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>be incredibly smart >21, your average depressed miserable

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>be incredibly smart
>21, your average depressed miserable comp sci student
>i should probably just end it anytime soon
>end up with an incredibly nice position at a company and the money is holy shit epic
>this company loves me and gave me a big enough contract that was more worth than my degree
>decide to drop out, (I would've dropped out even if this didn't happen)
>no debts btw
>actually work from home with not necessarily static schedule
>welp this changes things
>one year into the future
>have lots of cash saved, a car, a nice place I'm renting and many new friends
>life doesn't seem that bad with these standards, try to keep up with it
>fast forward some time later
>notice something feels missing
>I'm still feeling miserable every once in a while through the day
>the feeling is growing, I haven't thought of suicide at this point for some time
>not into relationships that much, decide loneliness might be the case
>talk to a few girls I've previously known, just to hang out and get to know their friends
>somehow end up talking to this girl my friend suggested
>everything goes fine, she's into it, I'm into it, the more we talk the more we're liking eachother
>1 month into the future
>she's my gf
>tell her to come live in my apartment cause I make enough money anyway
>1 month into the future again
>the feeling of being miserable and depressed started coming again
>[suicide thoughts intensifies]

Everything, literally everything I seem to be doing to change my life, I do so successfully, and the effect is nice but it doesn't fucking last. At this point right now I'm worried this might be just a chemical thing, I have never really went to a doctor.
I'm almost 23 with a nice car, an incredible amount of money, a girl I love and that loves me back, and it's still not working.

Holy shit /adv/ am I just delusional?
There's more to life than work and women. Take advantage of the fact that you're financially stable and try new things. Vacations, hobbies, concerts, instruments etc etc etc. Because as much as I envy your stability, your summarized life sounds pretty bland.
>good job
>still manages to complain
Seriously dude. Fuck off and enjoy your awesome life. Chucklefucks like you make me so fucking mad
Yeah man I agree with this. If you're unhappy and wanna do some good, give me a thousand bucks so I can move out of my shithole and be with my loved one.
you said it, something's missing. you don't love yourself. you're not doing or you don't have what you want. maybe you've just gone through the motions but don't feel like you've achieved anything meaningful. what does your heart truly desire?
I'm that only instead of "holy fuck awesome money" it was a Meh 80k/year, but with tons of room for advancement and was finally making good friends.

I decided to quit and go to uni in a different city. Even though I make basically minimum wage p/t and my apartment isnt as nice Im much happier now. Sometimes you just have to take a sacrifice to chase your dreams. You're still young and relatively uncommitted (no kids or anything) so you still have time to make mistakes.

Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years and what do you have to do to get there? What will truly fulfill you?
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At least your not a 19 year old male that's stuck at shitty community college to get a journalism degree (want to write for a major music publication) and you really like this 16 year old girl that told you last July via text that she "happens to like you" but you are driven crazy because the last time it hung out was near the end of May and smoked weed together at my house and despite your efforts (asked her on a date, wanted to but couldn't go cause she was grounded from sneaking out and smoking with me but I didn't get caught, later she says she was gonna go see Kanye West with me last August, but week of the show she says her mom won't let her go) you can't seem to meet up in person again. You text on and off since last July when she said she liked me. It drives you insane cause you are a virgin, never has a gf, never kissed or gone on a date, and your introverted tendencies (Will talk to people but selective of who you become friends with and hang out with) you feel like if you lose this girl that your doomed being this is the best shot you've had in your life. I got her a Kanye West tee shirt for her birthday recently, my friend got it to her and she liked it and wore it that night. What should I do?
how do you love a girl a month into knowing her
The one of the left btw
hahahahA!!! Stop. You are not 19!
holy shit op.
What is that company
I would kill to be able to drop out like you and go work
>21 comp sci depresd faget
This is exactly the worst way to respond when someone tells you they're suicidal.
what is making you depressed op?
Have you considered being an asshole, OP?
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 2

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