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Here's the situation: I'm military and just moved overseas

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Here's the situation:
I'm military and just moved overseas a month ago but my wife is still in the states. The reason is very long so the best way I can sum it up is there was a moving snafu and she had to stay in the states to take care of some shit while I was obligated to report to my new station overseas on time. She's currently staying with her folks.
We figured since we planned on spending Christmas back in the US, it made more sense for her to stay there a little longer, meet up for Christmas at my parents' place, then fly overseas together. As oppose to her flying out here then going right back for Christmas.

To avoid paying $4000 for peak-season international flights, I had to buy flights that were just outside the usual holiday schedule, which means i'm spending about 3 weeks there. We can barely afford a rental car after buying tickets, so the plan was to have a rental for just 1 week.

The other day she was lamenting to me that her friends (who live 45 min from where we're staying) won't be willing to drive down and pick her up to hang out. Bear in mind I have a similar situation where my friends live 30 min. away and will be too busy and too poor to come pick me up. And she rattled off a few other things she wants to do that require a car, which she won't have for 2 of the 3 weeks.

So she's going on and on about how she's going to be "stuck" at my parents' house and how it's so boring, etc. I kept trying to cheer her up saying it'll be nice because we'll all be together, seeing as haven't seen each other in 45 days. But she goes on about how much it upsets her that she'll be there.

Eventually I snap and say maybe she can just change her ticket to go directly overseas in January and tell my mom that she won't join us for Christmas because she finds her hospitality boring.

She says "Sure" and continues on about how I'm an ass for even wanting her to come down for Christmas in the first place.

(cont 1/2)

I was so mad I just stopped responding, and I didn't even want to think about it so I went to sleep around 6pm.

In the morning I wrote her back to basically say that I was excited to see her for the first time in a long 1.5 months and excited that we were spending Christmas together, but now it hurts that I have to try and convince her spend Christmas with me. It hurts that she's finding such petty reasons to not be a family for Christmas. It hurts that just being together isn't enough reason to come, that she needs a whole list of conveniences to make it worthwhile for her.

Haven't heard back still but I know she read it at least 2 hours ago

Women are selfish entitled cunts for the most part.

I truly hope your relationship works out in the long run for you but, dude if you have no kids get out of this shit now.

I constantly have to pander to my bitch of a fiancée just so that I can see my kid.

I am counting down the days until he is old enough and I can tell her how much I hate her and never want to see her punchable face or whiny cunt voice again.

Jesus I hate this bitch so fucking much but I can't show it, it's killing me inside.
She sounds like a royal cunt. I'd break it off over something like that, you haven't seen her in 45 days and it's fucking Christmas. Think that's a deal breaker friend.
She normally isn't this selfish, I have no idea what her problem is this time. She says I would be abandoning her at my parents' place to go chill with my friend and yet he's working 6 day weeks plus overtime for the holidays, even after New Years. I'll be lucky to hang out with him 4 times during the entire stay.
How long have you been married? This stuff normally start to show up in relationships anywhere from 3-5 years down the line dude. She thinks she is safe from you leaving and now she can behave anyway she pleases.

She's domesticated you in her eyes and since you are dependent she is confident you won't leave. Or if you do leave it will be disadvantageous to you In one way or another "emotionally, financially ect

I can't speak for her, but i absolutely fucking hate in-laws.

i would avoid them as much as humanly possibly, the only time i would be with them is if my SO is directly with them so i wouldnt have to be forced to mingle directly.

if thats the situation then fuck you, i can totally relate to her feelings.

do YOU like the idea of spending time by yourself with HER inlaws while shes off with her friends?
My mother paid off a huge portion of my wife's student loans in September of this year. She also spends hundreds on gifts for her birthday and Christmas. She contributed $2000 just to help us come home for Christmas. That says something about how much my family loves her.
And my wife also nags me about how I'm too reluctant to ask my mom for financial help.
She loves my mom's money but won't even visit over stupid shit.
Not OP, but no I wouldn't mind.

I'm an adult and I know how to manage my emotions and not throw tantrums because due to financial reasons my inlaws are kind enough to let me mooch off of them for a period of time.

why do women get so pissy over this shit?
Almost 6 years
I couldn't divorce. She has dirt on me from 4 years ago and would use it to take my dogs and half my paycheck.
>tfw no prenup
But even then I don't think this incident alone would warrant a divorce. This is still the sort of thing couples are supposed to work out.
Thread posts: 11
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