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Too late?

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Is 30 too late to turn your life around socially and romantically?
It's never too late
This. But it is hard. You've lived your life in a way for 30 Yeats and want to change it completely. It takes effort.
Tell me more about you OP. How is your life? Have you ever been romantically involved? Why do you feel you're going in the wrong direction?

>How is your life?

Has its up and downs. Employed, educated, etc.

But most of my 20s were mess however, I had to help my mom get back on her feet after a spinal injury which broke up my college and work life, that and the fact I had no real idea of where I wanted to go in my life.

>Have you ever been romantically involved?

Ready for some funny shit? Yes. Twice. Once was in my late teens with a really cool girl. She ended up moving away though. The other time was when I was 25, but she ended up cheating on me. Anyway, as for the funny part (or sad)... despite these relationships, I never had sex. It really doesn't bother me, aside from the fact of scaring away a girl I would meet now.

>Why do you feel you're going in the wrong direction?

I go to work, come home, do nothing. All my friends are gone. I can't keep going on with this cycle.
I want to say it's never too late thanks to online dating. I know it sucks but it's better than nothing. What are your hobbies?
wow. I wanted to just say "nope," but this >>16538119
is pretty sad shit man.

you're pretty much behind in everything relationship wise. Also, your life sounds incredibly mundane. Doesn't make for the best conversation stuff. Here's an idea: Workout in the gym so that you look healthy af. Save up money to go someplace culturally stimulating that also has legal prostitution. Get some interesting stories about other people and the world while also losing your v-card. Bang enough hookers with condoms on so that sex isn't a big deal to you anymore, then start stating in place of residence
**dating in place of residence
I hope you can turn your life around OP

I'm 32 years old straight male.
I never had a relationship, never had sex.
I am feeling depressed and hopeless for the best part of the past decade

At 23 I had to drop out of university, partly due to my bad emotional condition but also I had to find a job. I wanted to join the military but somehow I found a job on computers and networks. Worst choice I ever made

My emotional condition was still bad, I had no friends, I was feeling embarrassed for dropping out of university. What I did to cope was to become a workaholic and pretend I was ok. Another bad mistake.

For the next 8 to 9 years my life was all about work. A wage slave but I could take my mind of things. I was good at it too. People sometimes wondered if I had life out of job and I was like hehe yeah. I was dying inside

The final years the job stopped giving me satisfaction as I came to realise I wasted my life. For the last year I am unemployed and have no desire to return to my old job

I tried to resume my studies but it's hard with no confidence. I tried resuming my social life but my non existing self esteem is driving away my last friends. The last female friend that still talked to me recently stopped responding, my no confidence and the fact I am always insecure and never reveal my feelings drove her away

I am sitting here at my lowest point already dead inside. I am not going to do anything crazy because I don't to make my parents even more sad. I have arranged to see a therapist soon but honestly I don't expect salvation anymore and I don't deserve it

Don't waste your life like me, life is a gift and a blessing and we should live it in the fullest with friends, significant others and family.
people get married in their 40's and 50's (or even later) all the time
It's not too late, no.
Personally I wouldn't be scared away by a 30 or a 32 year old that hadn't had sex. Not everyone will see it as a negative thing, so don't let that hold you back.
I've been in your position. In my 30's my life was going nowhere. I would wake up and drag myself through the same horrific pointless existence. I decided that my life was worthless. I might as well die in a ditch and let history forget that I've ever been born.

I then started to take ownership of my life. After all I had nothing to lose. Hell if I died doing something stupid history wasn't going to care and the pain would be sorry before oblivion.

I started doing boxing, traveling, surfing, fashion. Randomly pursuing women I took a fancy to. It didn't all work out - got arrested for drink driving, receive hr cautions for inappropriate behaviour. But I've traveled the work and finally starting accomplishing things in my life.

If being married is your thing then follow what I've done and you'll receive marriage proposals. I've had 3 so far.
Thread posts: 12
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