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How the fuck do clitorises work?

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>Own Hitachi magic wand
>Use it almost every day
>Sensitivity goes down
>Move to Australia
>Can't use it
>Stuck with my less powerful shibari battery powered one
>Sensitivity went way up
>Cum in 60 seconds
>Yesterday I masturbated like 10 consecutive times
>Still the same level of sensitivity
>I do not stop until it literally exhausts me

How the fuck? What is this?
The solution to your problem is my dick.
Nah, but that's just how nerves n shit work.
>I have a vagina, give me attention. The thread
How about you and your thirsty betas take this shit to /soc/
This isn't advice
We're probably too far away in the first place

Also I tried having sex with one of my fwbs, it took ages to get me off. Didn't help that he teased me a lot. Then another fwb tried to properly get me off and then I had to use a vibrator to finish the job.
Probably. I'm fuck far away above the north polar circle.
And try starving yourself for a while? Whenever I've done no fap streaks I'm sensitive as fuck, and cum buckets the first couple times.
This isn't /b/ you retard. I bet if I was male asking the same question you wouldn't say shit. Now leave your house instead of bitching to people on the internet because you probably can't get the pussy.
Wait no I was wondering why I always cum in 60 seconds when I use a normal vibrator, no matter how many times I do it. It's like I have no stamina anymore.
Oh. I dunno, something something frequency maybe? If it's the smaller one making you go instantly then maybe it's something to do with a smaller area being stimulated or something. Or maybe you just found the sweetspot. I dunno, i don't exactly need vibrators.
That makes a lot of sense, thanks mate.
Take it to soc attention whore
/soc/ is literally for camming and meetups, I'm not looking for either.
Fuck off back to your containment board underagefag.
You aren't looking for advice either, attention whore.
/soc/ is for mediocre fat sluts to get fawned over by thirsty losers with their limp dicks in hand. We all know that's what you want here.
Funnily enough, this thread would be allowed on /b/. Dumb cunt
I know right OP?
I sometimes have to tug at my clip for a while before it even gets hard, but I like when it does.

The best part is when the white milky stuff comes out
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There's body sensitivity, and then there's sensitivity to the naughty. I'm sure you felt like a good little slut in the midst of your masturbation session. Both have to be satisfied, even if one doesn't want to be the slut her/himself. Perhaps the one fucking the slut, or perhaps something else but both mental sexiness and physically sexiness are on causal planes of satisfaction. I masturbate on average once a day, and have sex on average once a day. I'm a very sexual guy. It's been this way for the better part of a decade. But every now and then, and recently it's been on about an every 4 months timeframe, I have to satisfy the inner slut. Last time I masturbated for over 48 hours.
That's an interesting way of seeing it.

Yeah, because that's how it is for most people when you make it simple enough.
>Last time I masturbated for over 48 hours

Was that actually satisfying? I can imagine satisfying the "inner slut" with maybe a 2-3 hour session, but jesus christ, dude. I guess I need to step up my game.

Yeah, but you have to know what you're doing. The first two hours are all mental. The next few are stimulation of all body parts excluding erogenous zones. Only being aroused by the air on them, for example

I should also mention that you can cause damage to your reproductive system masturbating for so long.
Not sure how useful this is, but I usually masturbate once, (most often) twice or more rarely thrice, but I have come up to fifteen consecutive (or well, takes me twenty-thirty minutes to get to the next one) times on some occasions. I have no explanation for it but it is just different. I can tell right away by how my body responds that I'm up for a lot, and my orgasms are way less "deep" and satisfying than they usually are and only make me ache for more.

Never used toys for what it matters. Bodies are just weird.
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I'm jealous of you.
I got sick this last week and I couldn't cum. You have no idea how worthless you feel that you can't cum.
That sounds like torture...

Yeah, it does, but I came from a very, VERY religious background and did not masturbate until I was 15. The weirder part, is I didn't touch anywhere but my shaft ( not even my balls.. never ) until I was about 21. It's definitely a response to that.. lol.
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I wish all women would leave 4chan forever
Teach me more about what makes masturbation enjoyable?

No thanks, you would have to be more specific.
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 4

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