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being antisocial

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so I'm clinicaly antisocial, I'm an asshole to everyone, have no respect for the law, peoples feelings, relationships etc etc

I don't give a damn if people like me, I'd rather be around people who hared me then around spineless people who like me

I'm in the market for a girlfriend, and I'm not sure what kind I should get
do I get a strong willed indipendant woman, a fawning useless blonde, a wise type, an intilectual, some hard assed car enthusiast?

looking for input

the answer "kill yourself" or "don't get a gf" are valid opinions, but why would I do either of those things
I don't believe you. Every line of your post screams "am I impressive yet?" and "PAY ATTENTION TO ME." I think you're childish and insecure.

Either way, a better question is, what kind of girl will be able to tolerate me? Because it might come as a shock, but you can't go to the store and peruse rows of girls like you can with a new bike, and somehow I doubt you're in a position to be choosy.
>"Why would I do either of those things"
A bad relationship < being single. You don't get a gf you'll actually care about by actively searching for one. Make friends, if you start looking someone, go out.
Get a bitch just like yourself
fuck you anon, I do what I want

it's easy for people to tollerate me, I just act like they want me to for as long as I need to
and because women are shallow, and I'm adaptable I can totally just pick a girl
there is no second place in life, take what you can; give nothing back

yes, I am childish
greedy, demanding, insincere, shortsighted, easily provoked

so what kind of girl do I pick?

I don't care about anyone, I actually am incapable of doing so
so for me
any girl > no girl

I'm immune to personal abuse, dysfunction, nobody can upset me, etc

I go out all the time, lots of people think I like them

I'm open to the idea, I'm not sure if it would turn into a mutually abusive relationship; or if I would actually even care if it did.

but antisocial women often get burned, pregnant or catch AIDS
men have the upper hand in this regard, being much more able to hew women and spit them out in our culture

also one of me makes quiet a splash, if Idated a girl who was a bitch as well we would tear people up
Dude, are you okay?
Being with a girl sounds like it would hurt the girl's feelings more than anything; while you'd feel nothing. Why do you even want a girlfriend if you won't feel attraction to her?
>dude are you OK
I have a mental disorder, so depending how you look at it I might not be OK
but I'm ok with it, it's other people who tend ot have the issue

and I tend to hurt girls feelings all the time, and I'd rather not
so for that reason I'm trying to pick a prospective partner carefully

>why do you want a girlfriend you have no affection for
it's hard to describe to people who arn't antisocial, when you look at "care" it's not one singular thing

for instance I don't have much affective empathy at all, so if something bad happened to someone I wouldn't care

but I can like people despite that, I just don't feel bad if something bad happens to them

it's a distinct weakness, it causes me to offend a whole lot of people and hurt everyone's feelings

and there are the practical advantages of having a stable partner, I like sex, it makes financial sense, it's good to meet new people
Just kill yourself, seriously. You're only going to make that girl kill herself first.
Lol OP here and shut up you fucking nigger, you a loser faggot who suck on mah balls
I'd rather that not happen, I can see it as a distinct possibility

there must be some women with more emotional resilience out there

the difference is most sociopaths don't realize what they are, and can't forsee or plan around their weaknesses
for that reason most seek out venurable people for partners, which is very shortsighted
that's where the stereotype comes from

why are you pretending to be me in my thread
I don't get it, are you trying to mock me, are you bored, are you lurking, is it some new form of bump?
What was your childhood like?

Also just get with someone borderline or some other cluster B shit.

Also why do you want a partner?
Find a sociopathic bitch gf. You might get along
>What was your childhood like?
Like this, obviously. He's still in it.

Come back in ten years OP, maybe then you can talk about relationships.
yeah this is all not gonna work

youre going to need to find some insecure girl with daddy issues and poor self image, they generally take alot of abuse and think that youre being an asshole because they arent good enough.

Someone like yourself would just abuse you, which wouldnt work out at all. You need an opposite, gullible type that doesnt know any better then to be mistreated. subconiously theyll be attracted to your behaviour anyway
childhood was pretty normal, all the men in one side of my family are antisocial, it's an open secret

see the problem is that I'm pretty much functional, I'm consistantly hostile; but that means I'm consistant
no mood swings, no irrational fears, no being clingy

most b cluster women are highly self destructive from what I understand, they go around getting themselves pregnant, killing themselves and getting locked up for petty crimes

it's not easy to find someone like myself, se are statistically very rare and most have co-morbidity of major depression, schitsphrenia, borderline etc

in short, they are good for nobody and nothing

>why do I want a partner?
for a whole range of reasons, functional lifestyle advantages, sex, meeting new people, stability, maybe someone who could balance my callous nature

honestly I'd be unsure how to find someone like me, I've met a guy or two

I dated a girl for a while who was into psycho guys, I was the third she found
turns out the both raped her repeatedly, but she was kind of into it, she was always pushing me to rape her, turning me on all day then drugging herself out naked with toys in her, shit like that; but I didn't want to go down that path for reasons an average person would understand

I drove the first guy out of the country, and got the second one sent to jail
they were like me, but much worse, much more reckless, so foolish
in many ways I still am, being antisocial is a real imparement to becoming mature

it's hard to learn when your personal failures don't impact you, as a child I had no social skills at all

I have many weaknesses, that's why it's a disorder not simply a difference
it's not something I'm ashamed of or sensitive about
absolutely true, from my experience at least ^.^
well I know it's the most common option, but I don't see that as ideal

the whole "leaving a string of traumatized ex-partners" isn't attractive to me, there are many downsides, many risks, and much less to be gained than from a stable healthy relationship

I would be concerned abusing someone on a regular basis would greatly exacerbate how malicious I am in general, I hate people; but that doesn't destine me to be some wife beating basement dwelling sicko

what would I do, just trick a girl into thinking I love her, get her pregnant and socially isolate her
that's how it usually goes right?

I'm not that bad, and I don't want to get that bad
being antisocial is like any other personalty disorder in that you can manage it well, or let it consume you
I could do all that, but it would get me nowhere fast and ultimately land me in jail
0/10 wouldn't give attention
go see a therapist, don't shoot up your school
hahaha you edgy little fuck
>it's not something I'm ashamed of or sensitive about
Of course not. That's why you're making excuses about it to strangers on the internet. Get real.

Incidentally, don't be such a self diagnosing philosophically lazy cunt by inventing excuses for your shitty attitude and then trying to pretend that it doesn't matter to you.

Life might go a whole lot smoother for you fif you stop deluding yourself.
I'm not sure what here is an excuse, I have done nothing wrong and have nothing to excuse
I was diagnosed when I turned 18, everyone knew for years before because I was much,much worse as a child

I am here because it's a problem for me, like every other poster here who makes a thread about a personal problem

I would be interested to hear what you think I'm deluding myself about, another perspective is always useful
Why bother? If you were truly anti social, you would just not give a fuck about pointless shit like relationships and go for one night stands. Youre just so edgy that you mask your feelings by being an asshole.

>Inb4 no anon not true but I dont care

The fact that you even ask, you are screaming for help. I know because Ive been called anti social. I just really dont like people a lot of times but it would nice if I find me an awesome hot ass gf, not on the top of my list though. Edge recognize edge and you looking familiar, bro bro.
>wants stable healthy relationship
>antisocial, wants a gf for "lifestyle advantages/sex"
>admits to being consistantly hostile
Pick one, m8. If you want a girl that will stick with you no matter what, then a codependent doormat type girl is what you are looking for, but the relationship won't be healthy for her. There are some strong assertive girls that would put up with your horseshit, but eventually they are going to realize that it's not all that healthy for them either, and she will eventually realize that catering to you for your "relationship advantages, stability, sex" needs while putting up with your shitty attitude is exhausting, and she could have a normal healthy relationship with someone who isn't constantly a dick to her.

TL,DR: You can't have a stable healthy relationship while constantly being a dick to the other person. That is the opposite of stable or healthy.
I'm 18 years old and I have a similar problem. I'm not diagnosed clinically, but I gave online self assessment tests and found out that I am a type 1 sociopath. I can't care about people. I have hurt my family and friends so many times, but they understand me and they love me. I can't love them back and that kinda makes me feel sad.

I get bored. I Get bored of people. I always need more, i always need better, otherwise I get bored.
I have plenty of friends, I'm studying in one of the best medschools of my country. I'm at least 7/10. Yet I haven't been able to find the perfect girl.
I used to like a girl and I had thought she would be compatible with me.
I dated her, I was happy in the beginning......
But I got bored of her. She loved me but I didn't care about her. I got bored of her. I broke up with her
I realised that I never loved HER. I just loved to get physical with her. I didn't even feel bad after breaking up.
I don't think I'm ever gonna find a perfect girl.
finding a girl who doesn't have a backbone, who will stick to me no matter how much I hurt her seems to be the only option.

But I don't wanna do that. I wanna find someone like me. But statistically, finding a psychopathic girl who lives a stable life is very very rare.
And I don't think we're gonna find a girl like that OP.
So I guess we'll have to stick with some spineless girl who is ready to deal with our shit.
I also cheated on her. And didn't even feel guilty about it.
>inb4 3 edgy 5 me
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Thread images: 1

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