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Career Advice: I switched majors to Computer Information Technology,

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Career Advice:

I switched majors to Computer Information Technology, but i fulfilled so many other course requirements that i will finish with a degree in CIT/Business Admin w/ a minor in Finance.

Im worried how bad CIT looks compared to CS degree, will i struggle to find a Tech job and make sub 50k starting?

Sounds like you're in California.

If you actually look up jobs you will see that sysadmin positions say "degree in IT or related field." If you're not looking to work in IT you shouldn't be getting a degree in IT; if you want a software engineering position you are going to be expected to show a body of work given that your degree is only in a related field.

You will likely be making sub 50k, it sounds like you have no work experience whatsoever. It doesn't matter if you have a CIT degree, nobody wants an analyst/web engineer/sysadmin with no real world experience.

One of the things that CIT is most useful for when an IT career is taken into account is that more and more employers are waiving their comptia requirements in lieu of the degree.
nyc. I dont think i want to do software dev. Im up in the air on CS or CIT, im not bad at math, but im crunched to finish school and CIT will get it done quicker.

Im trying to get an idea of a starting salary, but hard to. I just dont want to end up working for 30k. I make 30k now keeping books lol.

Nice, like three years ago nobody had ever heard of CIT.

Hate to break it to you but if you graduate with nothing on your resume but your degree and irrelevant work experience you're gonna end up on help desk, if you can find a job at all. I say if since you're going to be overqualified for help desk and underqualified for everything else.
I was going to try and find a security type internship for this summer once this semester ends, but im not sure how hard they are to come by. If i get that on my resume, im still in same boat?

It might help. Keep in mind that your competition are kids who intern every intersession and actual working professionals.

My advice would be to create a portfolio of projects you can show employers.
wow im so screwed. I think im SOL even if i spent the time on a CS degree.
I honestly I have no idea what to do and how i will even get a decent paying job.

I don't know what to tell you. It is not like you didn't know you were screwing yourself by being lazy all these years.
Im in my second semester of a Computer Science degree and im on track to finish next may, but im struggling with programming and if i dont get a c- im set back one semester.

I couldnt really get in internship in Tech all these years...
Thats another reason i want to switch to CIT so it wont slow me down if i dont get a c- in this programming course.

im so lost and worried, sorry to complain so much i just dont know what to do.

Which programming course is it?

I have to mention that the programming courses aren't even what make cs programs difficult, it is the discrete math, combinatorials, calc 3 and such that makes people fail out.
programming II with c++. Im taking discrete now and its super easy for me i maintain 80% with no effort its probably my two easiest courses that and Calc I.

Programming II is my hardest, then Chemistry and then Assembler Language. I think i have like a D in programming II and around a B in everything else.

It is extremely weird that you would be flying through discrete and failing a basic programming class since they are directly related.

Are you just not doing the work? Do you not understand the concepts?
understand things when i read it, but i dont apply a lot of effort in that course, it requires a lot of reading and application.
Whereas discrete i can read the notes once and retain everything, i get quizzed on concepts bi weekly and have some hw.

My advisor told me, he looked at my math grades and said not to switch into CIT bc math wasnt my issue, but im not going to pass a programming course that sets me back one semester.

If I dont want to be a developer or programming does a CS degree even make a difference in my employment/salary?

You can do very few things with a cs degree besides ordinary office jobs. You can go into IT but you will need to get comptia certs and that is about it.

I have heard of people getting teaching credentials and being grade school math teachers, that is all I can think of as far as cs goes.
so it would make more sense to get a CIT degree to go into sysadmin or infosec?

The thought of being a developer as a career makes me want to kill myself so I would go IT.

Honestly, you can get into any aspect of the industry with any of the related degrees. You just have to get the certs, so I would choose the degree that you can get the fastest.
Thank you for your input, if you are the same person who has been replying this entire time. I already started looking into the different certs.
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 5

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