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Anyone have s y tips for men's skin care/acne? Quick, simple

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Anyone have s y tips for men's skin care/acne? Quick, simple things that can help your skin? Have something adorable for your help.
Put banana peels on your face. I'm not kidding, look it up. Fast and effective method.
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pay a little more attention to your skin throughout the day. just like if you wanted whiter teeth, you would try and brush your teeth after every meal rather than just twice a day.

wash face thoroughly once in the morning, once before bed and any time throughout the day after sweating, or feel like your face is getting a bit oily.

i've tried the ol' toothpaste on pimple trick when I felt like one was coming on. sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, and really irritates the skin.

don't necessarily recommend it, but try it at least once to see how it goes.

and then there's the usual "buy some products" but I'm assuming you're on a budget.
I've no issues for buying anythin, have a budget of about 50 bucks. I am looking t spend as little as possible, but if there are some good products I will buy them. Any suggestions?

i started off with antibiotics to calm everything down, and used prescription only cleanser, but all of that is way too expensive, even with insurance.

Honestly, I know Proactiv is about $20. I would start off with that, along with everything else I told you.

After you're done with it, if it doesn't seem like your face is clearing up or maybe even looks like it's getting worse, I recommend seeing a dermatologist.
Wash your pillow cases often.

also this.
Kinda hijacking the thread here, but I might as well bump it with something related. Pretty fucked up acne here and about to start using Roaccutane. Any tips or recommendations on what I should and should not do while on it?

water based moisturizer for your face, accutane shuts down oil glands so your skin will become very dry and need a different source of hydration.
proactive is shit. accutane is shit. if you're dead set on a medication, get retin-a. invest in a bha and aha. you can learn about it by searching the cgl archives on warosu.org

don't use st ives apricot scrub. avoid benzoyl peroxide too, you'll start to rely on it. your skin may grow thicker over acne if discontinued, causing closed comedones which are a bitch to remove.

keep your face moist. use cetaphil or something like that.
here's a list of oils to avoid putting near your face:

also if you wash your face too frequently with hot water you'll be stripping it of its oils and as a result, produce more oil to compensate.

sleep over a fresh towel each night
Sup Anon. Same here. I'm nearing the end of my first month. You'll break out and look worse than you ever did in your life, then it gets better. Your skin will flake off your face in chunks. Your face may heal slower so be very gentle with it. Popping pimples can have serious consequences. A hot shower is your best bet for clearing up an ugly pimple face. If you MUST pop them use one of those pimple tools or a clean needle after a hot shower, don't pinch your face.

Avoid all supplements with vitamin A. Watch out for juices and energy drinks where they inject shitloads of it, read their ingredient labels. Accutane is a super dose of vitamin A and any extra could cause you to overdose on it.

Drink a shitton of water. I crave at least a gallon a day now. Anything less and I feel horrible. Water is your best friend.

Alcohol. Try not to drink any if possible. Vitamin A takes a toll on your liver and so does alcohol. If you must drink try not to drink any more than two. And drink lots and lots of water to go with your alcohol. Also, your tolerance will probably plummet.

I'm taking supplements to counteract some of the side effects. It's worked great so far and I haven't noticed anything bad beyond dry skin:
Take fish oil pills with your Accutane pill. The fatty oils will help your body absorb it and it'll help joint pain.
Vitamin E for your skin
Milk thistle for a healthier liver
Vitamin D 5k-10k per day (most people need this anyway, but you'll need it even more because you'll be indoors more often)
Calcium for bones

Cetaphil gentle cleanser to wash your face. Shit feels silky smooth. Don't wash more than twice per day.
Centaphil moisturizer. Feels great and has sunscreen.
Aquaphor Lip Repair. THE best stuff for chapped lips. Your lips will bleed if you don't take care of them. This is the only thing I've found that works for me and it lasts pretty long. Carry this on you at all times.

Change your pillowcase often, it'll get covered in flaky skin.
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you are never going to find somethign quick and simple as a 1 week solution but this is the fastest and most effective ive had

>salicylic face wash in the shower
>trenotin in the mornings
>erythromicin at night
>aveeno naturals moisturizer with spf after shower/as needed

salicylic acid gets all the grease off your face when washing.

trenotin peels the skin, getting rid of acne REALLY fast

erythromicin is anti biotics, which kills the bacteria that causes acne which helps kill existing and stop soon to exist acne.

moisturizer stops your face from over producing more oil, and stops your face ffrom getting dry during these treatments.

pic related is me and it does a good job of keeping my face clean. but now im trying accutane cuz i dont want to cake my face in this for life and id rather not worry about a bad break out if i miss one day of proper skin care.
I've been using retin-a, got a few tubes w/o a prescription while I was in india. Wonderful stuff, but your skin burns for the first few weeks.
Nice anon, thanks for sharing.

Pop 'em. Use alcohol and hydrogen peroxyde with cotton balls to minimize scarring afterward.
Clean your pillowcase. It accumulates face bacteria and having your face in contact with that shit 8 hours a day won't do you any favours.
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