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Okay, I've never been to /adv/, but I still guess this might

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Okay, I've never been to /adv/, but I still guess this might not be your typical question...

I'll try to keep it short.

So I lost an eyeball in a freak traffic accident.
They gave me a glass eye, but I don't like it.

I'm thinking of an eyepatch, I've already got one and I've tried it at home, but not in public.
Should I do it? What would you think about someone wearing a pirate-like eyepatch in public?
Are you male or female? Are you otherwise a tiny and weak person who'd look like they were trying too hard?
If you have visible scarring around the socket with the eyepatch you are good.

Also depends on the look, can you post a pic?
Male, 6'3" but lanky.
No means of taking a photo (broke my smartphone in the accident as well, haven't gotten a new one).
The glass eye looks alright, but I don't like it. It has almost no range of motion, it's a bit off from my working eye, it feels weird and I actually do have a bit of vision left in my eye, so it kind of messes with it. An eyepatch just makes it black.
6'3 is a good start. If you can become more muscular the eyepatch will fit a lot better.
>6'3" is a good start
Yeah, thanks, not too fond of the 6'3" thing, though.
If I was an inch longer or shorter, I'd probably still have my eye.
>I actually do have a bit of vision left in my eye
How the hell does that work without the eye. They removed the entire thing right?
No. I had wood shards impale my eye which fucked up it's vision so bad, it's essentially useless. It can still detect light and some colors vaguely. It's hard to explain.
So there is still something that resembles an eye in the socket, it's just ugly and fucked up.
The "glass eye" is more like a thick, huge lens.
Lanky guy with an eyepatch = clumsy
Built guy with an eyepatch = mysterious
Built guy with a glass eye with a sweet design = total badass
Forgot pic.
eyepatches look cool in game characters or movie character because we KNOW who they are and people around them respect them.
If you go out with a eyepatch thinking you will look like these characters you are delusional.
People will think you are an edge faggot, there is no way around it.
Unless you got yourself a skin tone eyepatch which I highly doubt you did that is less noticeable. Also you need to have a demeanor of lacking care what other people think but you being on /adv/ and asking about this I doubt you can pull off that kinda atmosphere.
Don't be self conscience, don't wear a black/red/blue eye patch and go for skin tone and be ready to explain why you wear it
Good luck I guess
Well, I don't fancy either option.
It kinda comes down to practical. The glass eye really fucks with my vision, like I see half normal, other half misty gloomy dark mess. And it feels odd, physically. Maybe the eye just don't fit, but I doubt it, this counts as top tier produce.

An eyepatch feels nice and I think I could grow content with it or even embrace it.
I don't really feel like having any self esteem or confidence issues, it's more like it does feel a bit on the extreme end and I'm curious about how people would react about it.
Personally, I've never ever seen anyone with an eyepatch in person.
Make sure to get a leather eye patch that lays flat and form fitting, don't buy the one from wall greens like I did. Big mistake.
My BF has a condition where half his face is paralysed. He had to wear a patch to stop dirt getting in his eye as it was always slightly open. But they gave him a black patch which made it look like he was kidding or it was some kind of fashion statement. People would say "ha ha great patch" or make jokes that he was a pirate then get very defencive when he said why he was wearing it.

In the end we went with those sight correction patches because it looked medical and people wouldn't comment on it. Could try and see how it goes.
Just end it all.
What happened that made you lose it?

Anyway, id embrace an eyepatch. Seems way cool to me
Back to /b/ you go
Do this OP
I've know of a few irl people who wear one. If you like it, and wear it well, I say go for it. Don't be a dbag and overplay it tho.
I knew a guy who wore a patch. Lost his eye to cancer. Everybody still respected him and treated him well. It even made for a good conversation piece.

Don't worry about what other people think. If you want to wear a patch than wear a patch.
Get an eye patch and talk like a pirate when possible.

Pic related would be a good joke from time to time.

>typical marine
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Start lifiting and become a demon
life sucks? dont want to kill yourself? go to the gym.

Mirrored sunglasses.

Anybody asks, you've got a "condition".

At worst, you're just some guy casually tryin' to look cool and edgy.
At best, people will be understanding and just assume it's a migraine thing.

Alternatively, you let the empty eye-hole out for all the world to see, and if anybody asks "Well, you'd just assume I'm attention seekin' if I wore an eyepatch, or that I'm tryin' to look col if I wore sunglasses, so fuck it, deal with my eye-gore, bitch".
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Don't do this mirrored sunglasses do not look good imo and you would have to wear them literally all the time to pull this off
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