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Holy shit... women have depressed me?

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I feel like my life is dog shit because of how little experience I have had with women. For example, I am 24 and never had a girlfriend. I have tried and tried and tried. Been friend zoned countless times. I have been lead on? I asked one girl out on a date(I even used the word date explicitly) and after we went out she said she didn't think it was a date but us just hanging out.. We went out to dinner, just she and I. How the fuck could she think it was anything else. Anyway, I am actually depressed about not being able to attract women enough to have a relationship. I am missing some sort of masculine spark I think..

What the FUCK is going on!?
Do you lift faggot?
What happened with the girl you went on the date with?

You have to know what you want and you have to communicate that
Change image.

And your mindset you fucking kek. When talking to a girl be clear to state your intentions. Dont be afraid to ask or to be sure that your not lead on again
Its how you carry yourself if you are getting friend zoned, women can sense that kinda desperation. You have to attract, not get attracted.

Make yourself better for yourself, your primary focus in life should never be someone else.
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How was he not aware of how stupid he looked?

She friend zoned me. The girl I did go on that date with ended up friend zoning me. Not too salty about that. Just more peeved that she didn't think it was date even though I said it was a date.
For some reason or another, you're shitty breeding stock. There are a million different details relevant to that so I can't guess which apply to your problem. I'd be depressed too if I was shit at what I tried to do and didn't get better.

Thing is, I get the feeling that you know how you need to change. You're just hiding behind "I don't know how." Well it's a good thing you're a human being with the capacity for learning. Do what you know how to do. Learn what you don't know how to do. Practice, experiment and work at it.

Or choose depression. But let's be clear: that's a choice in this situation.

I feel like I am not given any opportunities. Like, I never get to meet decent women.
move, make shitloads of money, get a dog, get lots of hobbies and watch with glee as all the women that rejected you either become old spinsters with cats or enter into an unwanted marriage for the fear of dying alone
Read his diary thing, he had something seriously wrong with his head.
>Women can sense it
I dunno about that one im thirsty as fuck 24/7
Don't trust this faggot. You're fine breeding material. Just because some sluts don't find you attractive doesn't mean you're defective.
Exactly man, don't listen to that crap. Look I started to notice what was going on after I got older. Where I'm from the women tend to pick slackers, men with no motivation, dudes that basically stay at home on the couch and play madden or cod all day. These dudes live off of the women they are in relationships with and the women KNOW it. Women these days are picking men purely on looks and nothing else, which is funny when you hear the women complain how the guy spends more time in the mirror than they. Just focus on yourself OP, make money and enjoy life and all that it has to offer. Don't let women be the only road to happiness because that will only lead you to self destruction. The time will come when you find the woman you are ment to be with.
there's tinder for that. plenty of fish to try new baits on without having to humiliate yourself in public. (well at least not untill you've found one that's worth it)
It won't make you any better or girls easyer, but it will give you a chance to iterate.
OP, I had an epiphany this morning.
I want to share it with you, because I like you.

We need to commit.
Commitment is the foundation of dedication and discipline.
Commitment is the foundation of friendship.
Of real friendship.

But sometimes, you gotta understand.
You need to understand, when to commit.
And if the person is worth your commitment.
Women, who are leading you this way, are never worth the commitment.

Most people do not want to commit, just have fun.
Look where it leads, they're just unhappy and cry their shit off that nothing comes to them.

Because in life, nothing comes to you, you need to commit to make your first step.
And THEN you need to see if the other person commits to take the other step.

She never took a step, did she?
She just wanted to make you walk as she stood.
That's no woman who will be happy long enough.
lawl, nice excuse you found there faggot

Look OP, you're probably a decent guy and that's more then enough to be BF-material. The problem is that unlike looks and money, being a decent guy is not something they smell from a mile away, you need to talk to girls, listen to them, make them feel related and such, that takes some learning and effort but it's worth it.
also read what's here:>>16529420
It seems that you arent confident from what you write.

unconfident people are really unattractive. Done be like this.

Fake confidence until you actually are confident, doesnt really matter how.

Try to not be an asshole, however.

From someone that faked it till he made it.
I'm not going to lower myself to your level with the insults. This is about helping others.

It's not an excuse I've found, it's an observation that I guarantee that most people have discovered on their own. Actual issues that not just women but men as well have to deal with when it comes to finding a partner.

Yes you can do all of those things that you suggest, but everything will still fall back on attraction in general. How do you even get to the point of what you are even suggesting to OP if the women are already turning him down before he can even open his mouth? By having an air of desirability around him. How can he achieve this? Focusing on himself and what makes him happy, getting in shape, making money and all around just enjoying life.

You can sit there and say you got to talk to someone blah blah blah, but that's only if you already piqued the persons interest in you at the beginning. Even after that when it comes to getting to know each other, they will only tell you what they want you to know. Unless your goal in getting women is to just fuck them, then all of that doesn't matter.
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 2

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