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Anger problems

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Well this is the first time Im gonna ask for some advice on here.

You see, I have anger problems, and I have a veeeery short fuse with people that I dont know, and I usually dont see, or take into account if there is other people with me when I have a rage fit, as they also tend to not last too long. But the last thing that happened a week ago has left me thinking that I need help, but honestly I cant because I dont have money, and my country is such a backwards shithole that I dont have state services for anger management classes.

So to put this into perspective here´s what happened:
>go in car
>just picked up mom from doing some shopping and I was with my gf getting some movies for later
>near home we take a route that forces us to arrive into a cross-section (I think it is, a street where 4 different paths merge together from all 4 directions)
>I check no one is coming from the other roads
>start going forward
>some asshole goes by my right and speeds out
>while that happened an older man, apparently in his 40´s chooses its a good time to cross in his minivan too while I couldnt see him coming thanks to the other car
>I hit the brake so I dont crash into him
>See he made a huge scratch on the right side of the bumper
>he did not stop

Now at this point something just ticked off, like a thought in my head was saying "who do you think you are you fucking old prick, how dare you damage my car by being such a fucking daring cunt im going to shoot you in the crotch" and after that happened and without me realizing it I was hitting the road in such a fucking speed rage that I catched up to him in less than 20 seconds, dodged cars and shit.

While I shouted him a ton of shit, I relaxed, but thats when It hit me that my mother and girlfriend were on the same car as me, and they were a little angry, but I could see they were actually afraid of me and what I did.

And now its eating me inside, and I feel like a massive piece of shit inside, what do I do?

Only child?

Have you resorted to physical ends in your anger episodes before?
Good, that means you stand a chance.

It's normal to be mad over other dumbass behavior.

But you're peaking over the edge of a very steep cliff by not checking your behavior much sooner in the encounter.

The feeling like shit is your embarrassment telling you that's not acceptable
I know, I know, but what can I do now? I mean obviously I´ve been more self aware, but how do I stop myself?

I wasnt like this before, I was much more relaxed before entering university like i would never get mad for anything.
This type of episode screams of control issues to me, especially being an only child.

Maybe you need to reflect if you really were as chill in your mind. Ask someone who knows you and you have high intellectual respect for about yourself
like controlling my parents?

Thats all I remember honestly, I was always praised for being the quiet one in class, and at home i was pretty much the same, unless these are fake memories i remember my mom always loved that i was not like her syster´s children all noisy and stuff.
as for asking someone, I dont have anyone to ask that honestly, maybe my father, but his memory is deteriorated and he barely remembers my birthday no at best.

I never really left home, and I didn´t like having friends over, my mother would always get pissy if i bringed anyone home
Sorry about your dad.

It sounds like some more socialization would do you good in a non stressing environ
dont have much money for going out actually.

guess i could hang out with uni people.
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