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S I am in my first semester of college. part of the NROTC program

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S I am in my first semester of college. part of the NROTC program which I like a lot. I do ok in it. I am not doing ok in university. i am definately going to fail and then get dropped by the university. I was extremely good in Highschool and everyone expects me to do amazing. I even have an unofficial sponsor from my parish. I am also depressed, anxiuos and suicidal. how can i live with my self when I literally let everybody down? My dad threatened to beat me up if i fail out, which I am, and he is a record breaking bodybuilder. what can i do now? can i run away and and try to start over by myself?
have you ever considered just enlisting in the navy? You could always go in for 4 years then when you're a bit older and wiser use your GI bill to pay for college then go to OCS. Or even stay in and get in an enlisted to officer program.
Why are you failing? Most freshmen classes can be passed with just showing up and doing homework. Also why do you think they would drop you after one semester, normally they will give at least two.

P.S. your dad is a dick
oh also, let me tell you that I dropped out of college and yeah things were very tense at home for quite a while, especially since my parents felt blindsided by it and felt that I had lied to them on top of everything else. But eventually they did get over it. A big thing was showing them that I wasn't just dropping out of school to become a pathetic NEET and got a job not long after leaving school. They weren't the type to kick me out of the house, maybe your parents are different idk, but I would definitely recommend coming up with a plan for how you're going to move forward and tell them about it.

this as well, if your GPA is below a threshold they'll put you on academic probation for a semester and then kick you out if you don't improve. You might get dropped from your NROTC program though.
i am in electrical engineering and my school is very hard. i was doing average until my derpression got worse. then i guess i gave up.
basically i cant see them again. I am planning to ditch my credit card and phone and try to get an apartment somewhere. any iedeas with that? eventually i might go back, or enlist. idk
have you sought out any help for your depression?

its a very serious mental illness

don't be melodramatic please
op here. will be back in an hour or so unless this gets deleted.>>16544538
I am going because my dad will end my life if i go home. He is very strict. I have tried to get help with counseling but i just havent gotten anywhere with it.
then I'd say enlist
EE good choice, look at this in perspective you aren't failing at life you are failing at something harder than most people even try. Go to the school health/medical whatever get help with your illness and get back on track. If they can't help you try your parish.

What is your major? Have you considered dropping down to something easier and/or lower maintenance while you get your shit together? Furthermore, check out your resources - talk to the school and the school therapists - if you explain your case the might be able to work something out.

You seem like you're in trouble, but there are a lot of people who you can go to for help. They won't solve your problems, but this is not an insurmountable obstacle, and these people can point you in the right direction.

Counseling is not easy. You have to be pro-active - schedule an appointment, ask them about their resources. It's going to take work. But if you can handle this it might help you with your anxiety and depression, which will help you with your school, etc. etc. etc.

Ask anybody you know in NROTC for help.

Try to take things one at a time.
Start with getting a grasp on your mental health, then school. If your dad is actually that abusive, distance yourself from him and find ways to establish an independent life.
Thanks for the advice. Its too late to fix my grades so i will be dropped by the college. I just need help on where to go after that. I need a place to stay i cant go back to my parents.

Exploit every resource you have at the school while you still have them, for real. See if you can't approach the college council or whatever they have nowadays for some kind of bullshit appeal.

google your local employment resource center and think about some of your skills, or just get some lame-ass entry level job to make some cash

find some roomates on craigslist

it might not be super amazing but if you can find a (legal) source of income and a place to live you'll at least have some footing to handle the other issues

that said, income and a place to stay aren't easy to get, so you might want to focus your resources on those two areas.

this is a shot in the dark, but try here


they might not be exactly what you're looking for, but they can probably show you where to go next

gotta start somewhere
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