yours. It would be helpful if she gave you the due date, but you'll have to ask for it.
Oh shit! Congrats OP you're not the first choice. The fag she really wants probably got the

>It's yours
>I want our kid to have a father


and you, the backup fag got the

>Just wanted you to know


That's the only way to know if the kid is yours. Don't contact her until the baby is born and then get the test done as soon as possible. Do not buy anything for her or the baby until you get the test results. Anything you do beforehand could be used by law as "acceptance" of the kid on your part.

That said, if the kid is yours you should try to at least acknowledge it and be some sort of father figure.
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Thread images: 2

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