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This is a GF thread

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I'm not an /r9k/ leaker, I just thought it would be slightly amusing to give the impression that I was.

I work 10PM to 3:30 AM 5 days a week moving boxes, and have classes at 9 am and going until Noon. I go to bed around 1PM.
So I call myself a Vampyre because I'm up all night.

I'm 18/M and I of course want to find a gf/waifu because I like the idea of a life partner to be close with.

How would 4chan advise I go about doing such with my awful schedule?

>Look at work
Well I would, except, 1: It's a total dickfest, 2: What women are there aren't intestested, and 3: It's a physical job so women there are (frequently) very physically attractive, and I'm still builtfat, so on top of not being interested, it's a no-fly.

It's Engineering and Calc courses. Enough said.
Engineering has 9 people and 0 women, math has 25 people about ant 3 women, which is considered quite high.
See above reasons.

I talk to a friend who is a girl in Denmark (Who might objectively be a great waifu for me with most things I'd seek) but she's flaky at best. I have other friends but none out of school.

Sorry for great wall of text, I can give reaction images (For use against frogposters) as payment/thanks for /adv/ if desired.
bump pls
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Don't make finding a gf your primary goal/soul purpose. You're 18 bruh get out here and start making name for yourself.
I get it, honestly.

But you do realize that Turkey shot down a Russian plane over Syria like the goatfuckers they are? Because they're NATO, this makes it basically so that America attacked them? Our world is not sustainable and the tyranny of the majority is dragging me with it.

War is engulfing the world and very well could incinerate it in the near future, but more likely, people will keep breeding and humanity will continue being the cesspool of awfulness that it is. Humanity destroys everything and we're destroying our very planet on every front. Within 25 years it's going to come back to us and we'll all suffer for it, suffer for the greed of the few and the agreeable complacency of the many through things such as religion, wage slavery while not voting, etc.
I want to have happiness now, while I can. I want to fill my life with meaningful, positive experiences as soon as possible, being happy with a girlfriend is one of them.

I will be putting myself out there. I'm in education and employment.
tl;dr Yolo so pls give me advice on finding someone to be happy with
You're too much of a babby for online dating and going to the bars, so I really have no idea. You have your whole weekends free so you can't really use school and work as an excuse though. Get some hobbies or some shit. Going by the fact you spelled vampire as "Vampyre" gives off a strong neckbeard impression...

Going off those 2 paragraphs you typed solely because of the picture I used in my post gave me autism.

Have you tried hanging around your female friends more often?
They're considering kicking Turkey out of NATO. They never belonged there anyways.

At most you're just looking at a proxy war. We've had so many proxy wars with Russia. This is nothing new.
I think I know who this is, do you have a kitten?

I'm going to give you the same advice I've given other friends in similar predicaments: don't make finding a SO your primary focus in life, focus on defining yourself so you can find a complimentary companion.

Healthy relationships foster mutual growth and challenge, it's a partnership and then some. Girls can sniff out a desperation in a heartbeat, and those who would submerge themselves into that type of environment rarely have good intentions and often do more harm for you in the long run.

Also, engineering isn't a dismal field- there are more women entering and working in these fields than ever before (spoiler: I'm one of them). You'll be surprised at how many of us are successful and available, several of my female friends didn't pursue relationships until a couple years into their career.

tl;dr: focus on yourself first, then worry about getting a SO.
I do have one. A black kitten.
Are you the programmer girl from San Fran?
If so, sorry, but the schedule fucked me over because I forget to text right when I wake up.

I know it isn't a dismal field overall, but it is here, from the numbers I said. I'm going to be here, where I am, for at least another 2 semesters. At best I can move to North Dakota (Ew) or an equal-tiered school more nearby.

Good. I don't want our fates tied with theirs, they deserve nothing of the sort.

Maybe it had nothing to do with your post and was more focused on the world outside of your post. Like- you know- the 'attack on one is an attack on all' philosophy.
How the US intercepts Russian leakers near Alaska basically every other week and doesn't shoot them down, because they know how to handle it. Unlike jihadist lambfucker idiots who think that if they incinerate everyone they'll get an extra virgin in the afterlife.

Fact remains that the world can't sustain us and is better off without us.

I've spent a lot of time with female friends. For about 3 years all my friends were female.

I only have one female 'friend' and we see each other enough.

I get why for bars- not that I'd like to look there anyway- but why for online dating?

I said that on accident. I have a regular beard, not a neckbeard.
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>I'm so young that the world has never been like this before so it must be a sign of the apocalypse.
Thanks for the gif senpai, it will be appreciated! :D
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Thread images: 3

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