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I Was Physically Attacked At Work

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I don't know what to do right now. I was attacked at work and I feel horrible. I'm in paid, head is throbbing, can't sleep, and having panic attacks about this, because I don't understand what happened or why. I'm confused.

>at work
>having altercation with fellow coworker
>we are face to face talking shit
>other coworker butts in
>tell coworker it's none of their business
>coworker runs over, grabs me
>starts punching me.
>I fight back
>coworker Starts choking me, punching me relentlessly
>we get separated and I say wtf are you doing
>coworker keeps talking shit
>don't remember what I say back (probably talk shit back to them)
>coworker sucker punches me a few more times
>punched in the balls
>take a thumb to the eye
>endless hits to my head

Currently awaiting to hear from HR. Refused medical treatment. Didn't call police. Was kind of scared cause this person been there longer than me and I've been told by everybody that there's certain ways things are ran at my job and certain people get favoritism and stuff.

Right now idk what to do and even if I somehow don't lose my job I don't trust this guy. He told me that he'd kill me if he gets fired. I need the money and don't want to lose the job, but my god I don't trust anyone there and I'm in so much pain I had no idea what was going on.

We are both suspended until HR is contacted. Dude is a serious lunatic, mentioned about doing time in jail, being in a mental hospital, mentioned he needed to get home to his medication after the fight and all kinds of stuff.

What should I even do??
I have no idea about legal stuff, I don't even know where do you live, so I'll just throw a random idea: leave asap and sue your company.
make sure to document EVERYTHING that happened. go to normal courts, do NOT accept special courts...
I'd ask reddit instead of this shithole. https://www.reddit.com/r/legaladvice
Lawyer up and have the cunt charged with assault, obviously. How many witnesses were there? You should get checked out for concussion and get the eye looked at as well.
I honestly didn't have him arrested because number one I thought I'd be looked down on if I called the cops and he also has a kid and threatened if he lost his job he'd kill me. I felt bad he had a kid, but also if he has a kid he shouldn't put himself in situations like that.

There's like 4 witnesses but idk if they'd say anything for me or not cause I'm new at this place and it's one of those places where like people know each other work. A lot of inside pull.
>someone attacked me
>I didn't call the police, or get my injuries documented

if you call the police, you get every protection the law can provide, and your work will back right off

if you don't call the police, you are making the whole thing your work's problem
Can I call the police this late after? This happened about 8 hours ago. Honestly, I feel like I should have went to the hospital but I didn't
wow. sounds like you got your ass kicked
Why were you talking shit if you couldn't back it up? Take a lesson away from it.
I didn't expect to get sucker punched out of nowhere and be in a fist fight.
of course you can, it doesn't just not become a crime because you waited to report it

things to as about
A. restraining orders/ AVO
B. civil suits
C. mediacl verification

they will ask you what happened, what everyone said word for word, who saw it happen, and if it's likely to happen again.
they will ignore the effects on you until they are sure you are telling the truth, don't burden them with that information, keep it until trial

then tell your boss you filed charges, and request that one or both of you be suspended for work pending the police investigation, since you are the injured party it's likely they will be suspended not you
here is an example of something similar, in some sense at least:

do you need to call them? GO to a police station and tell them the whole story. also, talk to a lawyer. you can't be this dumb.
Thanks. I'll have to get someone to take me there cause I honestly feel loopy. I shouldn't have even driven home but I was so upset. Thanks for all the advice everybody! I'm sorry I've just never been in a situation like this.
I'm >>16519691, btw.
looks like we have a lawyer (or related) in the thread >>16519777
the son of a lawyer, but I figure it's better than nothing

You should probably go to a hospital before you go to the police. It sounds like you're in shock, and if you got hit in the head a lot, there's a good chance you also have a concussion. Not a great time to talk to the police. Call a friend or family member and have them take you to the hospital, and let them call the cops for you.
I'm located in WV.

I honestly don't know if I feel safe working there now cause there's heavy machinery around and I'm the new guy. An 'accident' could easily happen to me. The threat really has me worried cause this guy also knows where I live.
this. also, as other people said, tell the police you are scared of going back, talk to your family and do what you have to do: hospital, then police
again, why are you wasting time here?
Just never been in the situation before. I'll go tomorrow cause everyone I know is asleep cause it's late here. I'm just laying here and can't sleep, feel sick, etc...

I thank you all for all of your advice!
I'm legitimately wondering what goes through these peoples heads. A broken bone isnt something you can just walk off.

You really shouldn't fall asleep, man. You almost definitely have a concussion. You're not thinking clearly. You should really get yourself to a hospital and just let them check you out, and you shouldn't drive yourself. Call a taxi, or an ambulance if you have to
Dude, this guy just assaulted you at work. It doesn't matter if he has a kid, that kid can get fucked. You got attacked. You got jumped. Jobs don't matter here anymore, this is a life and death situation. If I was in your position I would have found the hardest thing I could lift and smash that cunt with it.

It doesn't matter if this is a new place, this shouldn't be happening in the first place. Favoritism is normal but assault is not. Go to the hospital, tell them what happened, then go to the police and tell them as well. Don't forget to sue your company because the manager did NOTHING about the situation.
There's really only one option, and that is to beat this sad cunt at his own game.

>stalk him till you get his deets
>stakeout his place until you learn his routine
>find when he's alone then swoop like an ungodly peregrine from hell and deliver the ultimate ass beating
>threaten to kill him and his kid and put the fear in him like Satan puts his dick in me(nohomo) while fondling his nutsack
>french kiss him then make your stealthy getaway into that Arabian night
Yeah I wish I would have been more prepared or saw it coming. I had no idea I was going to be in a fight and get sucker punched to death. :(

The supervisor wasn't even there because he left work early. He came back and we are both suspended without pay until HR is notified.
wonder what happened to OP

>we are both suspended without pay until HR is notified.
see >>16519778
>dude is a serious lunatic, mentioned about doing time in jail, being in a mental hospital, mentioned he needed to get home to his medication after the fight and all kinds of stuff.
if job knows then
>certain people get favoritism and stuff.
does not apply
for police you'd certainly in the advantagous position.

> He told me that he'd kill me if he gets fired
if serious concern then report to police
You should call the police or there's nothing official. The first thing any tribunal at work will ask is for the evidence and why didn't you report it if it was as serious as you claim.
Ignore the shit talking. He got you that day and assuming you're even slightly vicious, you can get him tomorrow. With a single witness you can sue your employer and/or your coworker. At least you could soak up some unemployment for a bit. If I had a dime for every blue collar hick that threatened my life I might have a dollar.
Op here. Was finally able to get fall asleep. Haven't eaten much cause sick at stomach and had panic attacks all night.
fight back you fucking pussy

everybody is laughing at you you weak fuck

kick his ass badly so people know they shouldnt fuck with you

werent you ever in school?
I did fight back, but it's shitty when you're getting sucker punched out of nowhere. I didn't expect to be in a fight.
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Learn to throw the first punch pussy-desu!
Also op next time you step in a man's face you should expect a fight. You can't talk shit and then wonder why you got whooped. In the future, you should try to diffuse hostilities, or load up ur best straight right.
why arent you carrying a gun? all you have to do is provide one verbal warning. if they persist, youre clear to open fire
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Thread images: 2

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