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At what point is it okay to use the exact phrase "go out

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At what point is it okay to use the exact phrase "go out on a date?"

I've been talking to this girl over facebook for a little while. Met her very briefly. Should I ask her out?

Be prepared for rejection tho.
when you have enough information about her that seems youre both compatible with each other
You can ask her whenever you want but it's better to do it in person.
Don't use that phrase, just ask her out in a casual way, dude. If she's not ready or into you, it would feel like you're pressuring her, she would either decline your offer, or straight up ignore you. Just plan something cool and ask her if she's willing to go with you. If she's not interested, oh well her loss. you just move on after that. If she's interested, heyy you got yourself a date, without making it sound so official. Be cool and keep things casual m8. Wish you luck.

Not OP, but is it that much better and if so why?

I mean, I'm the type of person who'd lose their spaghetti asking that in person (not as much on the actual date, though).
Bro, it's so you can see her reaction. Plus it makes a girl respect you more, because it makes you look confident. Also, you can pick up hints much better, like for example lip biting, playing with her hair etc.

It shows that you have more confidence instead of taking the easy way out over text.
Whenever you want some company. You're just inviting her to go have fun with you. If she doesn't want to have fun then it's her loss.

Personally I don't use that exact phrasing because I'm anything but subtle long before that point. That's not some kind of required tactic, though. Do whatever you want. Here's the thing to consider: it's not like she's going to become interested or uninterested in you based on when you use the d-word. That would be ludicrous.
>see her reaction
Good point, actually.

The confidence thing is kinda obvious, but if she's not willing to go out with you because you asked her over text instead of in person, did you really ever have that much of a chance?
Bro you know why asking out on a phone is considered weak in a girls eyes. It's because it has been done a thousand times before. Do you think you're the first one to ask her out over text? The text game has been overplayed. So never ask a girl out over text. Always ask her out in person. it's so you can show your confidence, and show your personality, there's so much you can say or do over text. yet in person, you're able to do more, you can pick up on hints much easier, you can boost your confidence as you see fit, you can make her smile more, and actually see her reaction and guess what, she can't ignore you in person, she has to give you an answer.
In my case I'm talking about a girl who has shown obvious interest.

Would that be much different, regardless of the obvious advantage of the confidence thingy?
Bro, interest isn't the same as liking someone, first thing you need to find out is, if she actually likes you. The easiest way of finding out is by asking her out on a date, but there's actually more ways, but it depends on your situation, for example:

1. Do you see her often, if so does she join in on your conversations?
2. Does she laugh at your jokes, even if they are not that funny?
3. Does she make eye contact, and if so does she maintain it?
4. If she's with her friends, does she always look at you?
5. Look for subtle hints like, lip biting, playing with her hair, and stuff.
6. Do you see her around you often?

now, confidence, can work in your advantage, if you know how, to apply it. Like are you able to make casual jokes, without coming off as boring, are you able to maintain conversations, are you able to touch her without coming off as creepy, is she able to touch you?

take these things into consideration and try to make a mental list, of the things you're able to do, and act accordingly.
advance one step at a time, if you need to.

for the more obvious stuff:

To boost ones confidence, he has to do these very important things,

1. He has to have a few interests, hobby's if you will, he does in his spare time.
2. He has to have good hygiene.
- Clean clothes, clean teeth, nicely shaved, good cologne etc.
3. He needs to have a few good friends, and he has to have good social skills.
4. He has to have money, you don't have to be rich, but you have to be able to do the things you like.

Just takes these things into consideration, when you approach her, and if you're interesting enough, she surely will want to go out with you. Rest is up to you.
>About twice a week. Yes.
>Yes but I'm not good at eye contact myself.
>It happens. Usually sits next to me, too.
>Haven't checked if I'm honest.

I'm talking obvious interest, but you're right that that doesn't mean she likes me.

Should add one more

And that I know her from class.
Time to find out, go get her tiger, Wish you all the luck of the world!!
Is it wrong that I'm planning dates with other girls on Tinder and the like (I am dead serious)? If anything, it'll get me practice, but it somehow doesn't feel right.
Do whatever you feel like doing, but don't expect anything serious out of those girls from tinder and apps alike. it's better if you practice in real life.
Idk man, I'm totally new to dating in general, but the last few weeks things have gotten so much easier for some reason. It's like something changed in my brain, but it's not gone all the way yet, you know?
You're developing in the dating scene, don't worry it will only get better. ;)
Well it can't get that much worse anyway. Thanks for the sound insight anon. :)
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