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How To Meet A Girl Off Facebook?

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Hey /adv/, this might be a simple question for some, but I'm at a loss at how to do this.

I'll sum it up with a green text

>See cute girl on FB that I share mutual friends with
>Add her, she adds me back
>Since I dont really know her, I never message her. But I like her posts time to time.
>Finally after watching some of her posts I realize she is single.
>But I still dont contact.
>I finally give up the notion of contacting her.
>Fast forward till this past weekend
>I finally try Tinder
>When behold, her profile comes up.
>So I like it
>As soon as I do I get the pop up letting me know she done swiped right on me as well.
>I message her on tinder to no response
>So I message her on FB and she responds with a single word answer, so I never answer cause I feel she is not really wanting to talk

Am I reading into this too much or did she swipe with a Chad that shot me out of the saddle?

What should be my next move?

Keep in mind this isnt a huge crush. Just a girl I would like to meet and see where it goes.

pic semi related, she is a thick girl with big tits
In 5 seconds upon seeing that picture I immediately wonder what everything looks like when you take the corset off. Corsets, ultimate weapons of hambeast deception.
Same, and looks like her titts are saggy or shapeless irl because he wears too small cup. Take this corset off and the gut pops out.
Just fuck her while she wears the corset, no harm done.
What if it bursts open?
any advice for op?
You'll get knocked out by her cellulite so fast you'll forget the whole thing happened.
Kekking slightly at that
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op here searching for an answer
I bet for a big girl That's super uncomfortable because not only will it likely burst open and break in doggy style, revealing disappointment to the guy. it's really uncomfortable/ sometimes painful to wear during sex if its jabbing in all your flab (I had a chubby friend who showed me marks and blisters where it dug in and rubbed when she had worn it for too long). Also breathing would be hard as fuck... I'd imagine especially during sex.

Can any fat girls who wear corsets confirm or deny?
Don't post pictures more interesting than your thread
forget about her. You clearly put in an effort to have a conversation and she ignored you.
>She's not interested and you should ignore her
>She has terrible social skills and you should ignore her
I'm a fatso but never wore corset during sex. I guess it's shitty for any girl desu because proper corsets are really stiff and you can move much and breathe, for a fat girl it would be an agony. I had my bra strap snap more than once during a steamy shag but it didn't affect stuff
Then why even match me to begin with?
>>I message her on tinder to no response
>>So I message her on FB

i dont think this is a good idea

if she doesnt respond to you somewhere dont immidiately try to contact her elsewhere

also if the fat girl in the pic is her it should be a sure deal, but beware of corsets it means the girl is at least twice as fat
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that OP picture
How long do you think it took for her to put the corset on?

Girls fuck around on Tinder a lot. Also, messaging her on Tinder & then facebook seems kind of desperate. If she wants to respond, she will.
I agree it could be a waste of time but that is one of the millions of possibilities, find something enticing but confident to say, if it doesn't work it's experience. Move on to the next bitch. Don't get hung up on the little shit. You could have messaged 5 other girls in the time you spent wondering about whether she wants your dick or not.
See below
I agree, tinder is not a serious playing ground. Impulse driven. Conversations are everything, matches are nothing but a door cracking open.
yeah a match on tinder means as much as a friendly stare/smile irl. you still have to walk upto her and talk to her.

this, it's creepy

what did you even say to her OP?

It wasn't immediate. I said hey on tinder after realizing she matched me.

the next evening she posted a new pic, so i just said something pretty safe like she looked nice that new pic she posted. she only replied thanks

i figure she probably found someone else to fuck with.
well what did you expect? "hey"is like poking her and letting her magically assume you're a nice guy.
Next time start immediately with a question like
Hey (name) what're you doing?
or Hey(name) had a nice weekend?

what she tells you tells something about her person, something you can build further on to show you're interested in her as a person unlike the other thousand handsome guys in her list who just say "hey".
ugh, I suck at this.

I guess its too late now. I know she is looking for someone to hang out with and I would totally still wanna meet her, but who knows.
..did you send a 'hi' on either?

if you did, you're fucking retarded and you deserve this
I said hey

oh well. it wasnt a huge investment. just had a crush on her and thought it would be cool to hang out.

maybe i'll do alright next time.
do you even communication?

lol, no wonder she shot you down that quickly

>ever sending a hi or hey to a girl you haven't met before

it's like you WANT to be single
please dont make me feel worse about it.

i'll try to be better on next one.

maybe i'll get another chance with this one even...if she isnt fucking chad by now
don't feel bad about it, you should feel good about learning something. today you've learned to aproach a girl in a way that invites further communication instead of poking.
Very true.
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Thread images: 4

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