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What do you think you owe your parents?

I don't owe them anything. I told them tonight by the time I'm 30 I will take every single penny they've earned from them for treating me how they did for 20 years.

I will not help them at all and the moment I'm finished college they are dead to me, I will never speak or have anything to do with my family the day I graduate, I'll never ever speak to them after that day.
You're such a bad ass op.
You're a real rebel OP, I admire such antiestablishment fellows such as yourself.
I love my parents and I owe them everything. I owe my life to them. I would love to be able to support them when they are old and I'm an adult. I'd want to give them a comfortable life where they don't have to work anymore. I'd love it if they could live with me. And even though the thought right now is scary, I think I want to give them grand kids some day. That would make them so happy.
Did someone order a side of edge?
I love my mom to bits. She's supported me emotionally for a long time even if she was also a detriment at some points. I know she tries her best and I want to see that the rest of her life is comfortable

I love my dad too but we're obviously not well connected on an emotional level and I can't tell if it's because of how he was raised, because he's on the spectrum or if he's just plain dumb. Either way the only thing he's concerned with right now is the idea of me making a lot of money and that bugs me in a way because you'd think he'd just want me to be happy. Secretly I believe he just wants me to make enough to start sending HIM money when he retires. I'd honestly be happy to make enough money to survive on my own at this point.

eventually i'd like to be able to send them money and do nice things for them but they need to be patient while I figure out basic survival without resorting to shit like the military or moving back home
I come from your average divorced single mother home.

My Father didn't see me very much ages of 3(when they separated) to about 3rd or 4th grade when I moved in with him and his new wife (who was, just like my own Mother, a single Mom out to get his beta bux)

Middle and High School I was literally ping-ponged back and forth between households because neither of my shitty parents wanted me. My Mother gave me no rules and did everything for me, my Father let my Step Mother give me all the rules and blame me for everything while her own son got the treatment I got while living at my Mom's. Everything was always my fault. Then, as the cute little puppy got older and started turning into a man, my own Mother started blaming everything on me, too.

It left me 5'10'', 350lbs, by the age of 17/18. In the mental hospital multiple times for thoughts of suicide. History of mental illness and depression. Years of being on SSRIs and other such head meds.

All fucking bullshit. My real illness was being raised stupid fucking white trash who have/had no idea what they're doing. A year after realizing that there was literally NO. REASON. for me to put my parents up that pedestal of wisdom and intelligence that my genes and society had had me construct for them as a child, and I'm 130lbs lighter, and about 20-50lbs away from escaping to the military.

My hips and knees ache all the time. My legs are shaped: ) (

instead of: I I

My skin is fucking destroyed, I'm a 21 year old virgin with minimal social skills or friends.

And they wonder why I resent them. Or at least they think it's resentment.

In truth, I fucking despise the two women. I just plain old pity my Father.

Can't fucking wait for the day they call me up from this fucking ghetto, when I'm far away in my new life as Uncle Sam's fucboi.

Can't fucking wait for them to ask me for money,
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>side of edge
All of my family members distanced each other for 10 years now. My parents wake up at 5am and come back at 10pm from work 7 days a week because they are poor store owners. I am majoring in a demanded field in college and when I start having my own job, I will have them live like royalty. My parents worked so hard for my brother and I without asking anything in return. They have a lot of debt and are barely able to pay their bills.
I don't legally owe them anything, but I really want to show them my appreciation for working so hard. My parents, especially my day, are pretty old. My dad could be my grandpa, because of his age, but still works hard everyday to keep the family under a roof.

Anon, unless, your family doesn't low you, remember that they are the only people in this planet who have unconditional love for you. Your friends and partners might come and go, but family always stays with you.

Do you have serious problems with them? (Ex. Sexual abuse, stole money from you, etc.)
so my poor poor mommy (oh woe is her, she's so put upon and such a martyr, ohhhhhh the system is so against her and it's never anyone's fault but hers) can get her car fixed (even though she would HAVE THE FUCKING MONEY IF SHE DIDN'T SPEND MOST OF HER PAYCHECK ON BOOZE), or so my Father can pay for something stupid (even though he would HAVE THE FUCKING MONEY IF HE WOULDN'T STOP BETA BUXXING HIS NOW EX-WIFE, MY STEP MOM)

Can't wait for them to ask me for something, so I can tell them no.

Can't wait for them to say, well what about all that shit we did for you?

What? Creating me? I didn't ask for that. Fuck you.


It'll be great.

TL;DR: NO, I THINK MOST CHILDREN OWE THEIR PARENTS JACK SHIT, WE DIDN'T ASK TO BE BORN. Having a child is an obligation of the parent, not the other way around.
You ungrateful little shit.
I don't understand cunts like you. My sister is so rude to my parents and says the same shirt and all they do is provide for her and try the best for her. People like you disgust the fuck out of me.
Stop living your life for them.
Even now, when you've "moved on" and "are successful"- it's all because you WANT to get back at them. Your hopes and desires are still inherently tied to them, and they can still deny you the satisfaction you seek so you're still exposing weakness to them.

You will have truely won when you have moved on. When there are no hard feelings. When you acknowledge that they were shitty patents because, like yourself, they are not perfect. They are humans who have glaring flaws, just like the rest of us.
You need to stop caring about them. Move out if you havn't already, make some friends. Get a hobby. Meet a girl. Find something else to focus your attention on and move on.
From the looks of it, you still care about your parents as much as you always have, you're just expressing it differently.
You should probably see a therapist
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Ima preface this by saying that opening up this festering wound always puts me in a shitty fucking mood, so the rest of my post isn't going to be very logical. While me at my best would probably appreciate your advice (and has tried to implement part of it), me at my worst isn't past the anger phase and is just fucking pissed at my lot in life, also the part where I've still yet to get laid.

That being said..

>Even now, when you've "moved on" and "are successful"

I ain't shit. I'm a fucking loser who works at Home Depot pushing carts, and who diets/lifts while he's not doing that so I can finally qualify for welfare via Uncle Sam.

>move out
With my whopping $9?

>make friends
Fucking where? From the High School I didn't go to, just did correspondences classes for? From my work where out of the 5 people there who are near my age, one is a literaly autist and the other 4 are women?

>get a hobby
Lifting, shitposting, vidyer games, smoking weed

>Meet a girl
Fucking how? Through my zero friends? Use my amazing fucking social skills to find one on Tinder? Yeah man girls are gonna be REAL FUCKIN WET when they see my years-old hand me downs that I've had since 5th grade, or they learn that I have that super prestigious home depot cart pushing job, or that I chose squatting in my Mom's unheated, windowless, detached garage in the middle of Chicago winter because I hate her that fucking much that the chance of fucking freezing to death in my sleep is a preferable alternative to being in the same building as her

>probably see a therapist
So they can tell me I'm crazy and that all my problems are 100% my fault, like the ones my parents sent me to did?

damn, dude. I hope you find a way.
Doubt it. I'm probably fucked for life.
My father basically dropped off when I was 4, and didnt really get involved in my life until I was 14 or so and when he did it was mainly through work. By his own admission, he didn't know how to deal with me until we could speak on more equal terms. It was tough, but I think our relations are decent nowadays if a bit awkward.

My mothers has a couple of glaring flaws. She gets stressed out too easily, and basically breaks down when she hits her limit. Past that, shes been a good mother.

I can't entirely really blame them for the flaws they do have either. They both came from abusive families, my mother more so. I intend to help take care of them when they need it, and their invested properties should fund that and then some anyways.

I don't owe my parents anything but I'm extremely grateful of being born to them and them being as great as they have been. Note the difference. I will return the favor when the time comes, but not because they are somehow entitled to it but because I feel that they deserve it.
You told your parents that "as soon as you're done with college" they're dead to you, while you're still depending on them to pay for college?

I don't know exactly what it is that they did to you. For all I know, maybe they actually deserve for you to treat them this way; that happens sometimes. But whether or not they deserve this, you picked a very, VERY bad time to swear your cringeworthy oath of vengeance. Even if they do deserve this -ESPECIALLY if they deserve it, in fact- what makes you think they'll continue to support your studies?

I'll hold off on judging your situation, but geez, man; epic tactical fail.
I'm not sure how you will get money out of them.
I didn't ask to be born admittedly, but my parents did a pretty good job of raising me, if they needed help and I could spare the time/money/support I would, I would for most of my friends and family.

You just sound edgy OP, did your parents tell you to get a job and that they won't buy you any more anime?
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Thread images: 3

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