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You don't need to read all this. I just wanted to vent.

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You don't need to read all this. I just wanted to vent. Thanks /adv/.

Man I woke up and was a little sad. After getting laid off in October, I decided to take care of some medical things first and then get back into the workforce. Decided to stick with retail since it's not out of my league. You know just to have a job. But it made me kinda sad remembering that retail typically doesn't pay too well.

The place where I genuinely want to work has not given me any contact back. It's a close-knit Germanic line of stores called Aldi. What's weird about them is there isn't actually a phone number I can call to inquire about my application status. I've tried. They are extremely different. Hell, the application was even paper, not online.

The other places I could get into are Giant, Target, and Walmart. But then I realized Target might have some sort of despicable rewards program that I'd be required to pitch. Fuck rewards programs that no one really cares about. And then I remembered I had tried to get into 3 Giants, got as far as an interview for one, was never contacted again. Probably at the time because I had no prior work experience. And I really don't WANT to work at Walmart because I know I'll be miserable. But I know for a fact they're always hiring.

Might have disgusting rewards program I'm required to sales pitch to each customer
Aren't I bothering them enough? Or should I keep trying to get in? I do genuinely want to work there.
Shithole that will probably fuel my depression even more but at least they're always hiring
I VERY MUCH WANT TO WORK HERE but the suspense is killing me. I should've stapled my resume to my paper application before handing it to the man.

But if I could choose a job, I just want a place where I get along with everyone, something sedentary (or otherwise allowed to sit for 5 minutes when my arthritis kicks in). Someplace where I'd be respected.
If you actually read all this, holy shit you are a saint
If they had a paper resume a follow up visit isn't a bad idea. They seem a bit old fashion. How long ago did you apply? If its been a few days, go ask if they had a chance to look over your resume. Retail sucks ass, I'd hate having to go back, good luck.
Yes very old fashioned. I handed in my application, in person, on Thursday the 3rd. It hasn't been terribly long. The man said I should expect a call by Tuesday the 8th. It's now the 6th. I have a feeling "going in for a follow up" means going to the location I went last time and asking to speak to the manager. Tomorrow might be a good day for that.... It won't hurt, right? Because there isn't actually a phone number I can call.

Retail sucks ass yeah, sorry for all the poor souls working it. I don't exactly want to go back, but I'm going crazy here being jobless. Better just take what I can get up here. It's very hard to get a job where I live, beyond retail or food service.
I've worked at various Walmarts in various cities and various departments every single weekend and thanksgivings ng/black Friday for 6 years. I keep this job as a part time side job in tangent with my full time real job for extra money and to keep me busy on the weekend. All my friends are married and boring now anyways and its fuckn impossible to get laid so... I say fuck it, ill just make more money.

Anyway, Walmart isn't bad. Depending on where you work you can meet cool people. The best store I ever worked at was an inner city store in Syracuse, NY. Lots of Puerto Rican chicks there, etc. It was a good time.

Walmart will hire you without a GED or even if you've been in jail for assault or dealing drugs. In the country, that usually means lots of retards n drug addicts. In the city that means refugees, high ethnic diversity, and ex janitors hahaha.
People have said how good or bad you're treated just depends on the management.

Walmart anon is it true the rules are very strict and you even get spied upon?

Thank you for replying
Well remember that any job is typically better than no job. If the guy said the 8th, be patient and wait for the 8th. If you hear nothing back by a week after then you can show up. I wish you the best of luck
Thank you so much
Walmart anon I am curious about how many hours per week you worked, and your hourly wage, since you worked in so many. I'm just wondering what to expect if I do apply there.

And how to answer when they ask: "Why should we hire you?"
Not Walmart anon but I'm a DM at Walmart and as far as wageslavery is concerned, it's not all bad.

They don't hire full time at our store anymore, not sure if that's a franchise-wide thing. But you can get full time if you're a good worker.

Also I don't know about this 'spy' thing? They go through lockers every few months to ensure nothing is being stolen, especially work equipment, but there's a lot of areas with no cameras at our store (meat dept, produce/dairy coolers, freezers)... so not sure what you mean.

If you mean facebook stalking or something, one of the co managers posts scantily clad chicks all the fucking time so I doubt that's true either.

As far as the interview process: at our store, we literally hire anyone. Only way you fail the interview is to not answer a question. You're rated on a scale of 1-5 but to this day I don't even know if it fucking means jack shit, I usually just give 2-3s (as of yet, nobody has applied to warrant a 5 answer).

Avoid being a cashier if possible, grocery side is the best, easiest area of Walmarts.
>Avoid being a cashier
fug but that's what I WANTED to do. The Walmart nearest me doesn't have a grocery section. And it's possible I was just looking too into the matters and only focusing on propaganda and not facts about walmart.
Former Target employee here.

If you work cashier you have to offer the customers the Target Red Card. They don't come after you if you don't get people to sign up for it. You'll get sometimes managers and whatnot reminding you to get people to sign up, but it means nothing really.

This is one of the two big reasons I left my job at Kmart. The rewards program. My boss was always breathing down my neck about selling warranties to people, and our version of the rewards system called "Shop Your Way". There was really nothing he could do if people weren't interested but he still took it out on me and the other cashiers. He'd routinely call us back to the office to reprimand us if we weren't doing as well as corporate wanted us to. Essentially, Corporate yelled at my boss, who yelled at his employees.

Anon how did you salespitch this red card? For example do you just simply ask each customer for their phone number?
I've worked at Kmart too. Never experienced that before. Only got a bonus on my paycheck if I sold warranties, but remember them saying if our percentage of Shop Your Way customers drops below a certain percentage their system automatically cuts your hours the following week.

For the Red Card it's vastly different compared to Shop Your Way. Red Card is essentially a debt card that is connected to the customer's bank account or a Target credit card. Either card just gives them 5% off all purchases.

I honestly didn't try hard to sell it to the customer. 9 times out of 10 either they had one or were deadest against it. All I did was after I tell them how much their total was I ask if they were paying with their Target Red Card. If yes I'd say excellent and continue with normal conversation. If no, I offer to sign them up and explain both cards. Usually they say no thank you, and that's when I drop it and carry on talking about what we were talking about. You're dealing with people that regularly shop at Target so they have had the pitch of cards multiple times so they already made up their mind long ago if they were getting one or not.
It's not like Kmart where they cut your hours for not signing people up.
Sir/Ma'am will you be paying with your Target Red Card?

Would you like to sign up?
Great! *proceeds*

Is that good? I mean just in case I end up working there.
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