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Kinda a long story, but here it goes.. My mother was living

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Kinda a long story, but here it goes..

My mother was living off of government housing, and she decided to move out of state, so she put the housing in my name, basically the rent is greatly reduced. Anyway, the stipulation is that she cant come back (It was worded like she couldn't even visit, let alone stay), otherwise if I was caught I could lose my housing, be fined thousands, or even jail time. However, after a few months she said she burned through 15k and needed a place to stay and nobody else in the family would take her, so I agreed that she could stay for a month. Literally think it was one of the worst in my life. She's not abusive or anything, just very very irritating. For example she's sleep in the living room because this was supposed to be my place and it's only a one bedroom. So I'd come back from college since I have afternoon/night classes, and I'd surf the web, do homework, play games, etc usually from 10-2. I'd cook something for dinner, and she threatened to kick me out multiple times because the smell of food or the smoke stopped her from sleeping. Sure, I ate out when I could, but that's pretty unhealthy not to mention costly when doing it pretty much 5 days out of the week. Not only that, but she's turn off the Internet when she went to sleep and would give no fucks if I was using it, even if I told her I was in the middle of something. She claimed "The Wifi is interrupting her sleep ad giving her headaches".

So anyway, when she left she took the parking permit (I live in a gated apartment and have 2 spots, one needing a permit), and made herself a copy of the key, and took the gate opening button even though that was the only one. Parking is very hard to find in the area, outside of the gate is pretty much the ghetto (quite literally filled with gangbangers, someone was murdered a while back). Couldn't even find parking there, so my friend had to park about a mile away just to get inside. So one of my friends parked inside, and since I couldn't give him the permit he parked inside and was unlucky enough that he got towed and it cost him $300 to get it out.

So, yesterday when I was at work she called me from pretty much a different state and said she broke her computer, I told her how she can get it fixed for cheap. She calls me back a few hours later and she said she just quit her job (Live in caregiver) and she's coming over to stay and have me fix her computer without even asking me.

After I fixed her computer, I demanded the key/clicker/Permit back. I didn't say she couldn't stay, only that I wanted those back first. She agrees that its my place and those are my property (I'm responsible for them, if they're lost I have to buy them again), but she refuses to give them back no matter what. Yet again she tried to guilt trip me about it because I'm her son and she got me the place, but I could potentially lose it if I got in trouble and I told her I don't want her here because she won't even give me my property back. So she just stormed out.

If she gave them back I would have let her stay, but her acting so entitled to it just really annoyed me. I guess now she would be "Homeless", but she could easily get a job even if it's low paying, but she refuses to work any job that she doesn't like no matter how broke she is. I already make shit pay and still have to pay bills, and this whole thing is stressful AF.

Mom got me a place with cheap rent, she's not supposed to be staying there (legally). She needs a place to stay, I let her stay for a month. It was literally worst month of my life. She leaves, then a month later tells me that she broke her computer, I tell her how to fix it. She then tells me she quit her job that day and needs a place to stay and is driving to my house right now from another state. I fix it and tell her that she needs to give me the Gate Key/house key/Parking permit before we talk about her staying, then she trys to guilt trip me and I tell her this is why I don't want her here, and she leaves.

What do?
I'm so, so sorry OP. My mom is bad, but never that bad. I sadly don't have any advice, since getting cops involved could easily fuck you over.

She just sent me this message:

Thank you very much for fixing my computer.

I will return your key and remote tomorrow. I will put them under the mat.

I am no longer your mom."
Jesus fucking christ

Just don't respond

Fucking emotional manipulation. You can't just stop being a fucking mom.

Don't respond to the fucking cunt fuck her

Too late, I already responded. I think you're right though, she sent this:

"No you disowned me and I will bring them back now. A great son you are! I would never let you sleep out in the street. I would never have let anyone harmed you. I would have given my life for you. You are my son and I would let no one hurt you. But you have hurt me over and over again.
Fuck, man, the feels are real. I'm sorry this is happening, my relationship with my mom isn't so steady either so I understand this. My friends all have either no mom, or a horrible relationship with their mom, so I get this more than most people. The trick is to try and help, but if things get too stretched, just disconnect and hope they don't backlash. Save yourself the pain, but try your best to make sure she's okay. What about your father? what's the story there?

Oh, my mom had an affair with a married guy In Africa. He lives there still, only seen him twice, and not in 15 years. So she decided to raise me herself. Yeah.
fuggggg dude I'm sorry. Just don't contact her, she's your mom but she's trying to fuck with you.
There's only so much of that you're going to be able to take.
Yeah I mean even when I read that first thing she said I felt bad and I'm not even in the situation

Fucking emotionally manipulative cunts
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