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I moved to a new apartment and I cannot game of my internet.

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I moved to a new apartment and I cannot game of my internet. I am on wireless and the router is downstairs; I have a 100 dollar network card that is very good. I have 5 roommates, too.

My problem is very high ping in online gaming; usually rapid spikes to absurd numbers and an inconsistent connection. Often times, it goes down for 2 mins at a time. On speetest.net I see that my ping is always 8-15. My downspeed sometimes goes as low as .98mbps, and at other times between 27-40mbps.

Is my internet provider just shit? Is it having many users on the same connection? Wireless?

What can be deduced from all of this?
call your service provider and ask them to take a look

also 5 roommates is definitely a factor, especially if all 5 are using it at the same time
Sounds like the provide.

If they see someone is with heavy usage they lower to speed to allow their other users, this comes about because they don't want to invest.
Okay, I will call them. What makes you guys think it's the provider if you don't mind me asking? Just so I can know for my own knowledge.
Because it is what they do, read up on data capping and there is another thing that they do sadly it escapes me now.
Fair usage policy, that's the thing.
Go to cmd and type

>ping -t [address of your router]

if it has high ping and sometimes falls it's the wifi connection not the provider. Get a cable and connect your laptop that way.
It shouldn't be any cap unless some of his room mates stay up all night downloading things. The way caps work is the provider guarantees you a minimum except you more often then not don't use that minimum. Like, 80% of the time you don't use it. So what they do is when you do use a lot of the internet they allow you to go overboard since you've "saved" up from before. It's not 100% for all providers but most providers do let you go over your limit if you most often then not don't use that bare minimum. It's their way of keeping you as a very satisfied customer without losing any money.

The problem most likely is the connection between his laptop and the wifi not between the router and the provider.

Done. What does this tell you?
There was no need to block the IP as the IPs between you and your router are private IPs and nobody can do shit with them. You forgot to block the one in your toolbar anyway, lel.

It should look more like 1 ms and no time outs. It's not the providers it's the connection between you and your router. The number of room mates is irrelevant.

Either a) change rooms until you find one where the signal is not shite. b) get a new router until you find one that isn't shite. c) (the one I recommend) get a cable and link that shit up. Nothing beats a cable connection.

Is this essentially showing me the connection between me and my router? Is it possible that the provider is being bad, and I cannot reach a connection? Or is it pretty much a sure thing that it's my wireless?
Yes, it's the connection between you and your router. It's essentially showing you how long it takes to get from your laptop to the router in your apartment.

Long story short, there aren't enough IPv4 addresses for everyone in the world so the router has 2 address. 1 address that's public that takes messages from your router to the provider and 1 address that's private that takes messages from your router to the computers in your house. Every device in your apartment gets a private IP address assigned to it by your router which in turn lets them talk to the router. So the communication happens first between you and your router and then your router talks to the provider who talks to what ever website or server you wanted to talk and who then replies. This way only one public IP is wasted despite there being 20 devices in your apartment. So when you pinged the router you pinged that private ip address, the local one, the one that's between you and the router, the one in your apartment. It showed you how long it takes you to talk to the router, it never left the house, and because it's so close it shouldn't take more than 1 ms to reach and come back with a reply while to you I've seen it go up to 100 ms and even time out. To give you an idea it should take about 10 to 20 ms to ping a google server on another continent.

Now, while between your router and the provider there's a limit to how much traffic and how fast you can send it (depending on your contract), there's no limit on the traffic between you and your router except for how much your router hardware can handle (which is about 100 Mbps), so there's no chance in hell it's because you have 5 room mates.

All this said, it's not because of the provider, it's because of your connection between you and your router. It might be the router is bad, it might be that something is fucking up the wifi signal or that your card is shit. My advice is that the cheapest quickest fix is to get a cable.
Okay, I got my laptop and hookup it up directly to the modem with an ethernet cord... the problem persists. The ping command looked exactly the same as the one I posted prior.
Well now that's just silly. Try a new router, somebody's dog must have pissed on it or something.
I just connected an ethernet cord and it gave me a new IP, and now my connection is 5-10ms even on wireless. Does that make any sense to you? It has for sure happened... I am getting perfect ping now in my game, too.
Nope, no sense without being there and checking for myself. Oh well, if it works it works.

I just went downstairs and plugged a new computer into the ethernet, my laptop, and it changed my "private ip" even for my desktop upstairs. Now, my ping is literally perfect. It has NEVER been like this for MONTHS of living here.


It's 1ms-4ns CONSTANT now! For at least 30 mins so far.
Exactly as planned. You're welcome bro.
1, Your mates are using the bandwidth by watching 'videos' - test this when they are out.

2, Everyone in the street is on the same WIFI channel - the Routers say that they pick an empty one - bullshit. Get a WIFI analyser app on your phone and check to see who is on what. Get into your routher and bung it on an empty channel.

3, You are a noisy git on WOW and shout and swear into the night keeping your savvy neighbour up so he has set up a Router hammer to knock out your signal by pinging your routher to death. Solution STFU.

>get an app

why not just log into the router and look? Giving that sort of permissions to an app seems irresponsible.

Never come across a router that shows packets not on the router? but I stand corrected if that functionality is availaable now. An app on a phone will check for ALL activity on all channels - more importantly the number of people on the same channel as you . I know the theoretical b/w is large but that does not account for the routers elsewhere you can hear connected to the computers you can't hear that you are transmitting over. Result being regularly lost packets.
it's taking a longer time than average to reachyour gaming device with tiny packets, shouldn't really be more than 1 millisecond
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 2

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