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>dropped out of college a year ago >couldn't handle

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>dropped out of college a year ago
>couldn't handle social anxiety
>have been lying to my parents about it
>pretending to go to classes, etc.
>all while still living with them
>they're about to find out about it
>any minute now
>just sit here frozen in panic

What should I do?
Stop pretending you have all these problems, move out of your parents house, and apply for college.

Be an adult.
holy fuck, you did this a year ago and now the effects have come back to bite you?

why didn't you talk to them about this? i was supposed to graduate earlier this year but completely fucked up but i told my mom about it and she confided in me. i vowed to continue until i graduate.

what is your plan and what are you going to do?
What? I'm dead serious about this.
I tried telling them but they don't listen, ever. "You have social anxiety? Just force yourself not to have it!" This is what they've told me. They didn't want to hear anything about it. So I kept silent and still dropped out.

I don't know. I don't have any plans. I have no friends to stay at. I'm doomed.
If your social anxiety is that bad you should have been seeing a councelor/therapist on your own time

Yes they're going to be pissed at you, and they may force you to find your own place or something along those lines, but you need to approach this as someone trying to fix problems instead of create them.
Play the "mentally ill" card. Always work. Maybe ur so lucky it`s even true considering your situation some might say you actually are mentally ill..

Just a thought...
You're the only person who seems to be mentally ill in this thread.............
That's what I'm trying to do, solve the problem. But I'm too scared to face the shitstorm.
Yes, thats how I know this guy should seek help.
Well your problem is that you feel trapped in a scenario that causes you extreme discomfort by your family's expectations.

So you either break the entrapment (tell your family what's going on and if need be, distance yourself from them), you resolve your discomfort (deal with your social anxiety issue) or alter your family's expectations (demonstrate to them either the validity of an alternative course of action, or demonstrate the invalidity of your current course).

At least one of these (hint: therapy) you should have already been doing.

My one big question is - have your family been blowing huge amounts of money on you for this?
I don't think that will be useful. The truth is, I have to get out of here somehow. But I'm too concerned of their reaction.
So you tried explaining your issues to your parents, they blew you off, and you decide to silently drop out of college in response to that? Did you diagnose yourself with social anxiety or do you just hate being around people?

I can't even really back you up on this shit, get a job if you don't have one already and move out so your parents don't have to deal with whatever the fuck it is you're doing. I want to slap the piss out of frogposters, couldn't explain this if you paid me
I seriously hope OP's parents weren't paying his tuition

if he did that to me you better believe I'd give him a sound thrashing. No escape, motherfucker
No they haven't blown money on me, it was free. That doesn't minimize their potential distress though.
>it was free
Why did you drop out you stupid faggot? That's two semesters, free money, and possibly your free room and board down the drain once you tell them

Whatever their reaction is, you deserved it and it's all your fault.
>OP tells his parents he flushed his education down the toilet
It's here in EU and it's subsidized. You don't get free money and you have to pay for your own room.
I already mentioned why, panic attacks in social situations making me unable to interact with people. Now I'm slightly over it, but the deed is done.
>panic attacks in social situations making me unable to interact with people
that's a shame, I'd hug you if I saw you

you told your folks yet?
I can't bring myself to tell. I just can't handle it. I know it's irrational but there's no way I will do that. I need to find an alternative.
but it's been a year buddy, how do you know that they don't know already? what is your alternative to confessing? are you just going to prolong this until it's huge? If this is how you're going deal with your problems what does imply about your future prospects?

I have premonitions that you're withholding important information.
I live with them so that's how I know. They would've freaked out a while ago. The alternative is there's a 50% chance they won't actually find out yet. But that's still shitty enough to make me panic. I prolonged it because of this panic disorder, meaning I literally shut down before getting myself to do it.
I'm not withholding information.
Seek professional help. We are not qualified to diagnose, but is clear that you need it.

Your parents are not telling you to force yourself not to have social anxiety. They are telling you to fight through it. There is a difference. More to the point, this is the cure. You may need help in implementing it, and a therapist can help you with that, but it will still end at this same spot: if you do not want to have social anxiety, you have to face it head-on.

That doesn't mean you have to flood yourself. No one ever got cured of arachnophobia by dumping a bucket of spiders on his head. You can take it in small doses, and at first, you probably should: again, a therapist can help you with this. But you still have to fight. There are no passive solutions: if you just wait for it to go away, it never will.

This is frightening. I understand. But it is the only way out. If you do not fight it, even though you are scared, then you will never beat it. Be brave.
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 1

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