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Hey, /adv/ I'm a student in the UK (18) and want to attend

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Hey, /adv/

I'm a student in the UK (18) and want to attend a US college, however, i'm curious about my chances of getting into a good college, seeing as i'll be coming from the british system.

I have A level grades, and have done the SAT once and got a score of 2040, however I have no SAT II subject tests, or a GPA (that metric isn't used in UK).

I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight into how likely it is that i'll be able to make it to a decent college in the US with these qualifications, I have 1 more SAT sitting in january, and am hoping to be able to get into an Ivy league or equivalent school.
bump - forgot to mention that i'll likely be majoring in finance, although i'm still not 100% decided on that.

What's your ACT scores, you need both.
I haven't done the ACT, I believe I can get in to most colleges with just the SAT?
You need to take the ACT for a lot of schools.
You don't need both.

OP, you should just call or email a few schools admission offices and ask. Most US schools will be pretty much identical in how they process UK grades and tests.

Another path is to get your under grad degree in the UK and come to the US for a Master's.
If that's the case, i'll likely just not apply to those schools, and hope it doesn't limit my options too much.

yeah, I am considering emailing or phoning up a few just to see what they say, will probably do so on monday.

As for my SAT grades though, would those be satisfactory for most colleges? i've looked around online a bit, although it seems that a lot of colleges will value GPA over standardized tests.
I got A*A*A* this year and didn't make it, it'll be a tough road but if you make it, you'll be doing great things. Why not apply to Oxbridge/Imperial/Durham instead? UK undergrads are usually better than in America
off-topic, but can't you just buy yourself into school in US? Does the system differentiate from bachelor and masters?

i've heard of some fellow students who have done bachelor in here EU, and moved to Silicon Valley and then done masters at Stanford while doing work. i don't know any of them personally, but I was wondering have they had to do the SAT and whatyouhave tests as well?
>Why not apply to Oxbridge/Imperial/Durham instead?
I likely will apply to oxbridge (Cambridge) too, I also have A x 4 (at AS level, haven't sat my A2's yet), and mum went to Cambridge & dad went to Oxford, but I just feel like i'd like to see somewhere new, I don't want to spend my whole life in the UK, and think that studying in the US could be beneficial, I don't really want to be stuck in the UK within close proximity to home & the same friends / people i've known for years.

Although, obviously, i'll go to the best university I get into, and won't put off going to a top UK school for a (significantly) worse US college.

I've spoken to some people who have done similar things, i.e. doing a major in the US at a decent college (not ivy league / top 10 or anything), and then gone to oxbridge or equivalent in the UK to do international law or something else, although I'm hesitant to try this myself, as I worry that it might not be as easy as it's made out to be, as i'm sure that even for transfers, there is still fierce competition at these top schools.
Don't just chase Ivy League schools or schools only in New England and California.

At places like Brown University you will get the prestige, but no education, seeing as their curriculum is easy as pie, because 2/3 of Freshmen have a 4.0.

I also say don't stick to just New England or California because it is super expensive (I guess if you live in/near London you're used to it), and some places within are culturally lacking.

You should take the ACT too. It shouldn't be expensive, is shorter than the SAT, and some universities may offer you more assistance since the grades on them are oddly grouped. I got a full ride for having a 32/36.
>You should take the ACT too
I was considering doing the ACT too a while back, although I think that if i wanted to apply for next year admission, i'd have missed the deadlines for the ACT, although i'll certainly look into the possibility.

And i'm not so much chasing Ivies and Cali schools (in fact, I think that Cali might prove a bit too costly for my liking in terms of living expenses, etc. assuming I don't stay on campus for 4 years). - however, I think that it'd be better to go to a more well known school (internationally), despite there being some very good state universities, i.e. cali ones & a few others.
Thread posts: 12
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