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Hey /adv/, as I'm studying for finals, and I literally can't

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Hey /adv/, as I'm studying for finals, and I literally can't keep myself away from Facebook. I looked into it a bit more, found out according to psychologist studying Facebook addiction, that I am, in fact, pretty severely addicted. It's been seriously effecting my ability to study and I'm wondering if you all have any advice to keep myself away.

I deleted the app months ago to keep myself from getting a notification and getting pulled in or having it at easy access on my home screen, I've tried deactivating which helps for a short amount of time, but I always end up reactiving in a few hours. With finals requiring a lot of focus, I need to set it aside for a few days, not hours. Any advice on how I can do that? Advice on long term help would also be appreciated though short term is most needed for right now.
Try thinking about how toxic it really is. Everyone uses Facebook to try and justify some irrelevant moment in time. They justify it by taking away your free time.
Block Facebook in your Browser until finals are over
FB is shit. It's a dick waving contest. Feed my ego.
sign in to facebook
remove any personal info, replace it with info for some other dude
start a thread in /b/, "my best friend fucked me over, what can I do to his facebook to get him back?!"
post the log in information for your facebook account

best case: they steal the entire account, you can't go back

worst case: they post incredibly insensitive shit, negative social response forces you off facebook for months/years, you try to explain the concept of 4chan to get the heat off you, fail to realize that that'll only make it worse, lose all your friends
How about 30 minutes of study,5 minutes of break and then back to 30 minutes of study?

You get your Facebook fix but you control yourself via timer. If you break the time then you do 10 sit-ups.

You just need to frame your mind about long term success versus short term.
Blacklist it on your router, and change the router's admin password to something obscure that you won't remember. If you really want to improve your life though, you should blacklist 4Chan and block gaming services as well. Then use the massive amount of free time you suddenly have to introduce yourself to all of those college girls who's boyfriends are busy neglecting them for Call of Duty.

You're welcome.
Yeah, I realize this. Just hasn't really sunk in I guess? I was able to set it aside for like 2 weeks when I was trying to avoid some spoilers. I know I'm capable of it, but it seems I can only do it when more is on the line than normal. My finals aren't until later this week and as it gets closer I could probably rally myself to set it aside, but I need more Facebook free time than just 2 days before the test.

I'll try to focus on how it's negatively effecting my life and ego though. I'm typically excellent about keeping a leash on my desires, but Facebook seems to be a bigger beast to handle.
I (sorta) tried that earlier, but when I got to the short amount of Facebook time, I ended up staying on for much longer than I originally allowed myself. I'll. Try using a timer though, something to stop me from getting pulled in.
Ehh, and this is where I run into a bit of a roadblock. I've thought about doing something similar, but I have had the same account since 2008 and I sorta see it as a digital scrapbook of my life. Like there are pictures on Facebook that I have lost my copies of and Facebook is the only place I have them stored now.

If I were to try and save it all, I'd be wasting more time on that when I need to be studying, though it's definitely something to think about for the future.

Some time ago, there was an option buried in settings to save the entire profile. Might be worth a look.
I'm at school currently so not much help. And 4chan and gaming isn't really an issue. I'd like to think i have a lot of self control over things that tend to be addicting or distract me (I was able to quit smoking cigs cold turkey from a pack a day and weed when I was smoking 4-5 times a day) however Facebook has been more difficult than both of those for me.
Hmmm, I'll look into that. Then are you suggesting I keep my current profile safe on an external hard drive or somethin and let people fuck with my current to drive me off? Or what?

Basically. The ideal thing for you would be to realize that humans are absolutely worthless. Facebook is a really prime example of it. But ideally you'd have started learning that essentially the exact same instant that you started using facebook. You've managed to avoid it for so long that you've instead developed a crippling addiction. I suspect that you won't be able to successfully learn this lesson in time to save your finals.

Instead, I'm proposing that you light it up, let /b/ torch that shit and destroy your entire social life, which will stop the problem right now and maybe also teach you the error of your ways for the future.

Another alternative might be to start keeping track of your use of time. Just go about your whole life as usual, but keep track of the time you spend on things. In this situation, you'll continue to fail to study for your finals, and we predict that the result will be crushing defeat. The change is that in this scenario you'll be able to look back afterwards. When it's all over and you're wallowing on the ground in shame, you'll be able to look back to the couple of weeks leading up to the end, and see where things went wrong. You'll see how much of your time was wasted on facebook, and how many opportunities you had to not suck that were removed from your life by that horrible website. If there's a quantity of shame sufficient to break you of the habit, this is it. But it does come at a cost.

Either way, it's up to you.
Alright, figured out my short term solution from a friend.

I'll give my login info to a trusted friend and tel them to change the password and not to give me the new one until my finals are over. I'll have to work on a better long term way to cut back, but I can deal with that after I pass my finals.

Yeah, I'm a bio-chemistry major, I understand that the general population are blithering idiots who don't know how to think for themselves or try to understand the underlying forces that make things how they are. But complete rejection of every flaw and annoying part of "normal" american culture leaves you isolated and so radically different from most (which is how I feel most ended up on 4chan) that it's near impossible to find a qt3.14 to eventually have kids with. I gotta balance it, but I let the normie culture pull me in too much and gotta fix it.

Thanks for the help all, much appreciated.
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