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Had to watch sex, and not too happy about it

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I was on a cabin trip this weekend with my father and my best friend. We were to sleep over just one night. At night he made us play strip poker, and got her to sit in just her blouse and panties. It was kind of exciting, but also very embarrassing. It seemed like she wanted to be bad just because, being as adult as possible just to impress him. I was mostly ignored. They remained flirting with each other, while I got tired of it all and went to sleep. I would never have imagined what would happen next. When they finally came to bed, there was a lot of fumbling around before it got very quiet. My father asked if I wanted to see something cool. I asked what it was, and he turned on the light. At that point he was behind her in the bed at the opposite end of the room. She was standing on all fours with her behind lifted towards him, and she was completely naked. She is known to be somewhat of a "bad girl," but I would have never thought she would do something like this. My father I know is kind of piggish, but he is still married. He asked her alot of questions while touching her butt. She told her how beautiful she was, and asked how many boyfriends she had been with and what they had done. Well, she had never done "it" before. He said he could help taking her virginity, and that it would be easier for a future boyfriend. She said that he could do whatever he wanted to. With that, he got in a hurry getting off his boxers, and of course had an erection. This in front of both of us.
I had a view of everything that was going on, since their bed was like two meters away. She turned her head to see what was happening. He was pulling it back and fourth while he explained to her what was going to happen. That this was fully normal and natural for girls her age, that he would put it in her vagina as gentle as possible and keep it there. He had no condom, so he would get her the morning after pill. He put his face in her behind and started licking to make her ready, while she was completely embarrassed and just told him it tickled. Then he asked her to be completely still, in order for him to put it in. Her girly parts were just a plump line or something, and seemed too tiny for anything like that fitting in. After some poking he found the right spot and started pushing. She tensed and shouted a big ow. Then he was on his way in, and she kept shouting ow and ouch until he was inside of her and completely pressed up against her butt. Up until then he had tried to appear cool and collected, but at that point it turned to be too much. He held on to her hips, leaned back and his face was completely red. In a way it was his turn to moan and be making sounds, while she just arched her back and looked proud. He was even cursing and said things about her vagina and how "easy" she had been, something she related to by just lifting her nose and closing her eyes. This went on for a while, him holding her firm and stroking it gently in and out, and her arching her back like a cat and just taking it. In a way, she was the dominating part. At the end he couldn't hold back any longer, so he thrusted as hard as he could against her butt and released his mess inside her. When he was done moaning and being pressed up against her, he smacked her hard and pulled out. There was the "shhhh" sound of air coming out of her, and then she hid underneat the blanket.
He was quite proud of what had happened, and showed me his penis, which was both slimy and had virginial blood on it. They turned off the light in order to go to bed, but it wasn't over yet, because he wanted to sleep with her in the missionary position also. This time it happened a bit more "civilized," and he managed to keep it going for the longest of time with her, while the bed was squeking under them. At some points he paused to kiss her, and then it started again, and I got incredibly tired of having to listen. Only when the morning light started coming through the window they were done, making it possible to sleep for some hours. The day after was really awkward, to put it that way. She had to sit on two pillows because she was sore, while he was making us breakfast. He was making scrambled eggs, and of course had to come with the joke of how she wanted her eggs. We made away with our chores, and she was bow-legged all the time. Then we had to drive into town to get her the morning after pills, and she was dropped of with her family. Both of them wanted to keep what had happened a secret. He still insisted he had made it "easier" for her to have a boyfriend. When we were alone, he asked me if I had more friends he could sleep with.
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0/10 would not watch papa fuck again
How am I to relate to all this? My parents seem to be in a loveless marriage, but I don't think my mother would be happy that he is having sex with teenagers, and I don't want to cause a divorce. The girls family would be none to happy, if they ever got to know what happened. She looks like an angel, and they probably think she's as innocent as an angel also. It's also difficult for me. I was more or less in love with her, and thought that intimacy started with just kisses etc. Instead I had to watch her go right at it with a grown man, something that brings me to the last question. Why did he do it? Was he just horny, or did he want to humiliate me? I mean, he showed me his penis after "the deed." I just feel humiliated and angry because of the whole thing that took place. I never want to tell someone about this in real life, and that's why I'm writing here. What he did was technically not illegal, since she is over the age of consent, and there was no alcohol or pressure for her to have sex. But he managed to make her stand on all fours and exploit her in the crudest way. The worst thing is, I kinda got turned on by what was happening with her, of her being naked and having sex. What should I do and how do i relate to all of this?
top kek sides absolutely obliterated
Hahahahhahahaha only read first post



u shoudl have joined in

hahahaha u sure u ur father's son bruh? maybe ur mom's a whore bruh, hahahah fucking faggot.
He taught you a lesson bro. This is how you act. There's a reason the feminist culture preaches women are equal. They're not. Put a cock in their face, they gulp and get on all fours. They'll tell you I'm a pig and anyone who talks like this is an infinite number of insults. They do that because they know it's right. Your father proved you right.

There are no angels. There are no women who are not whores. There are no women who are innocent. This is not fedora tipping, this is not cocky talk. If you want to fuck them, you will fuck them, they will bend over. No matter if they are in a relationship, a wife, a mother, no matter what. That is the lesson your father taught you and that's what will save you a lot of problems. Next time, join in with your father. Call more of your friends and enjoy the orgy.

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>actually replying to someone's fapfic

You people disgust me.
>This is not fedora tipping, this is not cocky talk.

100% untrue. A lonely guy's fantasy.
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