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So there's this guy I became friends with very recently

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So there's this guy I became friends with very recently and apparently he's also pretty infatuated with me (which is exactly what i didnt want to happen)
but I found out that he's like really fucking super into pretending to be a baby and having like a pacifier and like wearing diapers and shitting in them or whatever and stuff like that and like I don't know what the fuck to do.

He's honestly a nice dude aside from that but holy shit how do I proceed this is so fucking awkward and uncomfortable for me.
I can't really look at him the same way
and I feel so bad because I'm usually of the thought that I don't care what weird shit people are into as long as it's not like harming anyone (who doesn't want to be harmed) and like I said I wouldn't judge but i seriously cant help it

it's weird when like you're actually friends with the person and they're kinda into you and it's like what the hell do I do now pls help
Be friendly, but do what you can to avoid leading him on. Don't accept gifts, money, favors, etc. If he ever confesses to you, make it known that you're just not interested in him that way and that it'll never, ever happen.
You're a gill right? Just be nice to his face and exploiting his time and money and then ridiculoule him behind with his black best friend.

I thought this shit came naturally to you.
It's not really OK to cut a friend out of your life for being into something weird -- provided you didn't, like, tell them "my boundaries are pretty strict, I'm really not comfortable hearing anything about your sex life" and then insist on telling you all about it anyway.

It is OK, though, to ask somebody for some space if you've found out they're infatuated with you. It can be a positive thing for them too sometimes.

Figure out, is it really that you can't be friends with someone with this fetish, or is it that you just really don't see him that way and it's odd for you knowing he does? Being squicked out by somebody's fetishes does contribute to "not seeing them that way."
I pretty much made it clear it wasn't going to happen but idk what he's thinking. Sometimes people dont believe you even if you straight up say that. I have no idea. But should I just still be friends as usual even though its awkward? Should I just try to forget and pretend like I never saw it?

I have no interest in hurting him and it's not at all a situation that I could take advantage of if I even wanted to so that's not an issue
>Sometimes people dont believe you even if you straight up say that.
He's probably interpreting your words/actions in a bizarre way, thinking that there's a glimmer of hope since you still willingly spend time with him. Spend less time with him.
Yeah I think that's what it is honestly, the whole part where he likes me is what fucked me up I think. I really dont care what my friends are into. I think I just take it personally because it's bizarre to me that I managed to attract someone like that, especially considering I attract pretty much no one else so that makes this kind of heavier.
Alright, I guess I'll just talk to him much less.
I dont see him often at all so it's going to be really weird next time I do. It's honestly partially my own fault because when I met him we cuddled a lot (didn't think anything of it) but after this it's like no thanks. I almost liked him back for a sec too. Hopefully he doesn't get too hurt by it.
God this sucks.
I don't think it would be cruel or unreasonable to say, hey, you didn't do anything wrong and I'm not upset at all, but hanging out right now feels pretty awkward now that I know you like me. I think I need a little space right now.

Like I said above, while I'm sure some would disagree, I think that's kinder than letting him hang around you constantly if he hasn't fully accepted that it's not going to happen. Also prevents complications later if you date somebody else -- it'd really sting to say like six months later, "look, we can't hang out anymore because you like me and I have a boyfriend now."
Small addendum: I also think just a quick word letting him know why you're spending less time with him would be very considerate of you. Otherwise we're liable to get a post from a very confused guy in a week's time, "Hey /adv/ I told this girl I liked her and I think she found out about a weird fetish of mine. Now she says she's too busy to hang out. Did I fuck up?
Pretty much constantly afraid my friends will find about the baby thing and drop me.

I can't believe he told you at all. He must not give a fuck.
Yeah I guess I'll say all that next time it comes up. I'm definitely not going to be dating anyone for like ever so that's a non issue but I see your point. I dont even necessarily need to address the fetish stuff and just straight up address that I feel uncomfortable about him liking me. Cuz I really don't want to make him feel worse about himself.
He really is a decent person so I think he'll understand. And distancing shouldn't be too hard seeing as he doesn't really talk much unless I do. I would be sad if it ruined our whole friendship though. He is really self-loathing so I don't want him to think I hate him or he did something wrong or anything, that's probably what I'm most scared of.
Actually he gives a lot of fucks. I don't think he's told any other of his friends about this. For some reason he was able to open up to me and I really appreciate that and it would be horrible of me to turn that on him. I honestly want to be as understanding and nice about it as possible but I have to kind of dissociate and try to be objective or i'll freak out.
I wasn't going to post again since I think you're on the right track, but yeah, I definitely would NOT mention the fetish. It'd make him feel horrible and it's not really even relevant. What's relevant is that he likes you and you don't reciprocate and that's uncomfortable. Your reasons for not reciprocating are and should remain yours alone.
You're a good lady.
Thread posts: 15
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