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help, im caught in the post-virgin college vicious cycle. i've

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help, im caught in the post-virgin college vicious cycle.
i've never been with the same girl twice and I've never had sex that lasted a full minute. not because I came but because as soon as I start I realize how bad I am at it and stop right away.
I know that to get better at sex you have to have a lot of it, but girls are always so disappointed that they never stick around long enough for me to try again. on top of that, After the one hookup they're usually gone, then I can go months or years without finding a new girl.

what do? how fix?
Do meth, increases stamina.

Or hire a prostitute and practice on her/him
my 2nd problem, part 2 if you will:

>be me, find qt that I hit it off really well with
>she lives a couple hours away
>have been in contact for a long time but only recently had opportunities to hook up
>first night she seems really affectionate and forward
>terrible sex, literally 15 seconds before I said aloud "this is terrible"
>after that she seemed to not really care one way or the other about me
>she won't talk to me unless I badger her, I've talked to her once in the last two weeks.
>she didn't even wish me a happy birthday

should I say something or just quietly drift away? i had mixed feelings about the whole thing. maybe its already over? in which case i probably shouldn't even bring it up cause shes probably forgotten about me. OR none of this is true and shes sad, in which case how can I gauge objectively whether or not its worth pursuing, given everything?
Clearly you have more than one problem.
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1. You fail to realize that stopping sex because YOU think you are terrible makes HER think she's terrible.
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2. You fail to realize that badgering girls is pure fail.
3. You fail to realize that girls have already given themselves to you at the start of sex, so that you are in a safe place to ask questions, make mistakes, be bad at sex or otherwise have a learning experience without being judged.
wow. never would have thought of that but thats really insightful, thanks

>what do these images mean?
no I realize that, that's why i haven't been saying anything.

so I guess to be more clear, she won't talk to me unless i go and get her attention. normally, that's a clear indicator that someone doesn't really want to talk. but she always seems happy and friendly enough once we actually start talking which counters that notion. then on top of that the conversations we have over texts are boring and about nothing, but the conversations we have in person are great, we're like the tightests of homies face to face. In fact when we're around each other things feel great, no problems easy peasy (aside from the part where she is growing more ambivalent) but whenever I'm away i feel like its a mistake, i regret hooking up with her and I feel like the "relationship" is falling apart. but is it? how can I tell? what techniques can i use to conduct an accurate test? maybe I should just roll dice to decide
>The images are Japanese family crests, designed to be little wooden stamps for marking documents. I just like them.

Give this girl some reason to think she's special.
this guy is right.
on the more practical side: cuddle the hell out of her all night and only start doing the sex thing when you're super comfortable with her.
be prepared to use your fingers, those are always ready when your dick is not cooperating.
i had the same problem anon now I have a qt3.14 gf who's kinky as hell.
Are you fucking retarded? You said 15 seconds in "this is terrible?"

Jesus OP. If a girl is consenting to sex she's completely opened herself to you physically and mentally. If you're not feeling like you're doing your job right then ask her what you can do better. Most girls understand that. Plus they'll appreciate that you're trying to please them by asking what they like. Also remember that you might not want to just fuck people you aren't dating. A lot of what makes sex "good" is that it's passionate and you really care for that person, and that's what's beyond the mere physical things you feel. My current girlfriend had some experience while I had absolutely none, and she took the time to teach me what she enjoyed and in return we were brought closer.

You can do it OP. Just put in more effort into caring about the girl and her needs rather than just your dick.
alright. I think i understand now, thanks.

If i can't think of a reason that she is special, or special to me, than obviously i shouldn't treat this as anything more than what it was: a hookup. which was implied already when we first started seeing each other.
in that regard, i can now start applying this to any future hookups to keep me from getting emotionally involved or distracted, and focus purly on training my penor techniques
i just felt like an idiot. she was laughing so i just kind of gave up
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 6

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