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Joining the French Foreign Legion

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Hey guys. I've managed to fuck up my life pretty good, and have decided to join the FFL. I'm 18 3/4, have finished my first year of University, in good physical shape, and fully committed.

The only problem is I need to raise around $2000 to get there from my own country (New Zealand).

If I sold everything I own it would probably be worth just over that much, but I want to be able to raise the money quickly without anyone knowing and leave the country within the next couple of weeks, and I can't figure out how I could sell all my stuff and still leave quickly and undetected.

How should I go about selling my stuff and/or raising $2000 dollars?
>what is TradeMe

Why do you want to join anyway?
Go tell /k/ your brilliant plan, they'll support your endeavor and help speedily along to your reasonable and easily-reached goal.
How did you fuck up?
Is there an option on TradeMe to sell literally everything you own as a package deal? Do you think it would sell within two weeks? Legitimate questions, because I had a good look and it didnt seem like it. Also, I went to make an account and I couldn't verify because I have $8.90 in my account and need $10.

Because it's a new life, and I've been interested in joining the Military for a while. After a lot of thinking, this seems like a good choice. Also, i'm not gonna explain the situation, but I fucked up to the point where all of my friends hate me, im fucking depressed and my family doesn't know whats wrong with me because I can't tell them what I did. So I'd rather leave and start anew.
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I wish I knew enough about /k/ to tell if you are being serious
Just one thing, don't need to be specific:
Is it because of a pussy?
I'm pretty certain you can't sell all your stuff like that, and even if you could, I doubt many people would buy it.

What city are you in?
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My thoughts exactly, which is why i'm asking here.

Hmm, well I can't think of any other way to sell your stuff. What about getting a loan?

Also do you want to talk about your situation? I can spare 30 minutes or so
Is that a yes or no?
Selection is tough nowdays. You may even not get in after you spent everything on a ticket. What will you do then?
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why so interested anon. if you think you know me just message me on Facebook or some shit

I thought about a loan but can I still pay it back overseas? Not sure if I can afford it. Sure how do you want to talk?
There is at least one FFL poster on it but a few hundred that were rejected. (Which is permanent and without disclosure of the cause) Your best bet is to be more desperate than eastern European peasants, more vicious than legitimate ooga-booga spearchuckers, and love France and French culture more than the English nobility. Also, try to learn frog.
I looked at the selection requirements, I meet all the health ones and so on, and as I said before, I am fit and educated so I firmly believe I can pass the tests. I know I can do the beep test and 4 pull-ups (fitness req), and believe I can pass IQ and Personality tests
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Cheers. I will certainly do my best
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literally any ideas welcome
No bumps left it seems
why dont you just join the new zealand army?

do you niggas even have an army?
go to /k/ and try asking in the /meg/ threads, might be someone that can help you, use the catalog to find it
Dude our army is so small and shitty, and the application process is super long and drawn out. On top of that, they only take two intakes of recruits a year. On top of that, I want to move away and start anew because of how bad i've fucked shit up. Cheers for that advice though, ill check it out
Ideas on making $2000 / getting a ticket from New Zealand to France?
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sorry for the endless bumps /adv/ i really have nothing better to do than try to find out how to raise 2K while bumping this thread, hoping that someone will be smarter than me
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the French Legion doesn't just choose anyone. They usually want people that already has some experience in the military of their own country. I really doubt you'll be admitted unless you excel in all the tests they take you,
Cheers for the advice, their website basically said the opposite, so if this is true, its something to consider
Only 50% of those that pass all the tests actually get into the Legion. You might do everything alright but not be chosen, because they don't just take everyone that is apt. They have some preferences.
WTF is that baguette shit?
And gofundme, try a Kickstarter

also you're a fuckin pussy running away from reality and your own doing

I wish a Maori warrior finds you
Good advice thanks.
Would people really fund me to do that?

Its not running away if there is nothing to run away from. More like leaving to find a better life.

Me too, maybe he can recruit me to the magical Maori Battalion.
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Everyone on /k/ says do it believe in yourself and a lot of people on /adv/ say don't do it, you won't make it in.

I don't know who to believe
just do it senpai, go find some part time job, or some hard labour that takes anyone or some shit
do it but you'll probably fail. The trips have spoken

Even if you fail, I'm sure you won't regret
thx /adv/
Go to France and try to join the legion... And even if you dont get in(we European are some picky bastards) you will be on the best country to start again in Europe... I bet you wont regret it
Unless you are a fucking geek and like -20 C° then you might try to go to Sweden....
Or try to come to my country! Peaceful but with an mostly expedictionary army...(its Portugal...)
Do you zealanders even have anything to hunt? If you do i would consider hunting... Its a nice way to make some Bucks if you're a good shot
What army?
>Even if you fail, I'm sure you won't regret
dudes talking about selling everything he owns to fly across the fucking globe to try and be a mercenary. he'll almost certainly regret that.
thanks, thats good to hear!
Does Portugal have a similar army anyone can join? Could be an option thanks
yeah we do, it takes a few months to get a gun license tho, and guns are pretty expensive here
also a valid point, kek
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Thread images: 10

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