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ex gf want me back what do I do?

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Been having a relationship with this girl for 2 years. She broke off for half a year now and I know she fucked other guys in that time.

Now she wants to cum back to me.
What do I do?
I can't stand the fact that she been sleeping around. The thought disgusts me.
I still have feelings for her but I also hate her.
I can really use some advice on this.
You tell her that it is over and that you moved on. Be brutally honest and then tell her we shouldn't talk anymore with each other. Why? Because if you continue talking to her as friends, you will remember all the feelings you had for her. If you two get back as a couple fights will occur and you two will break up again. Save yourself the drama and delete her number after you tell her you aren't interested.
Yeah, deep down I know your right.
But to be honest, I have not really moved on. Yes I have been dating other girls but I still kinda like my ex gf.
I like her and hate her the same time.
If I did not know she had been sleeping with other guys than I'd take her back no problem.

I feel weak for still having feelings for her.
Mate in all honesty.
If you truly love her. Then take her back without hesitation.
But if she isn't the one.
Then fuck her off and find the girl that is
No I don't think she would be a great mother or marriage material. I just like her personality she and I are very alike. I never found someone like her b4.
But she has gone to far, sleeping with other guys and than asking to cum back again, no I can't do that.
I know I have to let her go. But it's gonna be hard. She works at the same place as me and we see each other daily.
2 years of my life waisted and gone.
I have to stand strong and tell her that it not going to work out between us.
I hope this goes smooth.


Sorry for the rant but this is a textbook example of why relationships should be kept outside of work.
ALRIGHT HOLD UP SIR! 1 WHY DID U BREAK UP? WHAT HAPPENED? I have a rule,never go back to exes, no point.
Can't take her back. People don't change. You will only send the message her behavior is permissible.

You didn't wasted nothing son, you enjoyed the time you spent with her, right? be in a relationship with someone that you don't have feelings is a waste of time, just take with you the good memories and move on, something good will happen in your life at anytime, be prepared for when it happens.
You have achieved a great victory by her crawling back to you. Cement it forever by not taking her back.
so you haven't slept with anyone else but you dated?
Thank all you anons.
I think I will be able to move on now. And I'm not taking her back. I will cement this viktory (as one anon has put it.)

I have learned so much lessons.
I will never date coworkers again. It's just not worth it.

We broke of because she needed some time for her self. She needed to think things throuh. We have had an relationship for 2 years and the shit got real serious.

Yes after I found out that she slept with other guys, I started dating other girls and had sex with several of them. But I did not started a new relationship becouse of the feelings I still had for my ex gf.

I feel much better now after reading your comments and advice.
I hope to be abble to move on without any troubles, but I fear the worst might still come. I don't know how she would take no for an awnser and how things will defelope from there.

But I think that's how life goes, right.
Thanx yall. I will survive this girl. I will make it, I hope.
Let me put it this way:

You would have preferred that she ask for a break and sleep with other guys, or sleep with other guys w/o asking for a break?

At least she was honest to you in that regard. I think the real question you should be asking is "Do I want to stay with a person who broke up and wants to come back to me?"

It doesn't seem like a very stable thing, you know.
No, she broke up because she said she needed some time. That's fine and no problem by me.
But than I found out that she had been sleeping with more than 2 guys in less than 4 months. And now she wants to cum back to me.
I'm like hell no that ain't gonna happen. I hate her for sleeping around. When I found out she was sleeping with other guys than I started to date and have sex with other girls.

But the problem is, that I still have feelings for my ex gf. I often miss her and as I have said b4 I never have found someone who is very alike. To be honest I still like her, maybe even love her, but deep inside I know I can't be with her. If I did not know that she been sleeping around than I could have taken her back, but this is to much for me.
I know it will haunt me and we will be having fights over this. I'm confused and don't know what to do.

It's like knowing something and wanting something. These are 2 diffrant things, I'm stuck on.
I had seen her at work this morning, but I choose to affoid her and I did not speak to her. I don't know what to do. Yet I do know, but I wish for an diffrant outcome. I have kinda mixed feelings and I'm lost in emotions. Can't think straight.
>Had sex
>can't get over his ex having sex too

So, what's the problem, bro?
>No I don't think she would be a great mother or marriage material
Then what is the point. You guys had two years and it's done and I bet should you get back together it won't last 3 months until there is another split so she can go find herself.
this is stupid fucking logic
what makes you think she doesn't have feelings for you too even though she slept with other people when you guys weren't together
weren't you doing EXACTLY the same thing
get over yourself
Yes I know, I really do.
It won't last 3 months my thoughts excactly.

The problem is that she having sex while we broke up, feels like she had been cheating and it hurts me. I hate her for that.

Yes absolutly no logic, I know it. I just can't help it.
And yes she had sex with others and so did I, like I said she is very much like me. It's like we do and think the same. That's what I miss the most of her.
But yet, I don't really care no more about her feelings. She should not have slept around. I was in shock when I found that shit out. I still am.
And iff she wanted to fuck around, than she should not ask me to let her back in my life.

I'm hurt, confused and not sure what to do.
I want to move on and enjoy life.
But still maybe it's fear that I'll never find someone like her again.

I hate her and I miss her.

The logical answer is no but you'll probably get back with her like the beta you are.
you're a child, be alone for the rest of you life.
No, I have will try to stand strong and not be with her anymore.
I will let it go.
I might be a beta, but I aint no sucka.

Fuck it...Born alone, Die alone.
(I hope I can hold on to this feel.)

Thanx anons for the advice yall have given me.
I'll try to choose the path that I think is best for me.
Thanks to all of you.



seriously don't. She left you for a reason and will remember that reason and leave you again.
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To truly get revenge you have to take her back and pretend everything is fine. Then find someone who will fuck you and let the two of you be discovered. A cunt bitch needs to have her heart destroyed to teach her why you don't fuck people over. kek
>>16523366 I will not get back to her. Things will never be the same. This I know now.

>>16523416 I am not looking for revenge or payback. I just want to be happy and live a happy and good life. I hate my ex gf but I don't want to hurt her because I still like her. I know that sounds crazy. But that's how I feel about her.
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 3

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