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>tfw no gf

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Beta Thread
>post your current situation with the girl you like, as well as some context.
>anons try to give you advice
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>mfw this is the NSA trying to find all the betas so they can round them up and put them in camps
took a girl from a beta
beat the pussy up till she couldn't walk
now she's 10 weeks pregnant
so bretty good
Been dating different girls recently, they're all gung-ho about the first date, texting me nonstop, but after that they disappear. What gives? Dates seem to go great. I'm honest and I 'be myself', I'm not a pushover or anything like that, I decide what we do on the dates. How come women expect you to click with them instantly, and if you don't, you're not worthy of speaking to ever again? What about taking the time to get to know someone better?
Most betas are content with staying indoors and playing league of legends. There is always one alpha beta for every one thousand harmless orbiter betas. A king beta, if you will.
>girl in my art class
>we hit it off hard
>shes in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend from high school who lives in california

Should I aim down the sights or just jerk myself off until im completely numb and devoid of emotion
I repressed my libido because I know a relationship is impossible. I don't like any girl because I don't know any. Even if I did I wouldn't like her because relationship is impossible. It's just impossible and I have no motivation to change that. As a beta I need someone to lead me but as a neet I'm on my own. I'm focusing on improving myself by reading 4chan all day so in 10-15 years I'll be useful and independent enough fr a relationship.
I'm a girl and I'm interested in a girl at my work... She is a high match on okcupid and she viewed my profile several months ago, but didn't say anything and neither did I. I've seen her in person but have never talked to her in person- she works at a different building. Is it autistic to message her on okcupid or what? How should I initiate or should I not since we technically work at the same place?
Meet cute girl online and we hit it off alright. I ask her out to coffee, she says she's busy all week but gave me her number to make new plans. We text all week, ask her if she'd be doing anything on my day off. Haven't gotten a response yet, and I don't know how to move forward without sounding like I'm pressuring her.
Sounds like she's not that interested.

Declare your interest to her.
Don't even worry about it unless you met her. Feels shittier when a girl from online is so excited to meet you but then stops talking to you after date.
>Boyfriend from high school who lives in California
>Boyfriend from high school
>From high school
>high school

>underage b&
>long distance gf who lives on other side of country
>she's too busy dealing with school issues and generally shitty living situation to be able to talk very often
>every time I have a chance to talk I'm dealing with shit Uni internet or tech issues
>effectively tfw gf is taken from you
That's what I figured, yeah.
We never met, but this was my "match" in a few years so I'm a little more bummed than I should be.
Im in college you fucking tard
>used tinder for two weeks
>no matches
been in love with girl for 7 years, but i really gave up hope ~5 years ago (in our late 20s now)
we met through work, still work together and we're a really good team
still pretty good friends, though we don't really hang out outside of work anymore
she's beautiful, but she's also so fucking on point. She's passionate. She understands how the world works without getting cynical about it. 100% authentic.
And .. she just got engaged (i found out today), although she hasn't told me yet
the guy she's marrying is objectively better than me in every possible way and I think he'll be a fantastic husband

I'm probably a 6-7/10, i'm thin but dont work out, have a cool job, great salary, 6-figure net worth, but I've struggled with depression since high school -- there was no trauma or trigger for it, probably just a chemical imbalance or something -- I average about one bad episode per quarter, but this is turning into a real bad quarter

I want to move on (I've wanted to move on for years) but I honestly never loved anyone else and I feel completely crippled by the emotional weight of this. The emotion is overwhelming, and its difficult to think about anything else. I was in a meeting with this other girl today and I was just thinking "This girl's cute. Just ask this new girl out, and put all this behind you. This is a great idea. It'll fix everything." But my head is so fuzzy, my heart is so weak, I feel like my lungs cant get enough air. I can't trust my own judgment when I'm in this state.

I've dated other girls in the past several years, but its just never felt right. I just keep thinking -- even if things go really well with this girl, and lets say we get married someday, I'm never going to love anyone else like I loved her. Is that really fair to either of us in that scenario? If I married this poor woman, doesn't she deserve better than that too? Does any girl (any girl worth marrying) really want to just be just the "good enough" second choice?
>insecure because of penis size meme
>don't take initiative in girls who show interest in me

Help me pls
>girl at my church I'm friendly with
>tend to talk a bit during get togethers
>planning on asking her if she wants to see a movie next time I see her
Be confident, Be yourself if that doesn't work they weren't right for you anyway.
Does she touch you, contact is important.
Why did you stop dating her?
If you get her invested and interested, size won't matter. Treat her, learn her interests. Foreplay and passion matter a lot more than size, if you're good with your fingers and tongue she won't miss a thing
>meet qt azn at work
>we hit it off
>never had the tome to get her #
>different department and shifts

>leave work for 8 months due to some school stuff

>come back
>the last month we tend to bump into each other
>not saying anything just awkwardly back away

>the other day i say "hey" to her as as she was passing me by
>she didn't say anything

>wat do?
>Why did you stop dating her?
haha. we never really "dated". we flirted, hung out, etc.
but she was dating a d-bag when we met, and later transitioned directly into dating the much better guy -- which is when i knew i missed my chance.
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Would you like to catch up sometime outside of work?

if she tells you she has a boyfriend, or no, insist one last time then back off respectivly given dem space nigher
no. might have a lisp

If you never dated her, you were never in love. You've just idealized this woman to the point where you think there is no going back.


prove u is oney
wait fuck I just remembered Oney was only the VA for Leo. ur a fraud
that's because I'm not Oney lol
This hurt to read. Buy you know what you gotta do. Keep going out with new girls. It was just an infatuation, like the other anon said you idealized her. It can happen again with someone who will like you back.
riiight right.
>ask chix out all the time
>watever etc.
>cashier at walmart
>afraid to ask her out because of hanging up customers behind me
How do i get over this?
>Meet girl in class
>have project together, got it done and that was that
>next semester
>in the same class again
>"Hey, weren't you in that class last semester?"
>Start talking. I make her laugh, she makes me laugh
>Share same general interests
>I'm too socially retarded to say anything about liking her
>incredibly insecure about my tiny ass dick
>Kiss-less, relationship-less, 22 year old.

I genuinely like her, but I have no experience expressing how I feel to someone, let alone a girl.
Dude, didn't the asshole in the photo go on a killing spree because he thought no chicks liked him? Even though he was just completely psycho so he ran women off?

Not someone to emulate, man
Yeah. Quite frankly he wasn't even that unattractive, and he had rich parents. Kid was just plain nuts.
Does she know how you feel about her?
you are really new.
>BF's dad dies
>breaks up with me to "have some time to deal with his father's passing"
>actually goes and fucks other chicks for 2 weeks
>asks for me back after he's pumped and dumped

???? Did he just use his dead dad as an excuse to fuck around????
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>tfw all the girls you actually do get along with enough for dating are taken
You're showing your hand too early. Back off a bit & be cool.
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>post your current situation with the girl you like, as well as some context.
Sure, I'll bite, OP.

I like this escort that I've been seeing weekly. Every visit, we get more risque. Making love to her is like art.

She feels different than the others I've seen. Usually escorts stop texting or leading you on after the session. She's makes an incredible effort and is especially attentive to me.

At this point, I don't know if I'm getting tricked because I'm too far down the rabbit hole.

Yes he did, and he is disgusting for doing this, just think he did you a favor dumping you, so go and find someone better.
What country are you from
don't confuse introverted for insecure.
insecure can and needs to be dealt with
introvert is not a negative trait, it just means you spend energy when social(with people outside your close circle) and recharge when alone.
That may prevent you from going out and meet a nice person but there's ways around that, try using tinder or okcupid so you can directly talk to only people you expect to be worth spending that energy on.
It doesn't make you more high value on other levels or give you more ego, it's only a place where you're more likely to meet nice people than in your basement but without the social energy spenditure of the pub.
Is there a difference between Confidence (Lack of Insecurity) and Self-Awareness of positive things? At a certain point confidence is delusional, and delusional is something I am not willing to be.
If I don't live to my morals I'm no better than other hypocrites.
Me 29
The girl 16.
I make her laugh, she texts me and snaps chats me daily.
Some evenings I pick her up from school I take for something to eat.
She tries to give me a little kiss for a thank you, I except but tell he it isn't necessary.

Currently im being a little distance, she thinks I'm back with me ex, she is sending more texts that usual, mentioned this kid who asked her out, she said she interested but he's too immature.

Plan, she's got two weeks left at school, going to turn up and pick her up on this Friday take her for something to eat. then tell her about her Christmas present, going to take her away on her last weekend of school.

How am I doing?
16...? 29....? :/
Wait where are you taking her? To a cage in your basement?
16 is above the age of consent in places like Germany and the southern US.
14 is the age of consent in Japan, let us not forget.

Men are preprogrammed to like younger more fertile women, and women are preprogrammed to like older men who have more resources. This is natural and it's only society's liberalism that (Possibly) tells you it's 'wrong'.
Fuck off nig nog
Just meet this girl the otherday. She will be 16 in a mounth and i am 19 (it legal here) and she realy seems to like me.
She sends me snaps and texts al the time and even send me good morning messages when she wakes up.
fells good man
but feels bit weird man, 29 and 16, it's just wrong even if it is legal.

Over 10 years difference isn't a big deal when you're over your thirties but there's no way a 16 year old girl is mentally developed enough to date a 29 year old man. If you're 29 you should have your shit together and be able to date grown ass women imo. How do you even have common interests or topics to talk in-depth about?
It'll feel anything but wrong when he gets to bang her.

Texting all week is a horrible move.

It shows that you are very low value.

She is probably no longer interested for this reason. Bit also women are flakey in general.

Id also like to add that if she wants to spend time with you she will. There is literally no reason to text her again, just leave it and if she wants to come she will reply. If she doesnt reply its over move on.
do you real need common interest in someone your trying to bang?
She doesn't even know he only wants to bang her. She tried to make him jealous by telling him about the other kid, so that means she's emotionally involved. She even said she wants someone mature. If she just wanted to bang, they would have had already.

If you see nothing wrong in exploiting people's feelings for sex (ESPECIALLY if they are a teenager and you an adult), then there's something seriously wrong with you and you should go to therapy or jail.
But it's not illegal.
>be me
>nerdy and awkward high school student
>spend after classes in the computer room
>daily routine that lasts around 6pm

So here's the thing, there's this qt3.14 college girl I really want to talk to but I can't. She's always with a friend and I can't make a move.

This happened yesterday.
>be going out, 6pm like always
>I see her with a bunch of her friends walking out
>I rush my pace and overtake them because autism
>mfw I probably looked like an idiot doing that

How do I fix this?
There's this cute as fuck alt looking girl who lives in my complex that I wish I could talk to. We sometimes end up on the same bus or take the same route home or just generally run into each other and it's usually the best part of my day. Haven't said a word to each other, but best part of my day.

I want to talk to her but guys talking to girls on buses and being creepy is actually a real, noticeable problem in my city, and I don't want to be a part of that.

Plus, she might be gay because that's my luck.
you don't talk to your neighbours? Clearly your not from England.

How long have you been bumping in to her around your complex and route home with out say hello?
Cheating on exams or taking credit for other people's work isn't illegal either but it's still nothing to proud of and you're still not much of a man for doing it.

If you have to exploit someone inferior to get what you want because you can't get it the regular way and are ok with it, then good for you. You'll still be human garbage in most people's eyes.
Put some of your mail through her door.
Hopefully she'll return it.
Just because something isn't illegal doesn't mean we shouldn't lock up sperglord creepers that are too immature to pull women older than their teens. Most guys I've met that do this shit don't even have their shit together and work minimum wage jobs at grocery stores.
Yeah, I'm a little anti-social. I don't mean to be, I'm just new to the south. Been riding the same bus for a while, but only been bumping into each other frequently and exchanging glances for the last month or so.

We have locked individual mailboxes.
Bribe your mailman with a fiver senpai
That doesn't seem like a good idea.
i wish i had a girl to like, at my current state i don't know any girl
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>she's 6 years older than me
>is my teacher
I always fall for the wrong one
Ouch, reading that was really upsetting. I was rejected some time ago by a girl and found it hard to "move on". And if that experience taught me one thing, its how weak the mind is compared to the heart.
Back then I couldn't imagine that I could ever move on or get her out of my head. I was stuck longing for an alternate reality where we could be together. In that period I was in a suicidal/depressed state and felt for some reason that she could save me, I saw her as some perfect angle. The truth is, it was all an illusion. All these feelings played with my perception, which in turn can make the feelings even stronger.. and the cycle continues. I wished that I could stab my chest to release all these feeling that have been suppressed.
But somehow, I moved on. I wish I could figure out what this "somehow" is, in order to help you. But I'm sure that you too will move on. I hope you break the cage that your emotions are trapping you within.
I know saying this will make you feel bitter, but one day you'll find someone much better than her. And I do realize how hard believing this fact is, in your situation.
>no gf
>don't even know any girls
>>post your current situation with the girl you like, as well as some context.
I met a girl at a social, we got along but she had been drinking too much, she told me her life story and we got along but nothing happened, I never had the balls to try and have an extended conversation with her afterwards because I worried that she wouldn't like me when she was sober.
I went on internet dating and she matched with me pretty quickly, I still didn't have the balls to message her.
Long story short, by the time I realised that I had to stop being an idiot, she was no longer signing onto internet dating, I snooped on the guy she is dating and he is married and has kids, I'm not sure she knows that (her fb in a relationship with him is a different account name to his main), but I obviously can't just tell her.

Contemplated sending the fake account details to his wife but I don't know if it is my place to say anything.
*dumbest post of the day award*

^ This

What >>16524329 said is what every loser who can't match with a real woman says, so they go for immature teenagers because they are easy and deluded.
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I have a crush on a flatmate of a female friend. Said flatmate apparently doesn't want a boyfriend at this moment (according to my friend when I asked her about her flatmate), but I suspect that's because the friend confides in her about her shitty boyfriend all the time. I also dated a friend of the flatmate but we broke up when we couldn't hang out, which could be a source of drama/discomfort.

I'm ensure whether to bother pursuing this girl. Anyone have experience with girls who reportedly didn't want a relationship but got them to date anyway?
You need to take the plunge. It will be hard... It will be awkward.. But you will learn from it.

Ask her out bro
we're going on our first date and i'm shitting bricks but hey this is actually pretty good isn't it?
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>Emotionally sensitive
>didn't have any good social moments in my school days
>too nervous to introduce myself to women or any person in general
>obviously don't have any problems talking to people on the net
>almost all of my embarrassing moments were met with negativity and no positivity what so ever
>had some crushes in school, but I always fucked up by saying really inappropriate shit
>addicted to porn
>slightly insecure about my virginity and penis size, worried I might not be able to pleasure any woman if I ever manage to make it that far
Contrary to her accepting you and ignoring you afterwards, yes.
>be CompE major, starting junior year in college
>start becoming attracted to ChemE girl in my fraternity, she is in her senior year
>also join swing club which she happened to also be in
>halfway through semester ask her on a date
>she politely refuses, says she was recently out of a relationship and didn't want to jump into a new one
>Happy that I asked and got it over with, say cool no problem and move on
>following semester don't keep up with Swing, don't see her very often, having trouble with classes etc. very rough time
>Now in fall semester of my senior year, switched to CompSci, been getting my shit together, only will have to do one extra semester to graduate. Everything is going pretty well.
>find out she is still at school and in one of my lectures
>she apparently is going for a compsci degree as well
>we end up in a group project together with a couple other people
>realize, fuck, I still like her
>ask her out to a concert after class a few weeks ago (I didn't call it a date though)
>she says she might have a swing event going on that night but would if she was free
>next day swing event looks like its gonna happen so she cancels and I go with my roommate instead
>next day she texts me and asks if I wanted to go to a different event that night
>I agree, we go, and have a pretty good time. We're both on the quiet side so there was an occasional lull in conversation but it went well for the most part. Got icecream after the event and talked for an hour, and I walked her home.
>we hugged at the door and agreed to do something again soon
>next week I invite her out for lunch at someplace I wanted to try out
>very slow responding to texts even though when I see her in class she often messes with her phone
>She says she usually eats lunch with her friend at that time and asked if she could come along.
>agree because I don't want to fuck this up
>her friend is quiet too and the mood seemed off, had some pretty awkward pauses in conversation
>afterwards drop them off at her house and she says she will see me later
>cant really say anything with here friend there
>next week was thanksgiving so I didnt see or talk to her
>then yesterday I asked her out to a play after class (to avoid the texting shenanigans) either saturday or sunday night
>she says she's busy both nights and gives legitamate sounding reasons
>I was really hoping she could make it so I could tell her I liked her and go for a kiss after
I feel like I fucked this up in the beginning by not really establishing where we stand but at the same time I feel my intentions are obvious.
At this point my gut is telling me is to wait and see if she tries to initiate something.
I'm trying to take her words at face value but I have the nagging feeling she might just not like me that way and is trying to be nice about it.
In any case, winter break is coming up in a couple weeks anyway, so I might try initiating something again after the break.
Any thoughts?
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>be me at the start of the high school
>meet a girl in your class
>oh lawd, easy 9/10 for me
>she's cute, clever, always smiling and all that shit
>check her facebook
>in relationship for like 3 fucking years
>she even has some photos with him when they were like 8 y/o or sth
>see her bf
>taller than me
>looking better than me
>more confident than me
>has participated in lots of crazy partys, meanwhile i can't even dance
>he knows her better than me
meanwhile me
>manlet (not smaller than her, but still a fucking manlet)
>0 confidence
>i would rate myself 2,5/10
>average intelligence at best
>i see myself as a miserable human being
>i don't think that there is any aspect i'm better at than him
>i still hope for the best
2 years later, today
>she is still happy with her bf
>sweet baby jesus,she went from a 9/10 to 10/10 (for me, might be biased ofc)
>i have to watch her amazing body and listen to her cute voice every fucking day
>i know that she'll never look at me like i do look at her
>she'll never love me
>she has no reason to
>you guys are the first people that I confessed my feelings to
>and propably the last
at this point i don't even want to be with her, cause I think I would be a dissapointment. I just want to no longer have feelings for her. How to?
I'm friends with this chick, sometimes when we make eye contact she'll immediately look away to the side, sometimes downwards, what's going on here?

I'm pretty fucking stupid
> 35 years old
> there is no girl
> there never will be
Don't wind up like me I guess
Noticed this girl pointing her leg/foot towards me, but will shift her body from that position
>be me
>june 2015
>meets a girl through friend on csgo
>end up talking to but
>instantly falls in love
>decides to meet up
>pretty awkward but we sit and just talk and get to know each other
>we start to get close
>potential gf
>stops talking
>never stopped loving her
>becomes friends again
>she has a boyfriend
>basically getting frienszoned
>idc I'm in fucking love
>I don't like anyone
>It's been a year since I've had sex.
20 meet perfect girl
We are 2 days together, best 2days of my life.
Don't want long distance
But atleast we cuddled and i had my first kiss

22 at uni fall for the shy girl
we have classes together
i get every material twice so we can talk she never has anyting prepared.
Ask if she is seeing somebody. Get answer no.
Ask my friend to help me. My friend instead of helping me took the girl on date.

Whole class is making fun of me why i don't have a GF, never greet the girl ,
My friend is trying to help me in classes and everything in math fo. i told him to fuck off i don't and won't accept ur help.
Still 3 months passes and he still doesn't accept the fact that we are no more friends.
This is the third time i've read this in the last few days. Sorry to disappoint you but pointing her foot doesn't mean anything.
made out with girl twice when i was drunk, woke up in her bed second time. not really sure what happened either time. She's pretty flirty, and really hot. Think there might be something there
>24 years old with no experience
>had to shave head because balding a bit
>somehow, that triggered all the women around me and whenever I go to parties, at least 1 girl is all over within 10 minutes
>play it very well every time, but never escalate it

It's inevitable... but holy shit, my first experience is bound to be awful. No one knows I'm so pathetic with women; everyone expects otherwise, actually... the opposite. They think I'm some player.

Should I hire a prostitute first or something?
I'm so beta that I don't even have a crush to be beta with. Not that it matters as no halfway attractive woman would want a fat ugly pos like me. I'm sure my rock bottom self esteem is preventing me from even crushing on women. Fuck I hate myself.
Don't fuck it up by saying to her you like her. Just ask her out.
Only girls I know are from my Facebook friends... I don't see girls irl on a constant basis.
I really want my ex back. I broke up with her originally but I ended up lookin beta in the end I think. Just kinda went out of my way to be an asshole to her after we broke up. Not manly behavior at all.

Fuck. Why care. It's over and not coming back to life. Unfortunately nothing I can do about it.
Cutest girl I've ever seen. Asked her out on a date the first time I met her. She rejected me. I still really want her but with a first encounter like that? Never gonna happen. I'm going to cry all my self esteem out now bye
This. Shitsux but I fortunately don't base my happiness on how much attention I get from girls
File: gfiaxqS.gif (2MB, 320x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 320x180px
I don't have a current situation with a girl. I'm focusing on myself and getting through college.

Still, not a virgin so I'm no insecure about not perusing. Glad I got that out of the way when I was 18 tbqh family.
Might as well post the story.
dated girl for a month, she broke it of because of her feelings for someone else. i kept my cool but weeks later i fucked up and send her beta messages on fb why she did it and if she still had feelings. awkward conversation happens, i call her immature because of her opinions. she deletes me on facebook. the end

There really is no advice to give me but you can try. I wish i could apologize but i never meet her outside of the dating and sending a message on fb is to late to make it genuine.

I'm your opposite. I find great T&A in my world, yet I constantly get kekolded because they literally already have a bf, yet I asked them out and flirted for nothing.

You're missing rejection, humiliation, and bodies you can't touch at all. So, good for you!
I know I can have her. We already went out once, but making a move didn't even cross my mind then. We talk everyday and I know I should ask her out again but damn I feel anxious. I might be in the friendzone but not deep enough to not have a chance. I tend to overthink things and its killing me and stressing me irrationally. How can I make this flow naturally like it should?
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Me: 24 y/o mature student surrounded by qt's in uni all day. I have never had a gf, this goes hand in hand with my problem I don't have the confidence to flirt with girls I like in public/ ask them out?

When I am drunk I have no problem initiating or escalating. Why am I afraid to ask girls out when sober but not jump out of a plane (maybe because the plane can't say no)? I have been to first base with 15+ chicks when in clubs and have been to fourth base with hookers on 5 occasions (sober). Fuck me it's like I know how to take a plane into the sky and land but not fly the fucking thing, HELP!
How do you tell if nice girls are into you?

I have that "nice girl" friend who makes everyone feel special and stuff.
She's not the most social person though and doesn't have that many friends.
We were pretty much acquaintances and stopped talking to each other for a year.
Earlier this year she started talking to me again and we actually got to be friends.
She's really friendly towards me now, complements my clothes pretty often, is always the one to initiate conversations with me, and she does a lot of other things that feels borderline flirty to me.

But is this just the spaghetti effect or do I actually have a chance here?

I can guarantee you that the girl is not going to give a shit. The only time it bothers them is when:

1. they are enormous dead-fish sluts that just want to get dicked without doing any work

2. you freak out and make it some huge deal that they now have to deal with

My first time, she had been teasing me, sucking my dick, and playing with my balls a few times before she pulled off her pants/panties and tried to mount me. I told her that it was my first time and that I was nervous but anxious. I was trembling a little bit in anticipation, too. It didn't bother her much at all and she was only too happy to take my virginity. We did missionary for a few minutes before it became too uncomfortable for me (mild phimosis) then I put her in the doggy position. She was moaning and pushing her hips back into me until that, too, was uncomfortable. I didn't cum. It took a few more sessions before it started to really feel good, and she had no problems with that.

Moral of the story? Don't fucking worry that much about it. Do it with a sweet, caring girl that you have a good connection with.
what girl ;(
Ask her out, you dip
You might have come off as boring, or she felt to much pressure from you. Think back to like a moment where you got a late response or a bored reaction from her. Try to contact other woman. Don't try to interrogate her, by asking her questions, that she heared from 10,000 other men.
Does she initiate CONTACT? How does she act with others? Does she look at your lips when you talk? You should try and ask her to lunch and see how she reacts in a one-on-one situation you initiate. Can be tricky, though, everyone is different.
>Started uni
>met girl on first day
>speak every day since then
>she has bf
>they give eachother "some time"
>we fuck
>we like eachother a fucking lot
>I end up feeling like shit because of reasons
>I know this situation has to end (we were holding hands all the fucking day)
>She finally tells her boyfriend to talk things out
>Tells him about us
>I feel bad as shit
>They end up together again after a week of patiently trying not to fuck her (I already felt bad for the guy)
>I felt like shit because I ended up loosing as always, I wanted more than sum fug
>She tells me she didn't tell his boyfriend about us fucking, only about making out (so he would forgive her)
>I get angry with her and I feel used

I've been feeling better now because I went out with my close friends whom didn't see for weeks. but now recent shit:

>Yesterday she told me she still likes me
>Today she had to interview me
>In her house
>Tense as fuck
>I almost kiss her, but I don't want to fuck it all more
>The fucked up thing is she wanted to, too

Now I'm asking myself why I should carry this fucking stone on my back. I always try to do the best for everyone, and I feel bad for the guy even though my friends were like "You feel bad for her girlfriend?" but I can't help it, I just think how it would be if I were in his position.
And I think I won't contain myself anymore, I'm having lots of personal shits and I'm questioning my behaviour towards lots of things.

Also fuck Nietszche, he was right. I'm feeling like I'm going to explode someday.
She put you in this shitty position, don't let her decide if you tell her boyfriend or not. YOU decide what you want and what you think is right. Also this girl is no gf material since she will treat you the same.
Where I'm from 16 year old are allowed to join the army and die for their country.
I wouldn't call 16 year olds immature, they know what they want and they go for it. This girl is clearly chasing that guy because she knows he wants her, there is statues thing of bagging a older guy, therefore she is empowered.
File: Eu5AW7A.jpg (381KB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i have hardcore oneitis for a girl from one of my uni classes.
the semester is over now, and i didn't try to pursue a relationship with her because i'm fucking pathetic. the only way to contact her now is through whatsapp, but i'm way too fucking scared that she'll reject me when i ask her out
help. how do i not fuck it up?
>got the girl I like

In my basement
>going out with aspie girl regularly
>take it slow because insecure as fuck, too inexperienced to see openings and aspie being aspie
>about to make it official when her schedule picks up and she's busy day and night
>starts shooting down my plans for little get-togethers because even that is too much
>3 months now
>aspie focus is on overdrive
>try hard to stay on her mind and not disappear behind her work
>go out of my way to be with her and help where I can
>she never initiates, hardly reciprocates and usually it seems she just tolerates
She really isn't in a position for anything more than a very, very distant boyfriend. I want to get clarity on where we stand and what she truly thinks of me, but I don't want to make the burden on her shoulders even worse with relationship stuff. So I just stick around as her emotional support, even if I look and sometimes feel like it's the other way around.

Honestly, if there was no Aspergers to explain away her mixed signals, I would've taken the hint and moved on long ago. But now I just sit in limbo.
Is it worth dealing with the potential for drama, or should I date girls elsewhere?
GF did this to me too, her grandfather died and she said she couldn't be in a relationship at the moment,
It was just an stupid excuse, I had been very supportive the whole time
Been talking to a girl for a few weeks and I like her and I know she feels the same way but she won't date me. She is moving to a different state in a few months and says she can't do long distance so she doesn't want to get hurt when she leaves. What do?
#1) Used to go to a social group with me. Was really into me, liked her too, but I'm the sort of person who doesn't really care enough to ask anyone out. Might have made a joke that offended her. Left the social group after that, about 18 months ago. Deleted me on FB about 12 months ago. Sent a FR, she ignored it. Thinking of messaging her, sometime.

#2) Girl at a different social group, knew her for a while. Never really made a move. She left for university on the far side of the country. Began talking to her a few weeks before she left. Get talking, nothing massively flirty, but it's banter. Make a joke about her accent being dorky, she didn't respond to it. About a month later, send a new message, asking if she could teach me somthing, which she responds to eagerly. Last message I sent, she still hasn't "seen".

#3) Girl who was into me all through 6th form, but I was into one of her mates. She's moved to uni a few cities away. Never really talked to her.

#4) Girl in Uni class. Talked to her once or twice, don't know her too well. Smiles at me when I look at her. I think I overheard her saying I was cute, recently, but not too sure on that one.

#5) Friend at uni, solid banter. Very shy, though. Decided to escalate a bit with leg touching, didn't seem to respond to it well.

what do, /adv/? Sometimes, I feel as though I can't stay interested in a single person for too long. Want to at least get some FWB going with them.
Literally none of these seem remotely close, besides maybe 4.
>in college
>no friends despite being involved in clubs and events
>diagnosed with depression and anxiety
>therapy is going no where, they want me on meds
>fuck that
>girl I like is too old for me and just got a boyfriend
>I haven't had a complete conversation with her anyways so it's not like I had a chance
>find no pleasure in anything for very long
>don't even feel like killing myself
tbf, my relations with most of them are far more complex than what I've got there

just figured I'd put up more recent shit for them all
File: image.jpg (217KB, 640x989px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>sophomore year
>had a pretty fucked up year last year, got fucked over by some "friends"
>have 0 confidence, have no desire for making friends or socializing
>sit alone at lunch everyday
>people assume I'm a faggot aspie (maybe I am)
>was sitting alone at lunch one day
>girl from my math class passes by with a posse of friends
>they walk past and start talking once they think I'm out of earshot
>"wow, I didn't think anon could get any more depressing"
File: image.jpg (68KB, 919x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 919x720px
>in highschool
>shy as fuck,beta awkward as hell, the whole package
>been depressed for like a year and half now
>have trouble meeting new people in highschool
>now we have all that cleared up
>sitting in class
>qt3.4 8/10 Hispanic girl keeps giving me looks
>happens for a couple of weeks, usually brush it off since I'm an insecure faggot
>caught her one time
>she smiled
>again, insecure as fuck. Probably just had something on my face or some shit
>she seems kinda nice though
>developed a crush
>months pass, still haven't had the opportunity to talk to her
>found her social media and shit, she seems pretty easy
>constantly posts generic "if only he knew I love him" typa shit on her Twitter
>me being the delusional faggot I am, immediately associate these posts with myself
>what the fuck am I doing guys?

Old men have their shit together, but I am only attracted to men who are 30 or close to 30 if they look young. I know that's shallow, but so are all men. Plus being with someone who has an old dust face is just so gross ok.

And I would never date above 30, that's practically one foot in the grave compared to me. And I am young and need sex with my s/o, can't imagine being with a guy who has already been around the block and is all used up and is content with not having as much sex, blech.
Reach out to her before it's too late, you fucking dumbass! What is with you pussyfoots on this board that give up the minute shit goes down? If it's still less than half a year, she's guaranteed still thinking of you holy fuck.
I met a girl in my Jiu Jitsu class and she's always been the one to ask me to grapple with. Nowadays I can't do Jiu Jitsu much because other worries. She's teased me before, I've made her laugh most times. I can't tell if she likes me or is just a fun girl because she has many friends. I'm a loner.
You should arm triangle her and right before she passes out ask her on a date.
File: 0041_1297539927809.jpg (42KB, 720x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 720x450px
So you were never even in a relationship, but you're hung up on her. So hung up, you've never allowed yourself to be in a healthy relationship because of it. A real relationship with someone who may have actually loved you for you.

I have read some beta shit on this board. But wow. This might be top five. And it reads with such sincerity, I believe it may actually be a genuine post? This is scary. This shit needs to stop. What is happening to our men.
You can't expect someone to constantly text you, even if they are very much interested. Everyone has there own life and what might be pushing them away is your excessive yearning for a relationship now. Also, some chicks simply don't text guys too much as they value time spent in person and it helps to use emoticons when texting cause it helps them read your texts as playful and not necessarily serious.
Be her friend first. once your her friend call her "cute" or "pretty" every now and then and it won't be weird. Even buy her a cool bday gift like a band Tshirt or some cool video game (chicks DO play video games, only a neck beard would disagree) as a casual gesture that you appreciate her. I bought this cute blonde 18 year old chick a Tame Impala shirt, my friend delivered it to her and she thought it was soft and wore it the same night. If she doesn't tell you that she likes you or show any visual cue or hint of it, move on to another chick unless your close enough for a future chance to be present.

U better make sure his dad is really dad.
He probably moved somewhere and your boyfriend used this as an opportunity to dip&spit on different butts.

Just saying. It could be possible.
>first girl I liked passed me a note asking if I wanted to go out
>I replied okay and sent it back
>she and her group of friends just laughed at me
>second girl i had a crush on
>at the school dance by myself
>she walks up to me grabs my hand and pulls me towards the dance floor
>she then pushes me towards her friend and laughs at me
(no the friend did not like me)

>now in college
>join the video game club because they're the only thing I'm passionate about
>everyone there plays the same 3 games and spouts reddit memes
>only a couple girls in the whole club who hoard all of the attention
>leave club
>now I'm completely alone

I used to joke with my friends that the last time I held hands with a girl was when I arm-wrestled one and lost. It's still true.
File: justbeatit.jpg (32KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 600x600px
Cute cashier girl from Rite Aid

>she is cute as fuck
>we talk randomly when I go
>see her like once a week kinda
>she usually initiates the conversation
>i went today with a team hoodie
>today she was like 'eww your a ____ fan'
>'yeah, ur a __ fan'
>she nods her head
>'guess we cant be friends'
>she smiles
>little stuff like that happens occasionally
>its been too long
>i should've made a move long ago
>too beta to ask out a cashier
>dont wanna make it awkward since i go there often

anyone ever make a move on an employee? I dont wanna mistake store friendly assistant with someone who actually likes me. or who am i kidding. no one would ever like me like that.
Fuck's sake, just ask her if she wants to grab a coffee, if she says no who cares? It's not like you asked her out on a date or anything
File: 1040___L50U17y.gif (60KB, 320x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>in highschool
>beta af
>goes to highschool Christmas costume dance
>dress up as the 11th doctor
>girl runs up to me says "Are you the 11th doctor!"
>tell her yeah says to me"I need to dance with you later"
>tell her ok
>later she grabs me and starts dancing with me
>shy at the moment I ask her shity conversation starters"s-so how are you liking the dance?"
>"great I love doctor who by the way"
>"o-oh yeah what doctor do you like"
>the 12th
>"being dressed as 11th you can see I like the 11th"
>song is done but we go sit down by the food
>did more talking about doctor who then I asked would you date me
>"I would but I need to get to you better"
>she then grabs my phone put your number
>mfw I couldn't text her because I had shit flip phone
>1 year later after hang out one day out of the Christmas costume dance I pop the question again "w-will you go out with me?"
>she says "been fucking waiting on you to ask but I'll think about It, I'll tell you at the dance"
>goes to the dance worrying about it the whole time see her she is dressed as a goth Disney Princess but looking i over that
>i see her talking to this guy it's instantly jealous
>she sees me tells me to sit in her lap
>I do it then to find out she's bi and has made out with all the girls at the dance does weed and drinks writes gay fanfiction of Sherlock
>think to myself what have I done
>one month later she breaks up with me because she likes girls better
>mfw I'm not even enough for tumblr
>never got in a relationship after that

How do I get girls /adv/
I feel like there's an awkward gap between alpha and beta where dudes have certain leadership traits, and can attract women to a degree, but lack other important ones. A king of betas, as you say.
>22 year old relationshipless virgin
>Really dig this qt girl in one of my school's various music club but she's so much more patrician and talented than I am that I'm afraid to even try flirting.
>We talk sorta often at our university's concerts and club meetings and I've gotten her to send me a bunch of cool new music to listen to, plus she said once she has free time she'll make me a full playlist of some genres she thinks I would like.
>I likely won't see her again until the spring though unless I try to arrange some chill session but since she lives off campus and we both have a lot of finals coming up this is kind of difficult to do not to mention too forward for me to be comfortable with
>because of that how much I talk to her is entirely dependent on how I respond on FB about the stuff she just sent me
>Fuck's sake, just ask her if she wants to grab a coffee, if she says no who cares? It's not like you asked her out on a date or anything

Actually it's exactly like that you moron.
i have an ingrained reflex against eyecontact

im also a fat ugly loser with a crush on a woman 5 years older than me who wont talk to me
feminist shills please leave the premises
Oh man there is a super qt bagger at my grocery store but when I smiled at her she got this weird look on her face.

Sometimes I wish I had the balls to kill myself.
It's a super cute girl I know from school, but I graduated last year and never got to talk to her. After some Facebook and internet stalking I found out her address and went there and talked to her. It was awkward as fuck and now she probably thinks I'm super creepy. Oh well at least I got to talk to someone who isn't my parents.
Isn't that still statutory rape?

age of consent 16 here, but once 18, anyone younger than 18 counts as statutory rape.
File: 1448788688876.png (1MB, 921x1078px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 921x1078px
I'll try to keep it short.

>met a girl three years ago and ended up getting with her shortly after
>get an apartment together
>bills are split and it's a pretty nice lifestyle
>she ends up having a complete opposite sleeping schedule due to her starting a career
>I end up sleeping on the couch so she doesn't bitch all the time and pretty much give her the room
>sex completely halts and when I get home from work she's talking to friends on PS4 in the other room while I'll be doing my thing in living room
>most conversations revolve around what needs to be done and finances
>decide to be just friends two weeks ago
>shit is exactly the same except without the bf/gf titles
>not even sad about it

She doesn't like me mentioning girls around her, but pretty much said do whatever as long as I don't tell her due to awkwardness of the one bedroom apartment. She's not looking for anyone due to being career focused.

Am I in the clear to date other people or would it be wrong due how recent our split was?

Does her not wanting to hear about my love life mean she still wants me?
>age of consent 16 here, but once 18, anyone younger than 18 counts as statutory rape.
then your AOC isnt 16, retard
No, because they're a minor. It counts as statutory rape, even if they are able to consent.
>no gf

Usually the precursor to these things is also a lack of friends (or being friends with other losers).
File: 1388354446448.jpg (33KB, 720x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Cute girl from college, we have lots of classes together
>Become friends
>We've been hanging out a lot more lately
>She laughs at pretty much anything i say, follows me around campus, always sits next to me during classes, makes plans for us to study together, etc.
>Never really had a female friend so i cant tell if she's flirty or friendly, though im pretty sure its just friendly because there's this other guy and the way she acts around him makes it pretty obvious that shes into him.

Id like to at least keep her as a friend, how do i stop liking her?
>Id like to at least keep her as a friend, how do i stop liking her?

Keep it hidden I guess?
...what? where did OP even imply that you should emulate Elliot's behavior?
I'd like at least 1 response desu
>think girl is interesting
>getting along well
>she introduces me to her girlfriend
>I back off and cease talking to her one on one or unless I have to

It's always like this. Sometimes I wish people would just wear a fucking badge saying "sorry I'm taken" to save me the trouble and disappointment.
File: 1447220810253.jpg (26KB, 401x318px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 401x318px
hehehehehe imma tell him his blace :DDDDD
Just fucking ask them.

>So are you single?

If you pussyfoot around the subject of dating someone you'll remain single.
File: feelphone.png (90KB, 800x986px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Being alpha as fuck
>She still takes 8 hours to reply to my text
>8 hours.
She probably fucked 8 black guys in that time, dump her and write slut on her front door.
Well, anon. Assuming you aren't just being tricked into spending more money, you've got to ask yourself a question here.

Would you be okay with her fucking other men for money?
>are seeing anybody?
>oh that cool, how long for?
>nice, how did you guys meet?

>are seeing anybody?
>I find it hard to believe nobody wants to date you, you're great company.
Brought her back to my dorm room yesterday. We had our first kiss with her sitting up on my lap. About to see her for lunch again today. I don't need advice on this, I'm just letting you guys know it's possible and you'll all make it one day if you put in the effort!
Eh, I met her through a mutual friend and wanted to get a feel for it. I've dated some girls only to find out that they are bitter cunts after a week or so.

I liked talking to her and found our conservations fun. That's what I base it off.

Not that it matters. I don't meet girls often. I don't really have a social avenue these days and it kinda kills me with loneliness. I never knew how lonely I could be beforehand, but now that my group of friends basically said "get out" I've been doing nothing but sleeping and being sad.

Sorry for the rant. I've had a rough month.
Depends on how you look at it, when I'm getting to know someone I usually go with coffee, go to a small cafe with a relaxed vibe, sit down drink our coffee's and talk.

You can look at it as a date I suppose but I see it more as just getting to know someone better before I decide if I want to date them or not.
File: 1438034973522.jpg (470KB, 1548x1468px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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never works
ask her out, see how it goes
She probably assumes that later in life you guys will end up together again, and that this is just a "break". But if you still care for her, you shouldn't get with anyone because its possible that one day it comes back to bite u in the ass that you dated someone while you guys were on a "break"
File: 1444502915609.gif (3MB, 242x263px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 242x263px
>This really hot girl took a liking to me
>Way too hot for me
>Short story I fell in love, at first I was even intimidated by her
>She's even a tiny bit taller than me
>All my friends go bananas because she's literal 9/10 with crazy body
Then I realized my mistake
>Realize she might be with me because I won't treat her like a slut she is
>Realize I'm probably being used, I'm kinda cute and really nice to her
>Constant fear of her cheating on me now
>Only been together 2 months
>She's stopped being so sweet
>She's stopped sending cute/sexy pics on snapchat like she used to
>Ended school at 4:30PM, it's now 7:48PM and she hasn't responded to my latest text

Is she out banging some other guy atm? Fuck man I'm such a loser for falling in love with this girl. She used to respond in an instant ALL the time with a cute selfie, she didn't say she was going to do anything special today so why is she fucking me up like this atm? I really miss how she was in the beginning, all my previous anxietys were gone, now I'm back at square 1 sitting biting my nails atm like a faggot.

I know I'm a beta in this, but I won't drop her until I get proper EVIDENCE of that she's cheated on me, because I have a great plan of destroying her if I get evidence.

Try to give me advice anyway, on how to feel better in this situation etc, I already have 2 other girls that I can fuck any weekend I want so I will do it probably but I still feel so shit because this girl is perfect, or well used to be.

>Pic related looks so much like her
I think you worry to much senpai.

>Realize she might be with me because I won't treat her like a slut she is
>Realize I'm probably being used, I'm kinda cute and really nice to her

unless you are a orbiter, according to the story she is your gf so i assume you fuck then these sentences don' t really make any sense
I'm addicted to strippers because real girls wouldn't give me the time of day. I have no problem being charming when I'm actually talking to the strippers but there's no way I'd get my foot in the door if I was to have met these women outside of the club. I hate being this beta that the only female touch I can get is from a woman whom I'm paying to give it to me.
I like this girl that I'm acquaintances with but I don't know what to do when we're alone. I just feel really autistic around her. Like yesterday when she was driving me home from college, all I could talk about was our classes and I feel really shitty afterwards because that's when I think things that I could have actually done to hit on her. Help
>good job
>good friends
>not the most beta person in the world

I'm too busy all the time because of work and I always come back home tired af. I'm about to get a huge promotion which will only make me busier

How the fuck do I meet a white 3.14 qt I can move in with

I know women are everywhere but what do
File: 1384135573694.png (431KB, 460x520px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
431KB, 460x520px

I'm just so fucking done with this horse shit. When I was younger I didn't give a fuck and I had tons of girlfriends. They would've done anything for me and worshiped me.

When I got older I wanted something serious. I stopped looking and then this girl came into my life telling me she was looking for the same thing. I felt invested but in the end what do I get?

>Oh.. well, I don't really care.

Fuck her. Fuck women. I'm so fucking done with this shit. I'm going back to the way that I was. I didn't want to be this way but i'm so fucking tired of being ignored and cast aside.

I FUCKING HATE IT!! Was it to much to ask for? A nice girl? A girl who genuinely gives a fuck about me and that I can return it? No. It always has to be when I don't give a damn. Fuck it all.
i'm 26 and foreveralone fembot, how do i find a qt gril to love?
>boys dressed as girls also acceptable
all the traps i meet online are pretty cringy / attention whores.
*internet hugs* there there. shit happens, learn and move forward or die. we aren't all assholes, sometimes things just don't work out.
>too forward
Just ask man.
There's a lot of beta in this post. Probably enough for the whole thread

I'm not that guy and I've been hung up on the same girl since 2004. She used to brag in high school about how she'd sit on the faces of old men and have sex with them, and then cheat off of my tests so she could pass courses.

Never got to go out on a single date with her, asked her out several times, tried throughout highschool and even after.

Now she has two kids and she's "found God" and acts like she's this great person that treats everyone well.

it's made me so afraid of rejection that i've spent the past week trying to craft a message to this girl on POF and I guess I'm going to send it out tonight, but I'm still afraid of getting that "no" response. the few relationships I've had have always ended because i compared them to this girl i couldn't get.

Similar situation for me:

>perfect 10/10 girl in my class
>haven't talked to her but
>friends have told me about her and i checked her social media
>she has a boyfriend for a few months now
>he is more buff than me and 2 years older than me
>he is more social and goes to parties
>I get the top marks in the class
>I don't socialize with anyone and prefer intellectual activities
>meanwhile her bf is pretty stupid when it comes to school
>he's getting nearly failing marks
>he also holds political views that are against hers
>this girl has been asked out so many times
>picks this guy

I feel like she chose him simply because of his looks. What do I do /adv/? Is there a chance she will break up with him?
I want to date a coworker of mine.

>cute, a bit of a plain jane
>she holds eye contact when we talk and seems genuinely interested in convos
>can be myself around her
>always wants me to stay when I have to leave

We don't see each other much because we have 2 different shifts but I texted her and asked her out to lunch. She had plans but asked if I was going to our departments holiday party which I am. Is it a good sign?
>Been talking to this girl since February
>We have breaks, I get gfs, she has a bf, whatever
>Late August, we pick it up, we go out, everything is amazing
>Since September, when school started, we only talked via text

For the same fucking 4 months, we are just talking. She can't clear her schedule for me(lives far from me and we don't have cars), but she doesn't reject me. I know she is into me, but I just can't do shit. I expressed my intentions pretty clearly without giving away.

It is way too annoying, I'm into her, she is into me, but we just cant see eachother. I'm kind of a beta fag and sometimes I just don't know how to not be clingy. Also, she is the kind of mute person, isn't way too talkative.

Help me /adv/

look for signs, eye contact, body contact. Look for new signs.

Go for it, what could happen? Get rejected, so what?

yea, after she gets knocked up.
It's been a week and she hasn't texted back so I've given up on anything happening.
What should I have done in a situation like that if it comes up again? She was busy with finals and couldn't make plans until the next weekend.
>boys dressed as girls also acceptable

Who the fuck gave you that advice?
>Liking a girl and talking to her alot
> She tells me she has a crush on one of our friends
>Freaks out about him once and a while and expects me to care about getting them together
> Breaks my heart as I sit there nodding my head and never admitting my feelings
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