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In July 2015 I got into my first and hopefully only car accident.

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In July 2015 I got into my first and hopefully only car accident. It changed my life forever. No one was hurt but my vehicle was totaled or otherwise undrivable; it had to be towed. All I did was bump into someone that was turning. I was going perhaps 40 mph and they were prolly going half that. I quickly learned from my errors and nowadays I am an extremely safe driver. Better safe than sorry. I don't take stupid risks anymore, even if drivers behind me get mad and honk at me. For a time I was legitimately scared of cars and driving, even as a passenger. But I learned and got over everything. Point is I'm better and safer, and slower now. Not reckless. I no longer drive like I own the road and I don't drive when I'm pissed off.

Anyway, fast forward to now. I've been paying $160.60 a month for car insurance though I've been accident free since July, 5 months I think. I think I have Allstate. I'm getting tired of paying so much for something I already well learned my lesson for. Can anyone give me on advice on who to talk to to see if I can get lower car insurance? It's only high because of the accident
Go and talk to other insurance companies and see if they will give you a better deal. Honestly though, you're probably not going to find one, given you're probably early-mid 20s and the accident was pretty serious and cost the insurance company a lot of money, and it wasn't even 6 months ago. You could look around and see if there are any driving courses that give you some sort of certification that say you're a good driver or something which might help, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Your actions have consequences, and this accident has led to your insurance premiums being higher.
Sorry it's State Farm. Was a little confused. See my dad handled car insurance for me when he helped me buy my car. I don't know a lot about this stuff
Yes I'm 23 as of this writing. So I guess I'm shit out of luck for a bit. Well it was fun to hope

I did read that if I move states I'll have to change insurance anyway. I plan to do that someday but I don't truly understand the process
Under 25s are the biggest at-risk group for crashes. You're probably not going to find a better deal that gives you the same coverage until you're older, and probably even later you'll pay more than you would if you hadn't had the accident, simply because you have a history of having a car written off.
It doesn't matter. If you make a claim or a claim is made against you, it will be on your "record" for 3 years.

You will be paying a higher rate which ever insurance you chose for the next 3 years.

You can reduce your coverage to help with costs but there is always a minimum state requirement.

Source: my dad sold insurance for 36 years.
What does car written off mean?
It might be a local saying where I live, but it basically means it was left in a condition where it's unfit to be on the road, and there's no way it can salvaged either. Basically it means you've done something which left it in a condition which makes it good for nothing but scrap metal, which is what I assume you meant by "my vehicle was totaled or otherwise undrivable"
Oh. I see what you mean. That particular vehicle wasn't mine. It was my mother's. It was no way affiliated with me. It was just the only thing everyone in the family (besides my dad) was allowed to drive.
Just because it's not yours, doesn't mean it doesn't affect you.
>What does car written off mean?

It means the cost to repair it is more than the value of the car would be after repair.
>Under 25s are the biggest at-risk group for crashes.

But, but but PROFILING is morally wrong and illegal!!!
>I never understood how insurance companies get away with this.
Most jurisdictions allow profiling and discrimination if it can be sufficiently justified, which mitigates the general illegality of it. But let's not start a political debate, that's what /pol/ is for.

Okay anon I see your point. I heard my insurance rate was likely to go down once I reach age 25. But you said that I'd likely be paying more, always, just because there's a written off car on my record.

I see your point and understand it but that's bullshit. I learned my lesson so there's no reason to keep paying for it forever. I understand it'd make more sense if I KEPT making stupid mistakes, but I haven't been.

I'm fine with everything else.
Look, you're under 25. It hasn't even been 6 months since the crash. It was a pretty serious accident. You say you've learnt your lesson, but to the insurance company, there is still a relatively big risk that you could cost them money again. THEY don't know that you've become a more careful driver, because how could they? Your premium is calculated based on risk, and you've shown that you're potentially a huge liability for them, and they're charging you accordingly.
What happens when I need to renew my insurance for whatever reason? Given all that you said. I know it doesn't last forever. Is there a relatively pain-free process for it all? Will I just need to worry about it when the time comes?
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