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Hello everyone
I'm a married 27yo white male aerospace engineer in Russia.
As you all know Russia is going to fucks(well,now you know)and I don't want to starve to death as did my mother trying to keep me and my sis and her mother from starving
I have quite good knowledge of language and an education which is worth nothing in your country (here I'm a specialist-but your system will grade me with some worthless shitty bachelor degree)I can do 3d cad modelling,my wife is a chemist engineer,she sets those reactions,to get target substance,though her knowledge of language is lacking.
we failed to get somewhat educated jobs in USA mostly because no one wants bachelor specialists.
I really want to get out of Russia even if it means active duty for the USA army,but I don't want a shitty job or be sitting on a welfare check like some ghetto scum
What do I do? Greencard lottery isn't an option,I'm fearing worst for Russia in couple of years
No one trust him, he's a spy.
moving to another country just for the sake of moving can suck. look at first reply to this thread >>>/trv/1056684
Well I'm fucking tired of that phrase lol

Maybe someone can point out some companies which will hire me PROBABLY
or some sources for finding educated jobs,or something next to it like working on a Boeing factory assembling planes and shit
I'm really desperate here anon for advice
Thought maybe if I ask people who live in a country I'm looking forward to migrate to I can get some answers for my problem
Also we could be friends lol,I'm guessing if it will work out somehow it would be very fucking lonely with no friends
I'm not afraid of grunt work as long as the pay is good
>Maybe someone can point out some companies which will hire me PROBABLY
Not sure about the US or other countries, but there is a glut of college/university graduates in a lot of countries on earth.
You can apply for jobs in other countries, but your chances of being hired is very slim. To hire you, the company needs to prove that you are better suited for the job position than all the locals who applied for the job and this can be tough.
>I'm not afraid of grunt work as long as the pay is good
Get a working holiday visa and travel the world like those backpackers in /trv/. But yeah, you won't be able to stay in any country for too long, you are unlikely to end up with citizenship anywhere, and this backpacking lifestyle cannot last forever.
Yeah I know low tier moving for the sake of moving will suck but what choice do I have?here's no future
At least I can die with no future with a soothing thought that I did it in USA
Not like some noname grunt meat for our government crazy sakes
I thought maybe I can get all my dough I got and travel as a tourist to USA and start walking in offices of companies somehow related to my education,from top to shit,because internet applications are left without answers,which is bringing me butthurt-if some Indian Pakistani or Chinese made it then why da fuk can't I?
>start walking in offices of companies somehow related to my education
It's illegal for any company to hire you without a working visa. You will be deported if you do that.
Guess it would be my only shot(exchange rate is whoah,)
What chances do I got,if I travel to USA,find some shit job of the papers and live there as an illegal immigrant?
If all else fails- would it be wise?
I mean walking in for auditions with resume,trying to get the company to offer me a job offer and willing to make me a work visa
Any chance this might work?
You're right, moving to another country is tough. If it were that easy, every African would have done it.
It is very unlikely that a company in America or another developed country will hire you, considering that you have no networks, no citizenship, no local experience, and your degree may not be recognized there.
Many countries have their own oversupply of engineers. They have a huge pool of candidates to choose from locally. Finding a job when you are in another country is very tough:
Hey Russian,

Why do Russian women not want Russian men?

I see a lot of advertisements for Russian women who want to marry American men.
>find some shit job of the papers
Very unlikely. No company will hire you. If they do, they will be arrested.
Living in another country illegally only works if you are wealthy enough to survive without working or have someone to leach off
Pretend to be Indian and just wait for one of Jewish multinational supercorporations to purge it's American staff for h1b workers they can pay a third the salary, drive like slaves, and threaten to deport if caught thinking incorrect thoughts.
>if some Indian Pakistani or Chinese made it then why da fuk can't I
Most of these guys immigrated to said country before finding a job there.
It is difficult to secure a job from overseas.
Easy question,the answer is -all women want a man who can provide them necessary life comfort,if it isn't love,then it's money,and its hard to be happy when your stomach is empty,so those people-women-choose the easiest way out-not to fuck with poor men,especially in Russia,where it's becoming a little nervous about the future
So I guess soon there will be a batch of fresh dykes out there on dating sites
It's life kid
Why dont you just apply for immigration and see which countries take you in?
read the best answer to this:
become a nurse
there is a long-term shortage of nurses in a lot of countries
But Russia makes like a shitton of planes to export them. It's the second biggest military exporter after USA. What are you talking about? What makes you think you'll find a job in USA if you can't find it in Russia?
I am a midclass employed engineer,I have a job.for now.but for how long till our president says fuck it eat grass and work for free?
I don't want this cold war era wannabe great country
Everyone knows that all European countries are stagnating next to Russia with no jobs for foreign contractors
Besides if I am to take a shot why not for the best opportunity,?
But seriously, why would a firm in America or Canada hire you? Your English is not that good and you have no local working experience.
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That's what I'm for in adv/
Should I take my chances trying to immigrate or should I leave it
Can't you apply for immigration instead of just job-hunting?
The catch 22 situation is this: most countries will give you a work visa if you can secure a job and most employers require the job applicants to have the permission to work in the country before applying
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yeah well I don't want to be a bum or immigrate just for sake of it
And I don't want to live shittier than I do here
Of course I'm looking for jobs-engineer and such because it's the only thing I know
But as it was said-no one is answering
And I'm guessing now It's because lack of local experience
Idk lol how to get it but I'm guessing I'll be searching and maybe one day some firm decides giving me a work permit for applying via work visa
Guess there are no other chances
I suggested Skilled Migration - move first and then find a job once you are there
You are the one not listening!
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Thread images: 4

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