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How do you know when you need therapy? I can't tell if

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How do you know when you need therapy?
I can't tell if I'm just your average everyday fuckup or if I have a problem.
I often feel like two different people
There is one person who is very disciplined, ranging from painfully angry at myself to extremely happy (if I am productive), who probably enjoys things when they are there but may sometimes be too productive to have fun
There is another person who is very undsicplined,
who is impulsive, hateful, VERY hedonistic, just wants to lay in bed, jack off all day. Sometimes happy but its usually short lived. Sometimes depressed. Too thoughtful which leads into questions of the universe which makes me depressed.
I just hate this. I don't know if this is normal? Its been going on for at least six months. I think it started happening when I had to take an art class that made the students take a questionaire to ask themselves who they are in order to find a style.
Does maybe the first personality burn out and turn into the second one? Also I'm not sure if they are this clearly defiend or delve into other personality types, or if they share some characteristics.
Sometimes they are so different that I can be a completely religious person one day and the next I will think "I am silly for thinking there is a God" and am basically an atheist

A little insight on the discpoine thing: I don't think I was very discplined as a kid. I was spanked sometimes but my parents also never expected anything higher than a C out of me in school and were never good at carrying out punishments or even applying them
This is out of the realm of 4chan 3rd rate advice, you need to see a professional to do an evaluation.
do you actually feel as if your two different people, or are there just different sides to your personality?
it is your minds struggle to find who you are... after the questionnaire id say subconsciously you have begun to question who it is yo really are, and as a result you see the the most predominant aspects of yourself manifest as what you might see as different personality. bring yourself to the center of your two selves and you will know where to go from there
I don't think there are two different people I just think that I have hardcore mood swings/two strong different sides to my personality. Sometimes they are so strong that like I said I have completley different views about certain people and my philosiphies on live. It is honeslty painful, I hate not being able to agree. Sometiems I will be one way one day (like I will be very outgoing) and the next I will hate myself for my actions or think that I am very stupid for the things I did.
That sounds like a wonderful answer but how do I do that?
unfortunately there is no secret to getting to your center. basically you have to become friends with yourself. you have to get to know without all the clutter that modern stereotypes and technology and job and other stresses and materials in your life who you are and what you want from life. its a personal journey, no one else can get you there they can help you and keep pushing but it is your mind and your emotions and no one else can understand them like you.
meditation is always a good way to bring yourself back down to earth
everyone experiences something like that to an extent, but if it's really extreme then you might want to see a doctor. Maybe it's bipolar or something - I don't really know and i don't want to try and diagnose it.
that sounds like the exact flowery kind of bullshit that I love to hear. I think you're right but I'm afraid that if I do that I'll be doing it forever.
Maybe I just need to develop self dsicipline. I dont' know. I don't know what makes me happy anymore.
meditation is all i can say once you can clear your mind, you will understand how to stop judging yourself, once you stop judging and just let the emotions flow, you will realize where you happiness comes from
i've battled with myself in the past only to realize if i beat myself up, if i put myself down then how can i expect a happy life
When you say mediation, do you mean it in the traditional sense of taking fifteen minutes a day to only focus on the rise and fall of your stomach, or the taking in and out of breath?
Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it
A therapist would be good for you. They're not there to make you feel better, though that tends to happen when you see a good one. They're there to explain to you what's going on with you. Give you clarity on your problems.
I think everyone can benefit from therapy. you don't need to be a certain level of fucked up. just be upfront about you think the issue is and they should be able to guide you from there. if nothing else you can get some interesting insights about your thoughts and behaviours. good luck!
Do you think that they would reject me if I'm like, not fucked up enough? Or just get irritated I'm wasting their time? I'm afraid I'm just undisciplined and that I need to grow and there's not actually anything wrong with me
meditation is different for everyone, and unfortunately most people these days have a very distorted very of it, and even less understanding. in reality meditation is anything that clears your mind and thought process and allows your body to relax, now that could be a hobby, could be as you said focusing on your breathing could be anything. in this situation try focusing on your breathing, but don't block out mental images, just don't judge them don't feel any emotion or anything for the images you mind brings forth just let them pass by if nothing comes up, just watch the black without judgment.
when you focus on your breathing don't worry about your stomach, just focus on breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. i'd recommend doing it daily don't start of trying to do 15 mins if your not good at staying still for too long, i know a big problem alot of people have is having a time limit set in mind, and get frustrated coz they just can sit it out that long, just do it untill you feel youve had enough just keep trying to increase the time you do it for
You actually have only one problem. You, my dear anon, are a little bitch desperate for drama and attention in some attempt to give meaning to your life. You do not in fact, need a psychiatrist, all you need is to whip your bitch ass into shape and get on with your life.
Thanks man, I think this will help a lot. I think that makes sense.
k but how
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