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What makes a successful streamer? I'd like to know what

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What makes a successful streamer?

I'd like to know what you guys think of the strengths that a video game streamer has that makes him popular?
You're cute. Date?
Imagine your stream is a product. Find your products unique selling point. E.g. You only play binding of Isaac in a lizard onezie whilst drunk. Create some dank memes and you're done.

what kind of streaming?

if its a competitive game then being exceptionally good and streaming a lot and at predictable times are definitely nice

idk about non-competitive gaming streams cause I've never really watched those
Go for the Reddit audience.
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Hello, SexuaLobster
First off, the dedication to put in tremendous hours. This is liable to take more than a typical full-time job if you want to be really "successful." There's no substitute for broadcasting enough hours a day, virtually every day, with a reliable schedule.

Next is a tie between ability in the game(s) and personality. I think people value the latter more highly but personality isn't enough to carry a shitty gamer in the long term. You'll keep churning, losing people as they quickly tire of your shtick. Mind you I did say "ability" and not "skill." Of course good players get the big audiences but you don't need to be a great player at a great game to make something of your channel. In fact you can purposely pick easy games. You just need to have some core competency at them.

There are tons of other little details but I think those are the most important.
You have to be immature and relate to the average 12 year old who would pay money to watch you. Look at how the successful streamers are. A majority of them act like hyper, edgy dummies. Very few actually appeal to anyone over 12.

I think also playing popular games as opposed to old shit makes a huge difference as well. And to a lesser extend, timing of playing a game.

For example, Kripparrian used to average 2k viewers playing PoE in 2014, now he averages 10k-15k viewers playing Hearthstone because he got in at the right time and cornered a good portion of the market for a highly popular game (that also coincidentally does not have any competition).
This is true. I'm increasingly disenchanted about the guy, but Malcolm Gladwell makes a good analysis of timing and opportunity for successful people in general (Bill Gates as one example) in his book Outliers. Maybe the entire theme of the book is relevant for OP trying to be an outlier in a huge pack of irrelevant streamers.

Regarding Kripp I think his D3 days make just as good an example of this effect as Hearthstone, and perhaps even better because we saw the tail end of it. Getting out at exactly the right moment was as important as getting into the right game.
Any other suggestions?
There are 3 factors that leads to a viral video, at least 2 are always in one. Whilst you are not making a viral video, I believe this can apply to streamers if you want success..

1. Unpredictability
People do not want to see something they've already seen before, you'll look like a copycat (although this is usually the purpose of memes but not for going viral in the first place). They want something unique, a bit quirky and overall unpredictable. They do not want to know what's coming, making them keep watching just to find out.

2. Exposure from someone famous
Yeah, sorry pal but it's really hard to just slowly build up a fanbase, it will take forever for you and when you get a fan base, they will leave you when other comes. If you get a tweet from a famous person about your work, someone who directs to your video. It's pretty much easy road from there. They want to know what the person they look up to/admire/likes also likes – because most likely it will be relevant to their interests.

3. Technical quality
This one is rather optional, but if you can – make quality content. Have the sound right, lightning, camera angle etc. People can often not be arsed to look at something or listen at something if the technical quality is poor. (But then again, some videos do make it because the unpredictability is so good, like "Double Rainbow" since the guy's unpredictability is his orgasm-reaction but then again it didn't get famous until Jimmy Kimmel tweeted it was the funniest video in the world.)

Easy rode; Become a hot chick with big tits and piss people off.
Feminine bits
What the guys said.
You need to fit a niche.
A niche that is void at the moment.
Bunch of 60 year olds streaming some MMO's in a party? Haven't seen that.
A pimp streaming some fun vidya with a harem of 4 hot chicks? I'd watch that, if the humor was good.

Or if you're just ridiculously good at a game (say +5.5k mmr in dota or magic wizard man global elite in cs or whatever).
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thanks pham
Hello eyes.
pretend to be cute gril
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