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I've stopped eating. This worked fine for four days, but now everyone around me is trying to almost literally shove stuff down my throat. I'm way to weak-willed to actually say no. Am I an asshole if I stealthily dispose of it..?

Just tell them you are a faggot and you get your nutrients from cum.
Why have you stopped eating?
Because I'm a fat sow. I despise myself too much to bother working out and just want to deflate. I'm not used to anyone even paying attention to me, and now people are trying to fucking NURSE me. I don't have to heart to tell them to buzz off.. wat do?

1. Eat salads.
2. Go for walks.
3. Stop being melodramatic.

Though yea, I imagine being a fat woman sucks.
I'm not bullshitting, though. There's a fucking toast sitting on my desk right now, and soon I'll probably be questioned about it. HOW DO I DISCARD IT
Eat it
Excuse yourself to the restrooms
Use your pointer and middle finger to induce vomiting
I thought that was a myth. Does it really work? O.O
How far do I have to stick them down?

You can't just stop eating. Tell your family that you are striving to get down to a healthy weight.

I lost 20lbs in 4 months by following the next two paragraphs:

Try keeping a food journal and measuring your portions, for a start. I've read that people who keep a food journal start eating 1/3 less food within a month if they stick to it. Exercise as much as you can stand - start with half hour walks. It helps immensely to find a) a pretty route and b) a podcast you can get into. Sometimes I extended my walks just to get to the end of the podcast before having to go back to my noisy house.

Learn to identify when you are truly hungry. Don't eat until your stomach growls. Look up what portions should be. Try to do a plate of half greens/colourful vegetables, 1/4 protein, and 1/4 starch. No seconds, no dessert. Eat like a queen at breakfast, a princess at lunch, and a peasant at dinner. Work out in the morning if it can be helped - if not, just as early in the day as possible.

I didn't do this, but work out properly. Lifting weights>cardio. Do upper body one day and lower body the next to keep the habit up without exhausting yourself too much. Eating less is the main thing, but exercise will speed up the process, make you sexy, and give you more energy in the long run. Studies have also shown that people who exercise regularly begin to break bad habits and replace them with good ones.

When you crave food - especially unhealthy food - figure out why. Are you an emotional eater? Work through it. Google "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy". Basically you write down your thoughts and read it over to figure out why you do what you do. If it's a matter of getting up from your desk to move around and winding up at the fridge, find another thing to do. Maybe just get a drink of water instead, or get up and talk to someone if you can or play with a pet if you have one. You get the idea.
You have to eat something. Just stopping eating will indeed cause you to lose weight, but only in ways that are extremely dangerous. Going vegetarian would be a lot safer; somewhat slower, yes, but without the risks of permanent organ damage and crap. So if you're determined to do this through self-deprivation, I won't stop you, but I would suggest that depriving yourself only of meat, rather than of all food, is probably a safer way to go.

>I'm not used to anyone even paying attention to me, and now people are trying to fucking NURSE me.
It was not good of them to ignore you, but it sounds like they care more than you thought they did. Talk with them about your needs (and what you DON'T need), but be willing to accept a certain degree of care. It will do you, and them, a lot of good.

And one last question: please don't think me rude, but if you don't mind my asking, how much do you actually weigh?
I kinda panicked when I made this thread, should have given more info. Sorry about that.
I'm not planning on starving to death or anything. I'm thinking of having a light, mixed salad on Wednesdays.
I've managed to beat down any urges without problems on willpower alone so far, but I don't know how long I can keep that up if this pressure continues..

It's not my family, though. It's my coworkers. Which makes it way~ weirder.
And thanks for the guide, but at that rate, it'd take me like half a decade to get even close to acceptable and I just can't live that long like this.
I've usually had an okay diet, but when I get sad or stressed out I binge on chocolate.

I'm less interested in being outright sexy than I am in just being able to fit into clothes and go outside without feeling disgust from all directions.

It's an anonymous imageboard; What's even rude here? lel
I weigh a flopping 113kg, and I want to rush it down to at least 90 before I even consider eating daily again. I'm already planning on eating vegetarian when I do eat, but I need change and I need it quickly before I get depressed and apathetic again, so for now I don't see any other option than declaring war on my ham. A week isn't long enough to cause permanent damage, right? :<
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Listen, you want to lose weight quickly, right?

I'm sorry but skipping meals won't work.

Even if you eat half a potato your body will go insane since you were starving 4 days before, and it will make it more prone to save fats, that's right, you'll regain the lost weight OR gain some more.
So then you have 2 options
>Starve yourself to death
>Do a healthy diet

Doing a healthy diet isn't hard, don't eat a lot, it a portion as big as a fist (that's not a lot!) and try to eat greens mostly and chicken.

Go jog, jog everyday, 20 minutes, if you have energy do some more, if you want to do more hit the gym every other day.

And like the other anon said, if you feel your stomach rumbling, take it as a warning. If you ate not so long ago, drink lots of water. If it's at night, give yourself a treat and eat one toast or a lil bit of cereal or more salad.

The thing is if you eat correctly, stop eating candy and drinking soda, and do some sport you are gonna get it done way faster than if you stop eating cold turkey.

If you are ashamed of your body and don't want to jog try some youtube vids for training at home, those work.
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More tips for you.

>I've usually had an okay diet, but when I get sad or stressed out I binge on chocolate.

The problem isn't your daily food, it's the candy.

Tips so you don't eat junk food.
>Keep your debit and credit cards at home, only go with the necessary money to work and withdraw that money from the bank WEEKLY. (say, if you can survive with 10 a month withdraw 12).
That way if you feel the urge to buy candy, chocolate, you name it, you will have to consider doing the task of retrieving your card or withdrawing more money of your account, by that time you'll remind yourself of your diet.

>I want to lose a lot of weight before eating daily
WRONG WRONG WRONG, the quickest way is eating daily, but it wisely, you like corn? grab that shit, grab some carrots, put some jummy lemon juice in there and lettuce, maybe some tuna, delicious!
Tired of tuna? Try some hard boiled eggs.
Tired of eggs? Eat some bit of chicken! Salad and chiken is good.

Rotate that for a whole week and you have a diet

>Eating whatever is bad
No it's not, surprise, you can have a healthy diet AND have cheat days, it will, however, make the process slower and depending on your mood might not be a good idea, but if you like pasta, eat pasta on the cheat day ONLY if you made your workouts and respected your diet.

Drink lots of tea.

And also, if you are gonna eat chocolate, buy bitter chocolate, you'll hate it, then love it, then respect it. And it'll last you a long time, trust me
If you stop eating, your metabolism will go down, making it harder to lose weight. Also, your brain needs glucose to function at full capacity, so starving yourself will turn you into a zombie retard.

What you need is proper diet and exercise. Go read the /fit/ sticky.
have you tried smoking crack?
shit will make you thin real quick
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