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Fancy my sister

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Hi guys, I need some advice on what to do.

My sister and I have always had a close relationship, but I've recently moved to university and my thoughts towards her have become more sexual.

Earlier this year I broke up with my first time girlfriend because she took too much time away from me and my sister,so I'm serious.

I'm not messing you around, I need some advice on what to do, since every time she visits or vice versa I'm finding it hard to control my urges.

Only serious responses please.
swear i recognise her from somewhere
Does it seem like your sister feels the same way?
I'm inclined to say yes because of the amount of time she spends with me and the amount of times she messages me.

On the other hand, I might just be kidding myself.
Hi OP,
Have you considered that your sexual urges towards your sister is just a fucked up way for you to say you miss her and hope that you were closer; which escalated into this incest fantasy when you moved? Perhaps you do not wish to have sex with her, but would just in general like to spend more time with her?

I would suggest you actively try to spend more time with her in hope that it will pass or distance yourself further from her to make sure that you do not fuck up your relationship as siblings and learn to live life without your sister. After all, she will during some time find some lovely man, have kids and you'll be pretty much out of the picture.
Distancing yourself will be very difficult, but it's honestly the best option. Your sister may be hurt, but it's better for the both of you.
Yeah I thought that originally, but the closer I get to her now the stronger my feelings get.
Just thinking about her having a man for herself is making me feel jealous

I tried distancing myself last week by not talking to her as much, but the fantasies are still the same.
Should I keep trying to distance myself from her? Because it doesn't feel like it's working.
You're kidding yourself. My one brother and I are very close and we text and snapchat each other often, and it doesn't mean I have feelings for him.

Control yourself and distance yourself. My other brother attempted this shit with me. Honestly, it fucked me up and caused my family to basically be destroyed.
Not OP but what do you mean 'attempted'? Like just admitted his feelings?
Just fuck the bitch and move on.
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Not even stuff like this?

Sorry to hear that btw, it puts things into perspective.
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jk, jk

Tbh I'm not even much of a porn watcher, and I don't have a fetish for incest porn or anything like that.
It's just my sister that i have these strong feelings for.
Probably not helping dude
Even stuff like that. The brother I am close with I felt sad the day he told me he was moving out. I told him "nah you're not".

Sent me multiple texts admitting he's being wanting to fuck me. Plus more texts that if I didn't answer him soon he would just come to my room. Dipped out of the house real quick.
Jeez how can you even talk to him now?
Honestly, I don't really talk to him. I don't even consider him a brother anymore. The most we will talk is asking to pass the salt when we are forced to sit at the same table for thanksgiving.

It's been years so a lot of the anger is gone, but I'll never forgive him.
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