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Cat Hoarding

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/adv/ Please help me figure out what to do.

My Dad is a cat hoarder, he has 60-100 cats at any given time and they've ruined his health and his home. He lives all alone and smells like cat urine everywhere he goes. Every time you go in his house there's cat feces, urine and vomit everywhere.

I'm sick of him living like this, I want to get all of the cats out his home and clean it up so he has a safe place to live.

What pisses me off the most is his friends on facebook cheer him on and tell him he's a "cat rescue" when he's not. All his cats are sick, have worms, are flea infested, and dying and they wander around the home tearing up everything. He spends hundreds of dollars on them every two weeks on food, litter and medication so he lives in poverty and is about to bankrupt for the second time and lose his house.

If I report him to the police they'll throw him in jail for it because it's a felony here and I don't want him to lose his job because it's the only one he's had for 30+ years.

I'm afraid the SPCA or similar will also report him to the police.

He's totally estranged from his family (except for me his only daughter) and has no friends.

What the fuck do I do?

op I know this isn't what you want to hear, but jail might be best for him.
They may be able to get him a medical health plea if his hoarding is seen as a strong enough mental disorder
but the fact is all of these animals are suffering, so are you and he may not think so but he's also suffering.

Nothing less than immediate psychiatric attention is going to save him op. This is not a band-aid fix.
When I ask people if I should report him though they tell me no because it's his choice to hoard and that I would be to blame if he went to jail and that would make me a bad daughter.
This is animal abuse and your dad is sick. Like the other anon said, reporting him and him having legal action taken against him is probably the only way and what's best for him, you, and the cats.

>>>/an/ probably has more people knowledgable on his this works.
Its not his choice to hoard, its a compulsion. You can't fix it, you can try to talk to him and let him know your concerns, but this won't end well if you don't force him to get help.
look at it this way

You don't report it
>cats continue to sicken, starve and die in droves
>Father's health worsens
>expenses pile up
Eventually someone notices and he goes to jail anyways.

As opposed to
>report to the spca
>cats are saved or at least spared a long, painful death
>maybe some are adopted out to loving homes
>maybe most are put out of their misery
>dad stops spending money, health improves

con being he goes to jail. But at least the animals aren't suffering and his health improves. I don't know how long he would be in there.

either way, something will happen eventually, it's only a matter of time before he winds up investigated. You aren't a bad daughter for saving a bunch of animals and thinking about your father's health and safety. You're concerned, as you should be

You should talk with a professional about it. Maybe go out of county and ask "hypotheticals" to the police about someone whose mental health you find suspect and hoarding issues.

some states see hoarding as a psychiatric issue. Talk to a lawyer, see if you can have the issue addressed with psychiatric help rather than jailtime
Those people are fucking stupid. Don't listen to them. You're father is sick, and this is killing him. People wouldn't call you a bad daughter if you did the same thing if your dad was a drug addict.

Talk with your father. Be honest and tell him to seek psychological help or you'll resort to reporting him. There are therapists that specialize in hoarding, and they won't report him. He needs to do this because literally anyone can report him at anytime, and at least it coming from you he knows it's coming. Sure he'll be locked up, but it won't help him down the road. He'll start back up as soon as he's out again.

SPCA will report him to the police. He needs help OP and it seems you are the only one that actually cares about him so do what you can, and remind him that you love him and you're doing this because you do love him.
Does anybody know if they need a search warrant or something to go inside his home to find out? I don't want to report him just to have them show up at his door and when he says "No you can't come in" they can't get any further.

I had a plan to take him out of the house on Sunday for several hours and I was hoping maybe I could get the SPCA to go inside his house and take all of the cats while we're out.

Does anybody know if this is realistic?
I have told him that he needs to seek help but he insists that he's a "rescue" and not a hoarder. I've even threatened to report him and he just ignores me. He thinks he's saving their lives.
Then there is nothing you can do to get him to clean up his act without resorting to reporting him. SPCA, if I understand correctly, they act like police. Need search warrants so that means involving police, but it might be different where you live. I suggest emailing someone at your local SPCA about it.
The hoarding condition responds well to the same drugs they use to get people to quit smoking, like Chantix

Last Question:
Is it in my best interest to report it anonymously or to give them my information so they can contact me about it later?
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